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If you are reading 143 Love Status then it is obvious that you are in love and you must know very well what love is. We will try to tell through this article what is true love and what are the signs of love? If you also love someone and want to know why love happens, what is the meaning of love, what is real love, then definitely read this article till the end.

143 Love Status
143 Love Status

Keeping all the above information in mind, we are going to discuss 143 love Shayari and Love Status. These shayari and love quotes will be useful for you when you love someone and are afraid to say it in front of him. After which there is only one medium left to express your love through message to the one you love, and that too what will happen when you express your love through poetry and love Status.

What is true love and what are the signs of love?

True love touches the depths of the heart in which there is no condition between two lovers. In true love, lovers are very sensitive towards each other. It is said that true love is not found easily and now it is confined to the stories of Laila-Majnu, Heer-Ranjha.

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Even today many relationships are formed and even today people fall in love, but it has often been seen that today’s love remains incomplete due to one or the other selfishness.

143 Love Status

Heart Touching 143 Love status


When these eyes get to see you.
Whatever the day may be, it becomes a festival.


Sometimes seeing you gives me so much relief.
That my heart just keeps looking at you all day ||


When we saw you, we were sure.
Love is life ||


Fucking time doesn’t pass.
Whenever I wait to meet you ||

Love Quotes in Hindi #5

This time becomes my enemy.
Whenever we are in your arms ||


There is happiness in my life because of you.
Half is by torturing you, half is by persuading you ||


We didn’t believe in love.
You kept coming near and convincing me ||

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We also have the desire of love, we too have beats in someone’s heart.
Don’t know when we will get that, for which we yearn everyday ||


I wish this heart was in my control.
Neither miss anyone, nor love anyone ||


Only I can hold his hand, do this much worship on me.
He could not live without me even for a moment, O God, make him like my habit.

Emotional 143 Love Status


Let’s go to the mountains, where there is only you, us and lots of love.


Don’t know what is the magic in your love.
Don’t feel like thinking about anyone else ||


Some people call losing as love, while some people call getting as love.
But the reality is this, we just call it love to fulfill.


You are in my memories, or you are in me only.
Are you in my thoughts, or are you my thoughts only ||
My heart asked with a thud, the same thing again and again.
Are you in my life, or are you my life only ||

143 Love ststus #15

Sometimes I miss you and sometimes I dream of you.
You know countless ways to torture me ||

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This is what it looks like when you smile.
As if the stopped life has started again ||


There is no limit to his simplicity.
This is the reason for my love ||
Suppose there is nothing different in it.
But what is in him is not in anyone else.


This is the custom of the world, whoever you want by breaking, he will break it.


The days are spent in the work of others, and the night is spent in your memories.


I love you in my heart, your name is on my lips.
Whether you love or not, my life is in your name.

Sad 143 Love Status


We have had only one impudence.
I have fallen in love with you endlessly ||


You have become the reason for the peace of this heart.
Once upon a time I used to pray for death, but now you have become my reason to live.

Why do you fall in love with someone so much, waiting for a moment becomes painful.
Everyone seems to be strangers and one gets so much trust on a stranger.

143 Love status #23

Why do you fall in love with someone so much, waiting for a moment becomes painful.
Everyone seems to be strangers and one gets so much trust on a stranger.


We love not by the sight of the eyes, but by the sight of the heart.
Whether you are seen or not, still we see you ||

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Love Status 143 No.#25

People love not from the heart but from the face.
They die not on heart but on beauty.
We are not beautiful but pure in heart.
That’s why many people like us ||


What is this love, I came to know after meeting you.
Otherwise, where did we know what love is.


Your silence rains on me.
My every sigh understands your pain ||
I know that you are strong.
Still my eyes yearn for your sight.


Don’t know if expressions came out of his tongue too.
Don’t know if love emerges in his heart too ||
It is true that we cannot live without it.
Don’t know if the same thing came out of his heart.

Love 143 Status #29

Slowly I remembered someone, my every breath was scented by someone.
How can I thank that stranger, someone has taught me to love this dancer.


When someone holds the heartbeat.
When someone takes his name in his thoughts ||
Memories then become more memorable.
When someone knows us more than us ||

True Love Status🌹

143 Love Status


Let me make your evening beautiful with every happiness.
I do my love only in your name ||
If I get this life again.
Every time I do this life in your name ||


He talks to us whenever He wants.
Look at our madness, we wait for their wish the whole day.


The heart only wishes for you, the heart has only love for you.
Whether you come or not, we will only wait for you.

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Nowadays people take advantage of the distance and tell them compulsions.

Love Status 143 No.#35

Used to ask me about my condition everyday, nowadays she is asking someone else.


Answers are needed by those who ask questions, I have sought permission.


There is your color in every mood, you are with me even after being far away.


There are thousands of gatherings and lakhs of fairs, but where you are not there we are all alone.

Love 143 Status No.#39

These mirrors which you like less, they know that I like you.


No one would have loved you as much as I have only thought of you.

Inspirational Love Status 143


There is no name of this relationship but
You are very special to me ||


Your anger is so sweet that I feel like troubling you all day long.


Love and friendship should be done with those who know how to behave.
One should get angry with the one who knows how to obey.
And one should hate the one who knows how to forget.


Must see once in life by falling in love.
If it is true then life will become ||
And if you get cheated in love.
Will get a big lesson ||

143 Love Status #59

Only you were missing, rest we have achieved everything by loving you.


I will surely repay the love you have shown me.
Now even if God asks for this heart, I will laugh and avoid it.

No. One 143 Love Status

143 Love Status


One who accepts his own mistake in love.
Only they have true love, and that goes far.


Sometimes people say something that reminds us of you.


You have stolen our heart.
Despite being far away, you have made me yours ||
Will never be able to forget you because you have also taught me to remember.


No letter, no news.
You probably don’t value the relationship.
We miss you with every breath.
Maybe you don’t care about our breaths ||

They don’t understand and we can’t understand ||


You try a million times to go away from us.
We will request that God to bring you closer ||


What a wonderful thing love is, in this we get someone and sometimes we lose someone.
It’s all a matter of time ||

Instagram 143 love status


We sometimes see them too.
Sometimes we love them too ||
What to do that they did not need us.
But still we wait for them.

Final Words:-

We all have such moments at some point in our lives. When we are going through a lot of sorrow. Whether we are sad because of someone’s separation or someone breaking our heart. We are not able to tell this sorrow to anyone but start living with it alone.

But we must share our sorrow or anger with someone or the other. Even if we cannot tell our words to anyone orally, but we can definitely express them in writing. With this thinking, today we have brought 143 love status for you. With the help of which you can express your heart to others.

Hope you all these 143 love status must have liked a lot. In this way, along with using all these 143 love status to express your sorrow, do share this post of ours with your friends and people you know. So that they too  can get the benefit of this Best 143 love status .