150+ Sad Quotes in English

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Sad Quotes in English : Two emotions happiness and sorrow play a very important role in human life. These are two such emotions that never stay together. There is no person who should be left untouched by these two emotions. When we are facing good times then our mind remains happy but when we are facing bad times then obviously we feel sad. No matter what the situation is, we should keep smiling all the time, although in this article we have brought you Sad Quotes in English which you will definitely like.

Sad Quotes in English
Sad Quotes in English

It is natural for a human being to be sad when faced with any loss, whether it is being separated from someone, or breaking a heart by someone, but we should try to be happy in every odd situation. Because no difficulty or difficulty is ever permanent, we should try and find a way to solve our problems instead of getting sad.

Here we have uploaded some of the best 150+ Sad Quotes in English, we hope that the Best Sad Quotes in English provided by us in this article will help you to remove your sorrow and bring peace, enthusiasm and happiness inside you.

Sad Quotes in English
Sad Quotes in English

Sad Quotes in English

No. -1.

Whose eyes are not moist with tears,
what do you think?
He has no sorrow,
you cried in agony,
so what happened,
those who laughed hiding their sorrow,
no less.

No. -2.

Like a paper soaked in his life, he was
left unable to write or burn.

No. -3.

Do n’t see the dream that breaks,
don’t hold the hand that gets released, do
n’t let anyone come so close
that a person gets angry with himself by going away from him.

No. -4.

It was written outside the crematorium, the
destination was yours,
just as life passed,
what did you get from this world,
your own people have burnt you.

No. -5.

“Life goes by alone!
People give consolation but not together !!

No. -6.

“Thought I would sit comfortably by building a house!
But the needs of the house made him a traveler!!”

No. -7.

“Remember the things that are forgotten!
That’s why there is controversy in life!!”

No. -8.

“This period will pass too, have a little patience!
When happiness does not stop then what is the point of sorrow

No. -9.

Don’t just make us want to pass the time,
we are also human, we also suffer..!!

No. -10.

When the relationship is new,
people look for excuses to talk,
but when the same relationship becomes old,
neither people find excuses to go away.

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sad quotes in english about life

Sad Quotes in English
Sad Quotes in English

No. -11.

If there is happiness, let it be only,
I know that there is no love..
But whatever it is, let it be for a while.

No. -12.

Those who die from within,
they teach others to live.

No. -13.

Some people
come into our life just to break trust.

No. -14.

“It’s okay to change faces!
If the accent changes, it hurts a

No. -15.

“Destroy a lot inside!
Those tears that can’t fall from the eyes !!

No. -16.

“Giving pain to a person is
as easy as throwing a stone in the sea!
But no one knows how
deep he must have gone !!

No. -17.

“Destinations are found in life!
But those people do not get what they want from the heart

No. -18.

I would have stopped you by holding your hand,
if you had a little force on me, I would
not cry for you,
if there was someone else in our life.

No. -19.

Let me say one thing
, “It is very important to have such a person in life,
whose words are not needed to tell the condition of the heart.

No. -20.

I laughed and saw it,
and even wept, I saw it even
after finding and losing someone,
life can be lived only by the one
who learned to live alone.

sad quotes in english for girl

Sad Quotes in English
Sad Quotes in English

No. -21.

The hunger for wealth was such that they went out to earn,
when they got wealth, the relationship went out of hand,
they could not get the time to live with the children , when they got time, the children
went out to earn.

No. -22.

Don’t be sad in the memory of a webfa,
he is happy in his world, your world is desolated.

No. -23.

What is there in your youth,
some pictures are of friends, the rest are bottles of wine.

No. -24.

Cowards are those people who don’t love,
should be fuckin liver to be ruined.

Very Sad Quotes in English

No. -25.

“The tears of a small child and the tears of love are the
same thing.
Both know where the pain is but
can’t tell anyone!!

No. -26.

“Tears have no weight!
But when you leave, your mind becomes lighter.

No. -27.

“If you want to be, then be the medicine for someone’s pain!
Every human inflicts wounds!!”

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No. -28.

“There is a way to enter the heart, but no way to go
That’s why whoever goes breaks his heart

No. -29.

“When the people of beauty break someone’s heart!
It is said with great innocence that we were compelled !!

No. -30.

There is meaning in every word, there is
logic in every meaning,
everyone says that we laugh a lot,
but there is a lot of pain in the heart of the one who laughs.

sad quotes in english one line

Sad Quotes in English
Sad Quotes in English

No. -31.

It was not his
fault, it was my poverty, friends,
forgetting our status, we
fell in love with big people.

No. -32.

Feeling for a long time,
your indifference and carelessness,
if we have changed then remember,
it is not even your thing to convince us.

No. -33.

Sometimes someone’s words sting us so much,
that we become silent
and think are we really that bad.

No. -34.

If he had forgotten it would have been a different matter,
but he has forgotten me deliberately.

No. -35.

Always remember one thing,
pleading in front of someone neither gives respect
nor love.

No. -36.

If there is so much hatred for us,
then pray like this today,
that your prayer will also be fulfilled,
and my life too.

No. -37.

We would have found our love,
there was not even that much crowd in the city..
But we stopped the search,
because they were not lost , they
have changed.

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No. -38.

Seeing us
Ignored the one who once claimed
to recognize, with closed eyes . ,

No. -39.

Thought I would tell you every pain,
but you didn’t even ask why are you silent.

No. -40.

If someone rejects you, tolerate it, because there is no coercion
in the nature of love . ,

sad quotes in english for whatsapp dp

Sad Quotes in English
Sad Quotes in English

No. -41.

We had prayed every moment,
to be with him,
and he is with me every moment,
but as a memory.

No. -42.

“Try to find you in everyone!
Just after not getting you one !!

No. -43.

“The skill of hiding the pain by laughing was famous for me!
But no skill came in handy when your name

No. -44.

“Hurry go to bed guys!
Just by staying awake all night, love doesn’t
come back !!

No. -45.

“My love has been reduced to a few alphas!
When he said there is love but not you !!

No. -46.

“What has changed in a while!
We found our loved ones at the forefront of the line

No. -47.

“People say that sorrow is bad, whenever it comes, it
goes away crying!

No. -48.

Life changed the questions,
time changed the circumstances,
we are still where we were yesterday,
just they changed their feelings.

No. -49.

Sometimes a person does not break, does
not shatter, just loses,
sometimes with himself, sometimes by luck,
and sometimes with loved ones.

No. -50.

The heart has a lot of complaints,
sometimes with life, sometimes with itself,
angry with someone and angry with someone,
but till date I have not said that I have lost,
but I am tired of crying and laughing too.

Alone sad quotes in english

No. -51.

Strange is the game of love,
don’t go play me,
someone else gets angry , someone else

No. -52.

Don’t leave someone’s side thinking
that he has nothing to give you,
just stick with thinking that
he has nothing to lose except you.

No. -53.

Always remember one thing,
in the world you will find many like me,
but you will not find us in them.

Sad Quotes on life in English

No. -54.

Everyday in dreams I live that life,
which I actually imagined with you.

No. -55.

We were also imprisoned in the lock-up of someone’s heart!
Then he released us on the bail of the guarantors.

No. -56.

People say love is a deception,
but the truth is that a true girl finds a wrong boy,
and a true boy finds a wrong girl.

No. -57.

Why did I love you so much,
now thinking of this, I have started hating myself.

No. -58.

Nothing goes to the one who breaks the heart , but
everything goes to the one whose heart is broken.

No. -59.

We were away from you, to make us
feel your lack,
but you have learned to live without me.

No. -60.

Eyes are tired looking at the sky,
but that star does not break,
seeing which I should ask for you..

Very heart touching sad quotes in english

No. -61.

Not wanting someone hurts,
but losing it by getting it destroys life.

No. -62.

People who care about everyone,
often those people,
no one is going to worry about them.

No. -63.

“Take care of your oppression!
Do you know then that no one should meet us helpless !!

No. -64.

“Build relationships with them!
Those who have the ability to fulfill !!

No. -65.

“Thank you for cheating!
If you had not met, the world would not have understood !!

No. -66.

“This day has also passed like a doomsday!
Don’t know what was the matter, came crying over everything !!

No. -67.

“Don’t know from which college he had taken the
degree of love!
All the promises made to me
turned out to be fake!!”

Sad Love Quotes in English

No. -68.

Never make yourself a human being in life,
because a person is very selfish,
when he likes you, he forgets your evil
and when he hates, he forgets your goodness.

No. -69.

When someone parted in compulsion, it is
not necessary that he is unfaithful,
giving tears in your eyes,
cries more than you alone.

No. -70.

Being only so far away from someone
that he realizes your importance,
but not so far away that
he learns to live without you.

feeling sad quotes in english

No. -71.

We will not be able to forget you even after forgetting, we will be able to
fulfill only this one promise, we
will erase ourselves from where but,
we will not be able to erase your name from our heart, I
wish there was someone who hugs me and says,
your pain hurts me too Is.

No. -72.

It is a pity that moment
when someone else steals his choice.
We dream.
And in reality someone else makes it.

No. -73.

If there is life, then only you will remember, if you
do not remember the day then understand that we have died.

No. -74.

Sometimes I get some such pain from my loved ones, I
have tears but I don’t cry.

No. -75.

You know what is called pain,
pain is that in which the
wound is not from outside but from inside.

No. -76.

Yesterday I asked your relation from my heart, then
I said that I am not as much yours as I am
of that pagli.

No. -77.

How do I prove it?
that you remember a lot.
You don’t understand.
And we don’t get paid.

No. -78.

Yesterday I asked your relation from my heart, then
I said that I am not as much yours as I am
of that pagli.

No. -79.

If you could understand the cause of my desire,
then we would not have loved you but you would have loved us.

No. -80.

How do I prove it?
that you remember a lot.
You don’t understand.
And we don’t get paid.

friendship sad quotes in english

No. -81.

She was leaving and I stood watching silently,
because I had heard that they do not give voice from behind.

No. -82.

Very strong are
those people who cry the most when they are alone.

No. -83.

If you love someone, do so much that
whenever he gets love
, you remember him.

No. -84.

Time gives us a lot of experience,
but it takes away the innocence.

No. -85.

“Those who understand pain!
Those people never become the cause of pain!!”

No. -86.

“I was always afraid of losing him!
He ended this fear by leaving me !!

No. -87.

“Where you used to be!
There it hurts now!!”

No. -88.

“I felt lonely today!
There are many hours in a day!!”

No. -89.

“My silence makes a thousand voices!
But sorry you can’t hear it!!”

No. -90.

“Not to explain some things!
I understand by passing on myself !!

sad quotes in english hindi

No. -91.

“People say you have changed a lot from us!
So now don’t even the broken leaves change color!!”

Sad Motivational Quotes in English

No. -92.

Who has seen the pain of my heart,
God has only seen me in agony,
we cry in loneliness,
people have seen us laughing in the gathering.

No. -93.

They complain that
we do not know how to love,
even this heart has a lesson,
but it does not know how to complain.

No. -94.

Don’t leave someone with the thought
that he has nothing to give you.
Just live with the thought that
he has nothing to lose except you.

No. -95.

There is a way to enter the heart,
but there is no way to go,
so when someone leaves from
the heart, he leaves only after breaking his heart.

No. -96.

Never lose love and trust because
love is not from everyone and
trust is not on everyone.

No. -97.

There are two types of pain,
one that hurts you, the
other that changes you.

No. -98.

We fight with a person as long
as there is hope of love from him,
the day that hope ends,
fighting also ends on that day.

No. -99.

If you have to bow down to save the relationship, then bow down,
but every time you have to bow down, then stop.

No. -100.

Neither he had any fault,
nor was there any evil in my heart,
it is all a game of
luck, when there was separation in luck.


No. -101.

When the ground seems tight to you, look at the sky,
smile with moist eyes,
and say that you are ready like this,
I am also like this.

No. -102.

Do not understand the laughter of the lips

No. -103.

Do whatever comes in your heart.
Just don’t love anyone incompletely.

No. -104.

“Never see the pocket of a smiling person!
Maybe the handkerchief will get wet!!”

No. -105.

“Don’t dare so much that the gloves can tell
your life!
Listen, whoever broke the heart broke wholeheartedly

No. -106.

“It was not written in the books!
The lesson that life taught me!!”

No. -107.

“Even after trying those who can not be fulfilled!
Your name is also in those dreams!!”

No. -108.

“That’s all the reality of life has to go on!
You are alone in pain, there is a time in happiness !!

No. -109.

Life is a desire,
what is its definition , what is the definition of
life, do not ask what is life , if it is decorated, it is
fate and
if it is scattered, it is a spectacle.

No. -110.

Don’t be offended by my silence, the
deep sea is always silent.

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No. -111.

Often sweet things happen only with dry lips, if the
thirst is quenched, then both the alpha and the person change.

No. -112.

I had not thought that there would be such traps in life,
crying would also be necessary and tears would also have to be hidden.

Very Heart Touching Sad Quotes in English

No. -113.

Those people who fall apart like walls of mud,
who love someone more than themselves.

No. -114.

Although life teaches a lot to teach, but
only love teaches the skill of laughing falsely.

No. -115.

The person who leaves you crying
, that person can never be yours.

No. -116.

Of course, take advantage of every opportunity in life,
but do not take advantage of someone’s trust.

No. -117.

He had done love with his heart,
he took the mind , he
broke my heart
and he put the blame on me.

No. -118.

People say that sorrow is bad,
whenever it comes, it goes away crying!
But we say that sorrow is good,
whenever it comes, it goes by learning something.

No. -119.

Thinking this, we did not give clarification!
Even if the allegations are false, but if you put them, then you are.

No. -120.

Where do I know the price of pain!
My loved ones have given it to me for free.


No. -121.

“Those who care about everyone!
Often there is no one to care about them

No. -122.

“After you we didn’t even open the door of our heart!
Otherwise many moons came to decorate this house

No. -123.

“If my mother had the right to write the fate!
So there would not be a single sorrow in my life!!”

No. -124.

“My attempts have always failed!
First to get you, now to forget you !!

No. -125.

“People who looked delicate!
If it matters, then the stone came out!!”

No. -126.

“I had committed a crime of loving you!
You were punished to die moment by moment !!

No. -127.

Thank you for cheating!
Without you, I would not have understood the world.

No. -128.

Life passes alone!
People give consolation but not with.

No. -129.

Thought I would build a house and sit comfortably!
But the needs of the house made him a traveler.

No. -130.

To hurt a person is
as easy as throwing a stone in the sea.
But no one knows how
deep he must have gone!


No. -131.

No problem if you change your face.
If the accent changes, it hurts a lot.

No. -132.

There are destinations in life!
But those people do not get what they want from the heart.

No. -133.

“If possible, make me yours!
My loneliness is a witness, I have no one of my own

No. -134.

“Still there are marks of your footsteps on my heart
We didn’t let anyone pass this path after you

No. -135.

“If you ever think of me in life, then
definitely think once!
What was that love that we
could not give you !!

No. -136.

“That one letter he never wrote!
I look for his answer everyday!!”

No. -137.

If you get happiness by separating from us,
then I pray to the Lord that we will never meet him.

No. -138.

I have learned to be lonely,
but will never be able to be happy,
my heart takes your distance,
but I will not be able to live without your love.

No. -139.

They left us,
don’t know what was their compulsion,
God said that it is not their fault in this,
I wrote this story was incomplete.

No. -140.

Thought a lot, understood a
lot, tested it for a long time, then it
is better to be alone than to love.


No. -141.

Never let faith and promise be broken in life,
because when they break, there is no sound but there is a lot of pain.

No. -142.

We pray to
never meet the one I wished to meet. ,

No. -143.

This period will pass too, have a little patience!
When happiness does not stop, what is the point of sorrow?

No. -144.

My ability to hide pain by laughing was famous!
But no skill came in handy when your name came.

No. -145.

Love is like this sir,
sometimes hearts join and sometimes they break..!!

No. -146.

Some say that the world is run by love, some say that the world is run by
but when I tried it, I found
that the world is run by means only.

No. -147.

We thought that we will tell you all the pain and sorrow,
but you have not even asked why you should be silent.

No. -148.

Don’t know from which college did he take the degree of love?
All the promises made to me turned out to be fake.

No. -149.

The one who has slept even after the sun is out now!
He must have cried in your memory all night long.

No. -150.

You have exceeded the expectation!
I thought you would break my heart
, you only broke me.


No. -151.

This world has become very strange these days,
relationships here break not by lying,
but by telling the truth.

No. -152.

Sometimes we are not wrong, we
just don’t have the words to
prove us right.

No. -153.

There is also a different possibility of being alone,
neither the hope of anyone coming back,
nor the fear of leaving anyone.

No. -154.

No one’s time remains the same,
they also have to cry,
those who make others cry.


If something that is very close to us and it is far away or lost from us, then our heart hurts a lot and we go through such pain which we have no idea. Also, if someone hurts your heart or breaks your heart, then it is natural to feel sad in this situation, which we can not even express to anyone, but we can express it in writing.

That’s why in this article we have brought some such best Sad Quotes in English for you which you will definitely like. If you like the given Sad Quotes in English, then definitely share it on your friends and social media accounts – Facebook etc.