List of 2 Words Baby Boy Names Hindu

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The names of our older generation used to be of first 2 words like Radhe Shyam, Ghanshyam, Ramswaroop, Radhe Mohan, etc., but with time we saw changes in these names and people started keeping their short names. Like Rohit, Vijay, Vivek, etc.

But friends, now it is being seen that once again the names of 2 words are trending a lot, today everyone wants to keep their name in two words, in such a situation, if you are searching on Google that “ 2 words” . baby boy names hindu, 2 word hindu baby names”.

So you are reading the right article, here we have given you today’s 2 words boys name in Hindi, 2 words boy name list, 2 words ladko ke name list, 2 words modern baby boy names hindu, 2 words unique boy names, have shared.

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2 words modern baby boy hindu names | list of 2 word hindu boys names

2 Words Baby Boy Names Hindu

If you want to name your baby in 2 words then you can see the list of boys names given here “ 2 words modern baby boy names hindu”. Here all the new names are shared with you. Joking are as follows.

Dev + Sheesh = Devashish: The blessing or boon given by God is called “Devashish”.

Abhi + Raj = Abhiraj: The Hindi meaning of this name is never losing, fearless, bright and courageous.

Dev + Vrat = Devvrat: The vow or fast taken by the gods is called Devvrat.

Amar + Deep = Amardeep: A lamp burning in a temple whose fire never gets extinguished, or whose arms never extinguish, is called Amardeep.

Abhi + Jeet = Abhijeet: The one who knows every kind of war strategy, and who has not lost any war till date, we call him Abhijeet.

Arya + Veer = Aryaveer: The one who has no lack of courage and strength is called Aryaveer.

Abhi + Nandan = Abhinandan: This name means greeting someone or appreciating someone’s arrival.

Amar + Jeet = Amarjeet: The one who has won over his life or who can never die is called Amarjeet.

Abhi + Ram = Abhiram: We call the person who has the name of Lord Ram in his mind as Abhiram and the person with this name is always pleasant, he sees his happiness in the happiness of others.

Raj + Veer + Rajveer: Like a king, under whose rule everyone is courageous, we call him Rajveer.

Gyan + Prakash = Gyan Prakash: This name means that the one who has no shortage of knowledge, who has the understanding of every knowledge, we call him Gyan Prakash.

Om + Prakash = Omprakash: This name reflects the name of Lord Shiva, which is a very beautiful name.

Khem Prakash = Khemprakash: One who thinks about everyone’s welfare or who is happy seeing the happiness of others.

Ram + Karan = Ramkaran: This name reflects the name of Lord Ram and this name is considered very beautiful and sacred.

Hari + Mohan = Harimohan: 2 names of Lord Krishna, Hari and Mohan.

Indra + Jeet = Indrajeet: The one who wins over Indra, the god of gods.

Indrasena: Army of Indra, king of gods

Kaviraj: King of poets

Karmajeet: Strong with action, one who has changed his destiny through his actions.

Kuldeep: The only heir of the family, the only descendant of the entire family.

Mrityunjay: Another name of Lord Shiva.

Ranveer: Skill in battle, so that no one can win.

Rajdeep: Courageous, strong and bright with luck.

Girjesh: Big and powerful like a mountain.

Gulshan: Full of happiness, cheerful.

Hansraj: King of swans

Rituraj: King of seasons

Shubhankar: With whose arrival all tasks get accomplished.

Vishwajeet: One who has conquered the whole world or the king of the whole world

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2 words modern baby boy names hindu

2 Words Baby Boy Names Hindu
child krishnaChandra Shekhar
Aditya RajChandra Kant
Guru GopalChandra Mohan
karma veermoon light
Dharam VeerRaj Mahesh
Karan VeerDev Avatar
Ram Gopaltotal lamp
Raj Nathprabhu dayal
Ravi ShankarOmkar
knowledge lampBaal Brahma
veer krishnaBal Krishna
Radhe MohanBrij Mohan
Radhe ShyamYam Raj
Radhe KishanRam Lakhan
Radhe GopalVishnu Vijay
Dharma Rajmind love
brave greatDev fast
endless arm strength
Sitaramdeva head
diamond redPrince

2 words baby boy names hindu

  • Aarvendra (Aarav + Indra)
  • Advaitaashish (Advaita + Ashish)
  • Bhuvanraj (Bhuvan + Raj)
  • Devanshuraj (Devanshu + Raj)
  • Ishaanpreet (Ishaan + Preet)
  • Fruit decay (fruit + bed)
  • Gaganbhushan (Gagan + Bhushan)
  • Himanshulal (Himanshu + Lal)
  • Ishaan Shakti (Ishaan + Shakti)
  • Jatinprem (Jatin + Prem)
  • Kanishkasurya (Kanishka + Surya)
  • Lavanyananda (lavanya + joy)
  • Mohanveer (Mohan + Veer)
  • Nakulbhushan (Nakul + Bhushan)
  • Omkarchandra (Omkar + Chandra)
  • Pranavdeep (Pranav + Deep)
  • Kasimram (Kasim + रं)
  • Raghavatnaya (Raghava + Tanay)
  • Sahilbhushan (Sahil + Bhushan)
  • Tanaypratham (Tanay + Pratham)
  • Ujjwalananda (Bright + Anand)
  • Vedanta Bhushan (Vedanta + Bhushan)
  • Yuvanshloka (Yuvan + Shloka)
  • Zayankumar (Zayan + Kumar)

boys names with two letters

2 Words Baby Boy Names Hindu
  • Abhimanyusuresh (Abhimanyu + Suresh)
  • Ayushmanveer (Ayushman + Veer)
  • BhupathiRajneel (Bhupathi + Rajneel)
  • Chinmayabhavishya (Chinmaya + Bhavishya)
  • Deepak Prashant (Deepak + Prashant)
  • Ekalavyadhairya (Ekalavya + Patience)
  • Phuleshwarkant (Phuleshwar + Kant)
  • Gaurishashanti (Gaurish + Shanti)
  • Harshavardhanakirti (Harshavardhana + Kirti)
  • Indradyumantra (Indra + Dyumantra)
  • Jaykrishnadhruva (Jayakrishna + Dhruva)
  • Kevaleshwarchandra (Kevaleshwar + Chandra)
  • Lakshayaditya (Lakshay + Aditya)
  • Mohinipreetam (Mohini + Pritam)
  • Nileshwargaur (Neeleshwar + Gaur)
  • Omkardhwaj (Omkar + flag)
  • Pranavajayitaaraka (Pranava + Jayita + Taraka)
  • Kavitabhavik (poetry + devotional)
  • Rameshwarmay (Rameshwar + May)
  • Sahasranshuveer (Sahasra + Anshu + Veer)
  • Taruneshwarish (Tarun + Ish + Varish)
  • Udayavardhanakripa (rise + enhancement + grace)
  • Vibhaswarmitra (Vibhas + Varma + Mitra)
  • Yashaswinitan (Successful + Neet)
  • ZoraVivek (Zora + Vivek)
  • Agrajaankiran (Agraja + Jaan + Kiran)
  • Adityanand (Aditya + Anand)
  • BharatarajMoha (Bharat + Raj + Moh)
  • Chiranjeevveer (Chiranjeev + Veer)
  • Dhirendra Dayal (Dhirendra + Dayal)
  • Ishwarbhupati (Ishwar + Bhupati)
  • Jayant Gaurav (Jayant + Gaurav)
  • Karmadhyayan (karma + study)
  • Lakshyavikrama (Lakshya + Vikram)
  • Mohitaditya (Mohit + Aditya)
  • Nakulantarjan (Nakul + Antarjan)
  • Ojasvinayan (Ojasvi + Nayan)
  • Pranavprabhakar (Pranav + Prabha + Kar)
  • KavitaShriHari (Poetry + Shri + Hari)
  • Rajeshwardheer (Rajeshwar + Dheer)
  • Samridhanand (prosperous + bliss)
  • Tanishvimal (Tanishq + Vimal)
  • bright dream (bright + dream)
  • Vijaydharamitra (Vijay + Dhar + Mitra)
  • Yashveerharsh (Yashveer + Harsh)
  • ZauraVishwas (Zaura + Vishwas)
  • Akshayamitrajaya (Akshaya + Mitra + Jaya)
  • Amitanshuveer (Amit + Anshu + Veer)
  • Arunimitrajay (Aruni + Mitra + Jai)
  • Avyayapritam (infinitive + preetam)

newborn baby boy unique names hindu

Here are some unique Hindu baby boy names with their meanings:

One-word names:

  • Vihaan: Dawn, a new beginning
  • Reyansh: Ray of light
  • Yashas: Fame, glory
  • Vivaan: Full of life, energetic
  • Ahan: Dawn, the first rays of the sun

Two-word names:

  • Veer Aryan: Brave and noble
  • Devansh: Part of God, divine
  • Yuvan Tejas: Youthful and radiant
  • Daksh Veer: Skilled and brave
  • Anikaarth: Formless, limitless

Three-word names:

  • Arnav Arya Putra: Son of the ocean, noble
  • Dhruvraj Devansh: Kingly, part of God
  • Nirvaan Vedansh: State of enlightenment, part of the Vedas
  • Mihir Krishnansh: Sun, part of Lord Krishna
  • Yasharth Agnivesh: Glorious, fiery

Additionally, consider these unique names with their meanings:

  • Abhay: Fearless
  • Dhruv: The pole star, steadfast
  • Vrihan: Immense, vast
  • Shreyas: Auspicious, fortunate
  • Anay: Limitless, boundless

Tips for choosing a unique name:

  • Consider the meaning: Choose a name with a meaning that resonates with you and your family.
  • Think about pronunciation and flow: Ensure the name is easy to pronounce and flows well with your surname.
  • Check for cultural significance: Be mindful of any potential cultural or religious connotations of the name.
  • Ultimately, choose a name you love: The most important factor is that you and your partner feel happy and confident with the name you choose for your son.

unique 2 word names for baby boy

Here are some unique two-word boy names with a variety of origins and meanings:


  • River Stone (Strength, stability)
  • Skyler Hawk (Limitless, free-spirited)
  • Cedarwood Fox (Wise, adaptable)
  • Ocean Breeze (Tranquil, vast)
  • Mountain Ridge (Strong, determined)


  • Atlas Sky (Powerful, ambitious)
  • Phoenix Rising (Resilient, transformative)
  • Griffin Knight (Noble, courageous)
  • Zephyr Wind (Gentle, swift)
  • Archer Moon (Sharp, insightful)

More creative options:

  • Nightingale Song (Beautiful voice, artistic)
  • Caspian Blue (Deep, mysterious)
  • Everett Stone (Brave, enduring)
  • Wilder Reign (Independent, powerful)
  • Jasper Sky (Precious, limitless)

For a name with cultural roots, consider these:

  • Kai (Hawaiian) Ocean (Sea, vastness)
  • Arjun (Sanskrit) Dev (Divine warrior)
  • Mateo (Spanish) Sol (Gift from God, sun)
  • Koa (Hawaiian) Nalu (Brave, wave)
  • Eamon (Irish) Loch (Peaceful, lake)
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Q: Why choose a 2-word Hindu name?

A: Unique, combine meanings, express desired qualities.

Q: Cultural/religious considerations?

A: Yes, meaning of each word and combination should align with your beliefs.

Q: Where to find inspiration?

A: Baby name websites, books, scriptures, mythology.

Q: Hyphen between names?

A: Not always, becoming more common for clarity. Personal preference.

Q: Choosing between names?

A: Say them aloud, consider aesthetics and meaning. Write down top choices, revisit later.