21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?

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What will happen if the oxygen in the atmosphere is 78%?

Facts: It’s never been that high, but millions of years ago it was much higher because the trees were pumping out too much oxygen and there weren’t enough land animals to use it.

So the animals that were on the ground grew up. Very big

Modern insects have an upper limit to their size because they absorb oxygen through diffusion, so they need air space close to their body parts. The Goliath beetle is currently the record holder and is about 5 to 6 inches long. With oxygen levels of around 40% in prehistoric times, insects and other invertebrates could be very large.

Modern vertebrates get oxygen not by diffusion, but by circulation – air enters the lungs and is circulated through the body by the blood, which means that vertebrates can be very large indeed. The lungs of vertebrates have a lot of surface area because they break down into smaller areas. The surface of a human lung is equal to the size of a tennis court.

Is there any animal that does not sleep?

21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?
21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?

The funny thing is that scientists aren’t entirely sure why humans need to sleep. We know it speeds up recovery. But we recover even when we are awake.

There are many species that do not sleep.

Spiders don’t sleep. They just keep walking, waiting for prey to fall into their lap.

I suspect the spider isn’t smiling.

The most interesting non-sleepers are dolphins. They never sleep completely. They put a part of their brain to sleep at a time when they go through their day. This is called unihemispheric sleep. They do not sleep at all in the first month of their life.

Animals that do not sleep still go up and down in varying levels of arousal. They use their decompression time as their sleep. The time you relax while roaming social media is their version of sleep.

Which is such a sweet that cannot be adulterated?

21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?
21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?

The adulterants are capable of adulterating any food item. But, the sweets which use less number and less valuable ingredients are not adulterated in them. In these sweets, Bogs has also been traditionally offered on many Diwali. My childhood memories are associated with these sweets. Let us get acquainted with ten such sweets.

1 candy

There is only one ingredient in sugar candy, sugar. Sugar candy is made by enlarging the bananas of sugar. There is no other cheap adulterant that can taste sweet; And also increase the volume of sugar candy.

2 Batasha

Batashes are also made of sugar. The only difference is that the thick syrup is dried in the shape of batashes after preparing special method for bat ashes. marriage or the birth of a child; Batashe has always been distributed in traditional greetings. There has been a tradition of offering Kheel-batashon in Lakshmi Pujan.

3 sweet corns

Along with Khil, these makhanas are found in the offerings of the temples. These have also been kept in Lakshmi Puja on Diwali. It is also a sugar based dessert. which cannot be mixed.

4 sugar candy

This painting of a Bengali clay doll is symbolic. But, the shape of the doll of Khand is the same. No color was used in these dolls. Some confectioners may still be making these near the big temple in my home town of Bhilwara. This doll is made by pouring sugar syrup in a moulid. Ghee or edible oil can be lit in their lamps. They were also kept in Lakshmi Puja. Then this sweet was used for the children’s play and eating.

5 chikkis

It is difficult to find any other adulteration in jaggery and groundnut chikki.

6 jaggery-sesame sesame strips

It is impossible to mix any other substance in the strip (Gajak) made only of jaggery and sesame. Jaggery Revdi is also made from this material.

7 sesame seeds

Sesame laddus are also equally pure.

8 sugar shellac

The shell made by adding a little black pepper to the sugar looks like a brown glass. Chewing on crunchy sweet crust was a childhood hobby; And was also giving the work of medicine in mild cough and cold.

9 Jaggery Papdi / Jaggery Gatta

To make jaggery papdi, a little baking soda is added and the jaggery is melted and baked to a crisp. It tasted very nice with some coffee bitterness in it.

10 Petha

Petha, a favorite since childhood, is actually petha (white cashew) preserved in sugar syrup; Which is first refined with lime water and then put in sugar syrup and dried a bit. Petha soaked in sugar syrup is a very satisfying dessert.

The specialty of all these sweets lies in their limited number of components. Most are also very easy to make.

Which of these sweets have you tasted? make a comment.

What are some interesting facts about whales that common people often forget?

21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?
21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?
  1. Blue whales are the largest animals to ever live on the planet! Most people would think that large, extinct dinosaurs would be the biggest, but blue whales are huge!

2. The arteries of the Blue Whale are so big that a person can crawl out of them!

It is a life-size replica of the heart of a blue whale along with some arteries.

3. The smallest species of whale is the dwarf sperm whale. It only grows to about 7.1 feet tall!

4. While some whales have teeth, baleen whales do not. They contain a substance called belan, which helps in filtering water.

5. The baby of a whale is called a calf!

Why is light on Earth but not in space?

There is light in space… a lot more than on Earth in fact (no air getting in the way).

The sky isn’t blue in space – but that’s because there’s no air to scatter the sunlight.

But isn’t it dark in here?

Space gets dark if there’s something blocking the Sun’s light – and if you’re on the ISS orbiting Earth, Earth itself gets in the way quite often.

Which is the biggest lion?

The Cape Lion of Southern Africa was generally considered the largest. The descendants of these lions have combined with other lions in South Africa to produce some very large males and these lions are the largest around. Below is a picture of a Cape Lion. It is probably ornate as it was usually done at that time.

A reconsideration took place in 2017 and it was decided that the Cape lion was not a subspecies in its own right and had merged with the lions of South and East Africa.

Sometimes giant males are born in South Africa, especially in Kruger, and these are the descendants of Cape lions. They have a dark thick mane (neck hair).

What are the scariest places on earth?

Take a look at Ilha da Queimada Grande. Located in the Atlanticc off the coast of Brazill. Looks like a normal island, doesn’t it? until I say something

The island has snakes (also known as “Snake Island”). And, I mean a lot of snakes; One snake per meter square. It’s like walking 3 feet and searching for another snake.

This creature which makes it all the more scary:

Golden Lancehead Viper. They are not found anywhere else on earth but here. It is estimated that there are 2000 to 4000 of them. Its venom is so strong that it can melt a person’s skin when in contact with it.

The island has a lighthouse and it is believed that a family used to control it. But, one day the snake entered through the open window and the family was bitten and put to death. Horror story just to think about.

Humans are barred from visiting the island which is absolutely relevant and valid. I believe that we should not try to intrude into the island and disturb their ecosystem. They are there as they are and that is how it should be.

Which is the most dangerous tourist destination in the world?

21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?
21 Facts – amazing informative information, Do you Know?

North Sentinel Island, India, Andaman Islands

North Sentinel Island is a lovely little island, isn’t it? Wrong, it is a part of India but no Indian or any other civilized human being has ever gone and lived there. It is home to the Prahari people who are probably the most primitive and dangerous tribe. They are completely isolated from the world, they have no clue what the metal is and they have such a primitive immune system specially adapted to their island that a simple cough can kill them. 

It is so dangerous because of people’s aggression towards foreigners and it is officially illegal to go within 20 km of it. During the peak of the British colonies, the British tried to conquer North Sentinel Island in a peculiarly non-violent way. They took 6 people (4 kids and 2 adults/elderly) off the island and brought them to England to show them how great it was, so they too, if they gave them their island, So they could be a part of it. Unfortunately they died of a cold. And when the British came back to give them the bodies, the guards killed them in anger. 

They have never forgotten it after 300 years and still hate everything outside their island. When two fishermen were fishing around the Andaman Islands, they got drunk. Due to this they fell asleep and the boat sank. It moved to the far northern Sentinel Island where he was brutally murdered by the people. The Indian government sent a helicopter to retrieve their bodies, but failed when the Sentinelese began shooting arrows at the helicopter. 

This is the most dangerous place in the world. So the guards killed him in anger. They have never forgotten it after 300 years and still hate everything outside their island. When two fishermen were fishing around the Andaman Islands, they got drunk. So they fell asleep and the boat sank. It moved to the far northern Sentinel Island where he was brutally murdered by the people. 

The Indian government sent a helicopter to retrieve their bodies, but failed when the Sentinelese began shooting arrows at the helicopter. This is the most dangerous place in the world. 

Is the process of making a ‘driving license’ in India very poor or shoddy? How does this process compare to other countries?

Is the process of making a ‘driving license’ in India very poor or shoddy? How does this process compare to other countries?

✍️ In India one can get driving license very easily and simply. Where as in other countries this is not the cases at all.

This is the reason why driving skills of most of the Indians are very poor. By bad means reckless driving, flouting rules, speeding.

We only get skill in accelerating the car and blowing the horn.

We can also blow the horn continuously for half an hour. Because we get this habit from childhood, when we used to sit in any guest’s car, we used to do this first. Then even after growing up, that habit does not leave.

Stand on the side of any highway, be it a road crossing or an intersection. There should be no traffic police and red lights here.

So take a look there and feel yourself if I am saying wrong.

I keep doing such surveys often. In which I have created these three categories of drivers:

✔️ First sensible driver’s.

Another foolish driver.

❌ of the third idiot driver.

Let us start discussing these:-

Wise Driver:

Wise drivers are driving the vehicle (four wheeler) even if they are between 80 and 100 on the highway. So when looking from afar, there are crossings ahead, in which there are pedestrians too. So he slows his car very slowly, just before the crossing, almost stops the car for a few moments and, looking left and right, with a horn, proceeds on the road.

It keeps itself safe and others safe as well. But the sad thing is that their count is not more than 10 percent only.

These people are settled, responsible and very busy people in their life.

🔶 Foolish Driver:

It will be at a speed of 80 to 100 from a distance, if the condition is made as mentioned above, it will try to get out with a light brake at a speed of 60-70, while honking like crazy.

They have both two wheeler and four wheeler driver. He himself can be a victim of an accident and can also do to others.

They prove to be extremely dangerous after 6 pm, when they are returning home from their work. It is seen flying on the road.

🔶 Foolish Driver:

They are going at a speed of 70-80 on an empty road. But when the above situation is created, while constantly blowing the horn, try to increase the speed of the vehicle and leave early.

Just like children, in childhood, try to cross the road by running quickly, just like that.

Mobiles or earphones are fitted on their ears, in which they are talking simultaneously.

They go out on the road abusing and being abused.

In their life, they are completely busy with their business. That’s why they are irresponsible and hasty.

They are responsible for making the person in front a victim of the accident. Most of them can also be drug addicts.

So at the same time, many drivers of buses are also involved in them. Those who are seen playing with precious lives on the roads when there is a delay of 1-2 minutes.

✔️ Conclusion:

An expert driver is not the one who drives fast. If you accelerate a big and powerful engine in a big gear, then the car will run. What is your skill in this?

An expert, intelligent and best driver is the one who can take out a safe vehicle without touching the vehicle even in traffic, keeping himself and others safe.

They have the information about where to slow down, where to accelerate on the highway.

The best driver does not make mistakes himself, on the contrary, he avoids the possible mistakes of the driver in front.

A great driver cannot be a speedster. He can only be of an easy nature and of a very cool nature.

Thank you very much.


Do you know ?

Human heart beats more than 1 lakh times in a day. 2. Our eyes can recognize 1 million different colors. 3. The time of growth of nails of all fingers is different. 4. Apple company’s founder Steve Jobs’ car never had a number plate on it. 5. Coca-Cola was initially green in colour.

Do you know ?

When you talk to siri of iPhone, it is saved in the server for two years. 7. Kangaroos cannot walk backwards. 8. The Sun looks white from space. 9. Hong Kong city has the largest number of Rolls Royce cars in the world. 10. Most vegetarian people in the world live in India.

Do you know ?

Chase was invented in India only. 12. One cigarette reduces 11 minutes of life. After completing 13. school, bear grylls(man Vs wild) wanted to join the Indian Army. 14. The heart and brain of women are smaller than that of men. 15. There are 100 billion nerve cells in our brain.

Do you know ?

16. The little finger contributes 50% to the strength of a man’s hand. 17. Butterflies taste anything with their feet. 18. Your nose gets hot when you tell a lie. 19. If you fully charge your iPhone every day, then you spend 15 rupees every day. 20. The memory of fish is of only 1 second.

Do you know ?

21. People who complete 100 years in UK or complete 60th wedding anniversary are given a ‘personalised congratulation letter’ from the Queen of UK. 22. There is a lake in Australia whose name is ‘lake hillier’, the color of the water of this lake is pink. 23. Amazon employees walk about 18 km in one shift. 24. At the time of 1997, there was a TV channel in America called ‘The puppy Chanel’ and on that channel only videos of dogs playing were shown for 24 hours. 25. There is a village in Wales, UK, whose name is Lian-vire-pooll-guin-gill-go-ger-u-queern-drob-ooll-llandus-ilio-gogo-goch.

Do you know ?

26. In the year 2011, a man named Richard James Veron purposely stole $1 by going to the bank because he had to get a medical check-up done in jail. 27. Lamborghini, Austin Martin, Ferrari these cars are used as police vehicles in Dubai. 28. If you take any number and double it and add 6 to it and divide it by 2 and minus the number you took in the beginning, your answer will always be 3. (6×2=12+6=18/2=9-6=3) 29. Before the year 1930, the teacher used to write ‘E’ letter on the paper of the students who failed, after the year 1930 it changed to ‘F’. ‘ to be done. 30. A research was done at Loma Linda University in 2010 and in that it was found that laughing not only increases stress but also increases antibodies inside your body and your immunity power also increases.

Do you know ?

31. There is a tree named Machinel, if you stand under this tree during rain and a drop of rain touches the leaves of this tree and falls on your body, then your skin will burn. 32. In the year 2005, a Swedish billionaire named Johan Eliasch bought a plot of 4 lakh acres of land in the amazon rain forest from a tree cutting company because that company could not cut it there. 33. ATR computational neuroscience research scientist from Tokyo has created a device that can display your thoughts on a computer screen. 34. Human bone is 8 times more powerful than cement. 35. Driving of vehicles is banned on Mackinac Island in Michigan state of USA from the year 1898 till date, here you can only cycle and walk, there is no pollution at all.

Do you know ?

36. In the year 2008, a businessman from Abu Dhabi named Saeed Abdul spent 99 crore rupees to get the number plate of his choice. 37. Taiwan is the first country which has free wi-fi facility at 4000 tourist places. 38. If you cut your hair according to your choice in North Korea, you can be jailed. 39. There is a pizza named Louis XIII which costs $12000 i.e. around 8 lakh rupees. 40. You can change the color of your eyes.