78 Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact’s In English

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In this post we will learn Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact’s. In this post, we have not told the facts of a single subject, but in this we have told the facts of more than one subject, which you must know. I hope you enjoy reading this post amazing facts in English . So let’s start Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact’s in English.

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Hindi facts about world – 

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact's
Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact’s

1. Swimming in the lakes of volcanoes should be avoided –

            If you go on a trip to a place where there is a volcano, you should avoid swimming in lakes near volcanoes, it can be very risky. Volcanic gases can be released into nearby lakes and this can make it so acidic that it can burn humans.

2. The only animal killed by a meteorite was a dog.

          Usually meteorites keep hitting the earth but there is no loss of life, but in the 20th century in 1911, the only animal killed by a meteorite in Egypt was a dog. Most of the meteors come burning in the atmosphere, but while coming to the earth, they fall on the earth in the form of dust.

3. According to an estimate, 3.6 million to 117.7 million species are yet to be discovered – 

            An estimated 1.75 million species have been discovered and described, but this only represents a fraction of all species on Earth. There are still many creatures yet to be discovered on Earth. An estimated 3.6 million to 117.7 million species remain to be discovered. This includes the highest agreed upon scientific range of 13 to 20 million species.

4. One of the most important maps of the world –  

            Martin Waldseemüller’s 1507 world map is one of the most important maps of the world. America was the first to be labeled (shown) on this map. And America was shown as a separate continent. This map can also be called the birth certificate of America.

5. All the salt of all oceans and seas –

            If all the salt of the oceans and seas were collected, and spread over the entire land, it could cover the entire land surface in a layer 152 meters (500 ft) thick.

6. World’s largest watermelon –

            The record breaking watermelon grown in Tennessee, USA weighed 159 kg. This watermelon is large enough to provide slices for over 500 people. It was grown by Chris Kent (USA) of Sevierville, Tennessee, USA, as verified by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth on 4 October 2013.

Randam facts in English: 

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact's

7. The rare metal gallium –

            Do you know that if gallium, a very rare metal, is kept on the hands, it will melt in a short time due to the heat of the hands.

8. Self-cooked food does not taste tasty, why –

            One study found that cooking food requires you to stand near it long enough that it already looks less appealing when it’s time to eat. That’s why, despite having the same recipe, someone else’s food seems tastier than your own.

9. Having Plan B will make Plan A less likely to work – 

            The University of Pennsylvania conducted a series of experiments that found that volunteers who had a backup plan before starting a task performed worse than those who did not have a backup plan. 

10. Leonardo da Vinci –

            The artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519) was centuries ahead of his time. He designed a vertical takeoff aircraft, a rapid-firing cannon, a diving bell and suit, and even a stink bomb, among many other things.

11. Honey and sugar as antibiotics

            If antibiotics are not available, sugar and honey can be used to deal with the infection in an emergency operation. Because honey contains hydrogen peroxide, it may be responsible for some of its antibacterial properties. It also has a high sugar content, which may help inhibit the growth of certain bacteria. Additionally, honey has a low PH level. It works by drawing the moisture away from the bacteria, causing the bacteria to become dehydrated and die.

Amazing facts in English about animals and trees :- 

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact's

12. After all, how does a plant grow miles away where there was no trace of it before? 

            The wind can carry the pollen grains of a plant up to a distance of about 3,000 miles from the plant.

13. A tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide –

            During its lifetime, an average tree can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.

14. A tree which can store up to 25000 gallons of water in the trunk and lower branches is – 

            A tree is found in Africa which is called Baobab tree. It can store up to 25,000 gallons of water in its trunk and lower branches.

15. Dogs process words the same way the human brain does –

            Dog’s are able to recognizee over 150 word’s. According to a study published in the journal Science, dogs’ brains process words in a similar way to human brains. For example, when you greet your dog with ‘Good bye!’ Say, the left and right side of the brain work together to find the meaning of the word. One side focuses on the word itself, the other on the emotion (which determines that based on tone; how you say the word).

16. Home of six billion insects –

            You might be surprised to know that an area of ​​one square mile can be home to about six billion insects.

17. Strange fishes found on earth –

            It is very surprising that some such fishes are also found on the earth which have the ability to change their sex many times to increase their chances of reproduction.

18. How do dinosaurs get their name –

            Do you know why dinosaur names are so difficult? Dinosaurs were given their names by the scientists who studied them. It is often difficult to say their names, but scientists deliberately do not do this. All dinosaur names mean something. Sometimes a dinosaur was named for the place where its bones were found. A dinosaur was named Alamosaurus (al-a-mo-SAWR-us) because its bones were first found in the Alamo Mountains.

19. How do birds come to their place after migration –

            The bird comes back to its place after traveling a long distance. But how do they do it? Actually, a small organ is found in their brain by which they can recognize the magnetic field of the earth and come to their place.

20. Eyelids of camels are transparent –

            Even during fierce sandstorms in the desert, camels can close their eyes to see where they are going because their eyelids are transparent from the inside.

English facts about human – 

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact's

21. Arteries, veins and capillaries of our body –

            There is a network’s of arterie’s, veins and capillaries in our bodys. If we combine the length of all these, then it is 37,000 miles (60,000 km) long in our body. Blood flows in the capillaries at a speed of 40 inches per second.

22. A person takes about 672,768,000 breaths in his entire lifetime –

            A person breathes comfortably about 16 times per minute. That means we take about 960 breaths in an hour, 23,040 breaths in a day, 8,409,600 breaths in a year. A person who lives till the age of 80 takes about 672,768,000 breaths in his whole life.

23. The size of our lungs –

            If our lungs are fully expanded and placed in an open and flat area, our lungs can cover an area the size of a tennis court.

24. Our brain cells –

            Do you know that 100 billion cells are found in our brain and each cell is connected to 25,000 other cells.

25. There are secret messages in dreams –

            You might be surprised to know that 70% of your dreams contain hidden messages. This means that they are of greater importance and value than the things that you think about in your consciousness.

26. Our nose while sleeping –

            Do you know that your nose helps you exercise while sleeping? If you sleep on your right side, your right nostril gets blocked and your brain tells you to turn over.

Amazing facts in English about space – 

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact's

27. The size of our galaxy, the Milky Way –

            Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is in the shape of a giant flat bun, about 100,000 light-years in diameter. If you drive a fast car from one side to the other, it will take about 665 billion years.

28. The heat of the center of the Sun –

            You know how big and how hot the Sun is, but you probably don’t know that the center of the Sun is so hot that a piece the size of the tip of a pin ignites everything about 60 miles (96 km) away. Could

29. Name of the planets of our solar system –

            Do you know that the planets of the Solar System are named after Greek and Roman gods? Mercury was the messenger of the gods. Mars was the god’s of war and Neptune was the god of the sea.

30. 99 percent of the weight of our solar system is –

            The Sun is the largest and most massive of our Solar System, it accounts for 99 percent of the weight of our Solar System.

31. Sun’s enormous energy –

            The Sun has so much energy that it produces 35 million times the average annual electricity supply used in all of North America in one second. Think how much energy it would have produced in a day.

32. Fuel tank of Apollo spacecraft – 

            Do you know that the fuel tank of the Apollo spacecraft was so well insulated that if it was filled with ice, it would take more than 8 years for that ice to melt.

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact’s :

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact's

1- Two bananas have the energy to do 40 minutes of vigorous exercise. Banana is also called the fruit that gives happiness.

2- Peoples who blushing quickly are More kinds and reliable.

3- When a person tells a lie, his nose gets hot.

4- Sleeping next to the one you love not only reduces depression but also increases your lifespan. You get good and deep sleep.

5- Most of the people of Italy wear red colored underwear on New Year, they consider it lucky.

6- 11 percent of the world‘s people use their left hand more.

7- Our mind has more capacity to remember bad things than to remember good things.

8- Left-handed people work faster in computer games and other sports than right-handed people.

9- If headphones are used even for just one hour, then the bacteria in your ears increase 700 times more.

10- No person can kill himself by holding his breath.

11- If you want your attention to be engaged in work, then play light music in the background.

12- If a spider is burnt, it will explode like gunpowder.

13- Human contraceptive pills also work on gorillas.

14- Leopard can see well even in dark night.

15- Most children are born in the month of August.

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact’s 16 to 30

16- Your height generally goes down to your father, while mental capacity, emotional strength and body shape go down to your mother.

17- Bats always turn left hand while leaving the cave.

18- Our eyes are closed almost percent of the time while walking.

19- The cockroach covers a distance of about 1 meter in a second with its 6 legs.

20- People who think more get disappointed quickly. They are emotionally weak and feel lonely.

21- Intelligent people get angry faster than normal people.

22- We are 1 inch taller in the morning than at night.

23- The most used passwords in the world are 111111, 101010, 123456.

24- Talking to yourself while working reduces distraction.

25- On average women speak 20,000 words every day, which is 13000 words more than the average of men.

26- Even if real honey is kept for thousands of years, it does not spoil.

27- People who chew on the end of a pen are more creative.

28- The eye of an ostrich is bigger than its brain.

29- When a cat rubs its face with something, it means that it considers it as its own thing.

30- The taste of food comes only after getting saliva (saliva) in it.

31- People of black color get less heart attack.

32- Sunani is a Japanese word, which means high sea waves.

33- After studying for 30 to 35 minutes, taking a break of 10 minutes is the most effective way to remember what you have read.

34- People who sleep on their left side are more likely to have nightmares than those who sleep on their right side.

35- Men lie more than women.

36- Most of the married couples who have completed 40 years are happier than the newly married couples.

37- The heart of a lizard beats 1000 times in 1 minute.

38- Coca-Cola used to be green in the beginning.

39- There is still so much gold inside the earth that if it is distributed equally among all the people of this earth, then everyone can get 4 kg of gold in their share.

40- Using the mobile while it is charging can damage its battery.

41- People with dark eyes are better at playing and people with light eyes are more effective in planning.

42- The memory of fish is only for a few seconds.

43- Some insects eat themselves when they do not get food.

44- 20 percent of the clean water in the world is in Canadian lakes.

45- Day dreaming is beneficial for you. This makes you creative.

46- The sea crab is such a creature whose heart is in its head.

47- Note is not made of paper but of cotton.

48- Women’s shirt buttons are on the left side while men’s shirt buttons are on the right side.

49- American President George Bush once vomited on the Japanese Prime Minister’s chair.

50- People who are unhappy spend more money than people who are happy.

51- Bear has 42 teeth.

52- Tickling was done in ancient China to torture.

52- To remove the bitterness of fenugreek, put salt in it and keep it for a while.

54- Taking less sleep reduces the possibility of remembering more things in the mind.

55- According to a research, the risk of heart attack is higher on Mondays as compared to other days of the week.

56- To avoid the desire of itching caused by mosquito bite, keep a hot spoon on the bitten place, in which the effect of protein which causes itching reduces.

57- There are 2 percent people in the whole world whose eye color is green.

58- A horse is such an animal that it sleeps while standing.

59- The weight of all the ants on the earth is equal to that of all the humans.

60- While sleeping at night, most people change their sides 40 times.

interesting facts in hindi 61 to 75

61- Any person can stay awake continuously for 11 days, not more than that.

62- Only female mosquitoes suck your blood, male mosquitoes only make noise.

163- Projected India Let’s make sound.

63- It is estimated that only 3 percent of the people in India pay income tax.

64- If an ant is as big as a man, it will run twice as fast as a car.

65-64 percent of Americans consider a sense of humor to be the most important quality in relationship success.

66- The longest cave in the world is in Vietnam. It is so long that it has a forest, river and atmosphere.

67- Most of the girls do not like the boys who gossip.

68- If sugar is applied on the wound, then the pain gets reduced.

69- Men fall in love quicker than women.

70- Ants never sleep.

71- If trays filled with hot and cold water are kept in the freezer, then the tray with hot water will form ice quickly.

72- Kakrose can live for many days even after its head is cut off.

73- Kittens often fight with each other to learn hunting and fighting skills.

74- According to psychologists, crying alone makes you emotionally strong.

75- Camel is such an animal that can drink more than 100 liters of water in 10 to 15 minutes.

Amazing, Fun and Interestingness Fact's
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