Love You All STORY

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Love You All (शिक्षक और शिष्य)
Love You All (शिक्षक और शिष्य)


Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Lily. Lily was a kind and loving child, and she always had a smile on her face. She loved everyone and everything, from her family and friends to the flowers in her garden and the birds in the sky.

One day, as Lily was playing in the park, she noticed an old man sitting on a bench by himself. He looked sad and lonely, and Lily could see that he needed someone to talk to. Without hesitation, she ran over to him and asked him if he was okay.

The old man looked up at Lily and smiled, touched by her kindness. They started talking, and Lily listened as he shared his story with her. He had lost his wife many years ago and had been feeling lonely ever since. Lily listened attentively and comforted him, telling him that she loved him and that everything was going to be okay.

The old man was surprised by Lily’s love and kindness, and he felt his spirits lifted. From that day on, Lily visited him regularly, and they became good friends. She brought him flowers from her garden and shared stories about her day at school. The old man felt grateful to have met such a wonderful young girl, and he cherished their friendship.

Over time, Lily’s love and kindness spread to others in the community. She helped her neighbors with their groceries, volunteered at the local shelter, and even organized a bake sale to raise money for charity. Her love touched the hearts of many, and soon everyone knew her as the girl who loved everyone.

Years went by, and Lily grew up to be a kind and caring adult. She continued to spread her love and kindness wherever she went, and she inspired others to do the same. The old man she had befriended in the park had passed away, but she never forgot the lessons he had taught her about the power of love and friendship.

Lily’s story became a legend in the community, and people talked about her for generations. They remembered her as the girl who loved everyone and who made the world a better place. And even though she was gone, her love lived on in the hearts of those she had touched.


There was a teacher named Anjali in a primary school, she was a class teacher of class 5, she had a habit that she always used to say “LOVE YOU ALL” as soon as she came to class.

But she knew that she was not telling the truth.
She did not love all the children in the class the same way.
There was a child in the class who did not even like his tear-eyed. His name was Raju. Raju goes to school in unbearable condition. His hair was spoiled, the shoe ties were loose, there were marks of mail on the collar of the shirt. Even during his studies, his attention was elsewhere.

On being scolded by Madam, he looked at them in shock, but it was clearly visible from his empty eyes. That Raju is mentally missing despite being physically present in the class i.e. (Present Body Offset Maid). Slowly to Madam I started hating Raju. As soon as he entered the class, Raju started becoming the target of criticism of Madam. All evil examples are done in the name of Raju. The children laughed and laughed at him. And madam would get satisfaction by humiliating him.
Raju, however, never gave any reply to anything.
To Madam, he seemed like a lifeless stone, inside which there was no such thing as a soul. In response to every scolding, sarcasm and punishment, he would simply look at them empty-handed and bow his head. Madam had a serious hatred for it now.
When the first semester was over and the stage of preparing the progress report came, Madam wrote all these bad things in Raju’s progress report. The progress report used to go to the head master before showing it to the parents. When he saw Raju’s progress report, he called Madam. “Madam, Raju’s progress should also be written in the progress report. Whatever you have written will make Raju’s father very disappointed with it.” Madam said “I’m sorry, but Raju is an absolutely vulgar and worthless kid. I don’t think I can write anything about his progress.” Madam, speaking in a disgusting tone, got up from the school and left. It’s done today.

The next day the head master had a thought and he got the progress report of Raju’s previous years placed on the desk of the peon in the hands of the peon. The next day when Madam entered the class, the report was noticed. When I looked back, I found out that this is Raju’s report. “Madam thought that Raju must have fed the same gulps in the previous classes as well.” He thought and opened the class 3 report. Reading the remarks in the report, his surprise knew no bounds when he saw that the report was full of praises for it. “I have never seen a child as intelligent as Raju.” “A very sensitive child and very attached to his friends and teacher.” “

it was written
Raju has secured first position in the last semester also. “Madam opens class 4 report in precarious position.” Raju took great effect of his mother’s illness. .His attention is being diverted from studies. “Raju’s mother is diagnosed with end stage cancer. . There is no one else to take care of him at home. Which has had a deep impact on his studies.
” wrote
The head master below wrote that Raju’s mother is dead and with it the radiance and radiance of Raju’s life. . He has to be saved…before it’s too late. Reading this, a terrible burden fell on Madam’s mind. With trembling hands she closed the progress report. Tears began to fall one after the other. Madam wiped her tears with a sari.
When Madam entered the class the next day, she repeated her traditional phrase “I love you all” as per her habit.
But she knew that she was still lying. Because the love she felt in her heart today for Raju, a boy with tangled hair sitting in the same class…was more than any other child sitting in the class.
During his studies, he posed a question on Raju like a daily routine and as usual, Raju bowed his head. When there was no rebuke from Madam and laughter from classmates for some time, he raised his head in amazement and looked at Madam. Unexpectedly, there was no force on her forehead today, she was smiling. He called Raju to him and asked him to repeat forcibly giving him the answer to the question. Raju finally spoke after three or four requests. On answering this, the madam not only cheered herself and applauded but also made all the children to play..
Then it became a routine. Madam would answer every question on her own and then appreciate it a lot. Every good example was given because of Raju. Slowly the old Raju came out tearing the grave of silence. Now madam does not need to tell the answer along with the question. He used to impress everyone by giving wrong answers every day and also surprised everyone by asking new questions.
His hair would have been somewhat improved now, his clothes much cleaner which he had probably started washing himself. Soon the year ended and Raju secured second position and passed class 5th i.e. now he was ready to take admission in another school.
In the farewell ceremony of class 5th, all the children brought beautiful gifts for Madam and there was a heap on Madam’s table. Among these beautifully packaged gifts was a poorly packaged present in an old newspaper. The children were laughing seeing him. It didn’t take long for anyone to know that this gift would have been brought by Raju. Madam grabbed Raju’s gift from this small mountain of gifts. When opened, it contained a half-used bottle of perfume used by a woman and a large hard bracelet worn in one hand, most of which had lost its pearls. Miss quietly sprinkled this perfume on herself and put on the bracelet in her hand. The children were surprised to see this scene. Raju himself. After all, Raju did not stay with him and came and stood near Miss. .
After some time he stuck and said to the madam “Today you smell like my mother.” Hearing this, tears came to Madam’s eyes and Madam hugged Raju by her neck.
Raju was about to go to another school now
Raju had taken admission in another school
Time passed.
day week,
Where does it take time to change weeks into months and months into years?
But at the end of every year, Madam would regularly receive a letter from Raju that read, “Meet many new teachers this year… But there was no one like you, Madam.”
Then Raju’s studies ended and the series of letters also ended. Many years passed and Madam retired.
One day, I got a letter from Raju in my mail at Madam’s house which read:
“I am getting married at the end of this month and I can’t think of getting married without you. One more thing.. I have met a lot of people in life.. There is no one like you……… .your doctor Raju
Along with the letter, the ticket for the arrival and departure of the plane was also present in the envelope.
Madam could not stop herself at all. She took permission from her husband and she left for Raju’s town. When she reached the place of marriage on the wedding day, it was a little late.
He thought the ceremony was over.. But his surprise knew no bounds that the city’s big doctors, businessmen and even the priests who got married there were tired. Who is yet to come… But Raju was waiting for his arrival at the ceremony, gazing towards the gate instead of the wedding pavilion. Then everyone saw that as soon as an old lady had entered the gate, Raju rushed towards them and grabbed her hand in which she was wearing the bracelet till now and took her straight to the stage.
Raju held the mic in his hand and said something like this “Friends, you all always used to ask me about my mother and I used to promise all of you that soon you will all meet her.
Look carefully this my sweet mother is the best in the world this is my mother this is my mother
!! Dear friends… don’t think of this beautiful story only because of the relationship between teacher and disciple. Look around you, many flowers like Raju are withering, which your little attention, love and affection can give a new life………..

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