Ways to earn money from blogging | 7 Ways To Make Money From Blogging [2023]

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If Daily Traffic from 2k to 5k comes on your blog, then you can easily earn money from blogging up to $ 1000 a month .

But the first requirement for any blog is a good user base.

When you fulfill the requirement of Consistent Good Traffic, then after that you can monetize your blog in many ways.

In this post – I am going to tell you the insides of those 7 different ways by which you can earn very well on your blog or website.

Ways to earn money from blogging | 7 Ways To Make Money From Blogging [2023]

How to Make Money Form Blog
[Best Adsense Alternatives]

How many methods can be used on your blog to earn money – it depends on the Niche & Topic of your blog.

#1 Google Adsense (Beginners)

Google Adsense is the easiest way to monetize your blog.

In Fact World’s more than 11 Million websites use Google Adsense to earn money.

You just have to take Google Adsense Approval for this and Ads start showing on your blog.

After which Earning starts with your Google Adsense on the base of Cost Per Click.

This Cost Per Click i.e. CPC mainly depends on Topic of Post, User Location and Showing Ads.

On India User you get Average CPC from $ 0.01 to $ 0.07  , whereas on User of United States, Australia, Canada this CPC increases from 5 to 100 times .

Note – This is a good Earning Model for Beginners which supports very well. But there is a lot of traffic on your site and its authority is also very high, so Adsense is the last option left for this]

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#2 Direct Display Ads

When your website starts emerging as a brand and its Domain Authority also becomes very good, then you can generate High Income by using Direct Display Ads.

Many companies pay Website Owners for their Direct Ads as part of their rate – which is usually much higher than Google Adsense.

In the beginning, you can also contact companies or brands from the front for Direct Ads.

#3 Affiliate Marketing

Ways to earn money from blogging | 7 Ways To Make Money From Blogging [2023]

In this, you have to promote the product of a company and whenever someone buys the product from that Affiliate Link, you get a Fixed Commission.

I know many bloggers in India who earn from 1 lakh to 10 lakh per month only on the basis of Affiliate Marketing .

You can start Earning by joining these Affiliate Marketing Networks –

1 Amazon Affiliate Program
2 Commission junction
3 vCommission
4 Admitad India
5 MaxBounty
6 ClickBank
7 DGM India
8 Optimise
9 CJ.com
10 ShareASale
11 CubesWire
12 AdUncle
13 Comley
14 ShareASale
15 ClixGalore

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#4 Sponsored Posts

Ways to earn money from blogging | 7 Ways To Make Money From Blogging [2023]

Sponsored Post means that you publish a promotional post about a Brand or Company and they pay you One Time Payment for this.

Many companies approach Bloggers for Sponsor Post and get their Service & Product promoted.

What you need to do for this –

  • Make your blog Attractive.
  • Pay attention to Authority and User.
  • Publish Useful Articles.
  • Understand Sponsor Market.

Then when you get knowledge about it, you can charge a good Fees from companies by publishing Sponsored Post.

#5 Launch Online Course

Launch Online Course

If we talk about Online Business Ideas , then top earning on the Internet is done by selling Online Courses.

Example 🙂4 months ago I had joined a Webinar.In which a big blogger had earned ₹ 25,000 by selling his course online within just 20 minutes.Even more shocking is that the course was one of many other courses that were sold out every week .

So from this you can get an idea that how big is the market of Online Courses and how many possibilities are hidden in it.

You have to do –

  • You have to become an expert in any one Niche.
  • Then the problems and benefits of the people related to it have to be understood.
  • After that a useful course will be prepared.
  • After which you can promote it on your blog and many different platforms.

The course I have talked about above was related to Content Marketing.

Similarly, you can launch courses related to SEO, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Share Market, Blogging etc.

Note: Before launching any course, it is necessary that you have deep knowledge about that Topic & Niche – because without that no one will buy your course)

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#6 Consulting Service

Consulting Service

Providing a Consulting Services in the world of Blogging is also a Best Earning Source .

But this can happen only when you are an expert in a filed and people need it very much.

Example 🙂Like a person’s Niche is – Share Market and he publishes articles related to Trading & Investment on his blog.Along with this, he starts understanding every topic related to the share market, due to which he becomes a share market expert after some time.After which he can provide his Consulting Services by charging ₹ 500 Per Call and where there is no Upper Limit.

This was just an example, you can start consulting services related to your niche and the users of your blog will become your clients.

#7 Sell Digital Product

Sell Digital Product

You can also sell many useful digital products of your own on your blog, which provide a value to the people.

As –

  • ☞ E-books
  • ☞ Software
  • ☞ Research Files
  • ☞ Images & Graphics
  • ☞ Video & Audio Files
  • ☞ Digital Art & Templates

These are some such products which really save time and due to the low price, people buy it easily.

A simple E-Book which is related to your Niche Research, if you sell it even for ₹ 50 and 20 e-books of the day are also sold, then you will earn ₹ 30,000 a month only from that.

5 Other Earning Ways 🙂Apart from the above given 7 Best Ways To Earn Money Form Blog , there are some other methods as well.By using which you can do Extra Earning from your blog –8. Provide Freelance Services9. Host Paid Webinar10. Paid Newsletter11. Collaboration of Brand12. Product Reviews (Paid)

Summery –

In the information given above, those best methods have been told, using which you can earn very well from your blog Fun-hindi.com.

Along with this, if you have any question related to Blogging, then you can ask me in the Comment Box.