Tips to make the most of the Web Stories Editor

Drag your image or video to the edge of the page to set as page background.

Set a page background

Double-click the image/video to resize, re-center or crop. Note: media set as page background cannot be cropped.

Media Edit Mode

Once you've set a page bg, add a solid, linear or radial gradient overlay to increase text contrast or add visual styling.

Background Overlay

Add your designs to the page, keeping crucial elements inside the safe zone to ensure they are visible across most devices.

Safe Zone

The system layer is docked at the top. Preview your story to ensure system layer icons are not blocking crucial elements.

Story System Layer

Our shapes are quite basic for now but they act as masks. Drag an image or video into the mask.

Shapes and Masks

Embed stories into your blog post. Open the block menu & select the Web Stories block. Insert the story link to embed your story. That's it!

Embed Visual Stories

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