Website Google Ranking Dropped Reasons And Solution [2023]

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Your Website Google Ranking Dropped reason? 😫Sometimes it would happen that the ranking of your website would suddenly drop. You do not understand the reason behind this, why your Google ranking has completely gone down. 

Because you think that we have not done any kind of mistake. Everything is working properly, still why our ranking has dropped.

If you are also worried about the reasons for the ranking drop, then in this article we will tell some such factors. After knowing which you will realize why the ranking of your website has dropped. Some guidelines have been made by Google. The guideline which is necessary for every website to follow.

Google’s crawlers work on the basis of a set program. If the crawler does not receive everything according to that created rule and regulation, then your ranking drops. No man is sitting for this. 

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This is checked from time to time by Google’s program itself. In which if any kind of deficiency is seen, then the ranking of the website drops.

Website Google Ranking Dropped Reasons And Solution

In general, everyone has a little knowledge about the guidelines of Google. But there is some information that you have to understand. 

You think that we have understood and followed the guidelines of Google very well, yet the ranking of our website has dropped. But it is not that if you know everything, then below you will know the same few points due to which Google’s ranking may drop.

Reasons for Google ranking drop

By the way, as we mentioned above that by reading Google’s Terms and Conditions guideline, you must have got some information about how to follow Google’s guideline. But even some of them are missing things.

Which you may not have understood the language of Google very well or you may not have been able to understand the meaning of each and every word of the information given by Google. But below we will highlight some points so that you will know what kind of mistake you are making due to which your ranking has dropped.

In general, you can read about Google’s guideline by going to Google. But here we will share some such things with you, which you miss, which are small things that need to be known.

external linking

Website Google Ranking Dropped Reasons And Solution

For search engine optimization, it is necessary to include similar external links in each blog post. Some mistakes happen in this. Due to which the ranking of your website may also drop. 

While doing external linking, you have to keep in mind that on the topic on which we have written the post, put a link of any high authority website related to the same topic in your blog post. You can put an external link to Wikipedia.

You also make mistakes while doing external linking. You also need to think very carefully on which keyword to put the external link. External link has to be placed on the same keyword, which is a similar keyword.

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While placing external links, it is also to be noted that when a visitor comes to read your post, then your external link should be clearly visible to him. You do not have to put an external link on any such keyword, which does not make any sense. For example are, be, and, and etc.

External link has to be put on such a keyword, if a user reads it, then its meaning can be understood. Sometimes it happens that you do external linking in your post, but wrongly you select keywords for external linking. Because of which Google does not understand it. Due to which the ranking of your website drops.

External linking is a huge factor in ranking. That’s why it should be done in the right way.

post title and heading

The heading of any post is very important. Because from that the full meaning of that post is understood. When you write a blog post, after writing, the heading and search engine title are written. But sometimes you make some mistakes in the first heading and search engine title. Due to which also your ranking drops.

Don’t use any word in the heading and SCO title that might make it seem like this blog post is being exaggerated. Seeing which any user would be compelled to click on it. Avoid writing such words, otherwise your Google ranking may drop.

Whatever you write information inside the blog post, use the same words in the heading. Sometimes it happens that you write something inside the blog post and write something different in your heading, which makes people see very attractive headings. 

Because of which they are forced to click on it. But this is not good for your ranking, it will lead to down ranking.

This happens with those blog posts which mostly write posts about make money etc. For example, any blogger writes a post, how to earn money and after writing it writes in the heading that earn one lakh. In this way, information is written in the heading or in the blog title by exaggerating it. It is not right to do so.

That’s why you write your heading and blog title normally. Due to which the topic about which your blog posts have been written. The heading of that topic should be generally the same. There should not be any such word in it that makes it appear attractive and clickable.

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Affiliate Link

Website Google Ranking Dropped Reasons And Solution

Those who are a new blogger, they want to adopt many ways to earn money. They want us to start earning money very soon. For which you also want to do a marketing for your blog website. You can do affiliate marketing on your blog website. But for that also it is necessary to learn some important information.

No more than one or two affiliate links should be placed inside a blog post. If you put more than this affiliate link, then it may happen that the ranking of your blog website may drop. Sometimes it happens that you use buttons to place affiliate links.

Put affiliate link on it. Doing this also leads to a ranking drop. Because Google’s crawler is not able to read the link placed on the button properly. Because of which they are not able to get information about that link. Due to which the ranking of the blog website drops.

That’s why whenever you put an affiliate link, put it above any text. In which the <a href=”yoururl”>fun-hindi</a> tag is also used. When you put a link by putting <a> tag, then Google’s crawler will be able to read it easily. 

Due to which your website will be saved from being dropped. Normally this does not happen every time. But this can also be the reason for a ranking drop. Whenever you have to put a sponsored affiliate link, then definitely put the sponsored tag in it.

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Content issue

Due to the content, the ranking of most of the blog website gets dropped and the reason for this is the content written by them. Sometimes there is a problem in the blog website due to writing some wrong words, due to which the ranking of the blog website drops

Because due to lack of information, they go on writing the content and make mistakes in it. Due to which a content related issue is created and Google’s ranking drops.

Website Google Ranking Dropped Reasons And Solution

The reason for the problem related to the contact is as follows

Using wrong words – It means that you are using words inside your blog post which is inflammatory or can harm people after reading it. For example, you give some data in your blog post, which is not easy to verify. Refrain from giving any such data. Which is not possible to prove. 

Google doesn’t like any word whose proof is not available. Like sometimes it is written inside the blog post that by doing this you can earn in crores. It is very difficult to prove such words. That’s why if you use such words in your blog posts, 

Which cannot be easily proved or which people may be harmed after reading. Tension can arise in the society. Words related to social harmony, promotion of discrimination, disharmony, hatred etc. are not correct according to Google’s guidelines. That is why your content related issue comes due to which your Google ranking can drop.

You cannot put any such type of words inside your blog post as we mentioned above or any such image at all.

Any video that contains any such provocative words, any such data has been given which cannot be verified. If you put such things in your blog post, then Google’s ranking may drop.

Common words should be used while writing any blog post. Do not write any such word, after reading it, another person may be harmed by it. No post should be written too exaggeratedly. In general terms it is correct to write any blog post.

  • Image
  • Video
  • Text
  • Audio

Do not write or insert anything in any format that breaks any guideline of any kind.

The biggest reason for Google ranking drop

Website Google Ranking Dropped Reasons And Solution

In most of the places, you get to read or watch videos, in which it is told that you can earn money without writing a post. In which you are wrongly told that you should prepare blog posts by adopting wrong methods. Because of which Google’s ranking drops

Never use someone else’s photo, blog post or any other type of content in your blog website. If you do this then your Google ranking is sure to drop completely. Put only the blog post written by yourself inside your blog website. Use a photo you made. Do not copy paste anything from any other blog website. You can also enter a YouTube video made by yourself.

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Some important and beneficial information about Google ranking drop has been given. After reading this, if your Google ranking has dropped, then if you improve immediately, then your Google ranking can be better again. 

If your website ranking has dropped due to these reasons, please keep all these things in mind and update your website again accordingly. After which Google ranking can be correct.


Why did my website’s Google ranking drop suddenly?

There could be several reasons for a sudden drop in your website’s Google ranking. Some common reasons include algorithm updates, website technical issues, content quality or relevance issues, a penalty for violating Google’s guidelines, or increased competition.

How can I identify the reason for my website’s ranking drop?

The first step is to analyze your website thoroughly, including the technical aspects and content quality. Check for any errors or issues in your website’s structure, such as broken links, slow loading speed, or mobile-friendliness. Examine your content for relevance, uniqueness, and quality. You can also check Google Search Console for any manual actions or penalties.

How can I recover my website’s lost ranking?

Once you have identified the reason for your ranking drop, you can take appropriate measures to recover your lost ranking. Fix any technical issues with your website, create high-quality and relevant content, remove any low-quality or duplicate content, and focus on building high-quality backlinks. Keep monitoring your website’s performance to ensure continuous improvement.

Can plagiarism affect my website’s Google ranking?

Yes, plagiarism can have a negative impact on your website’s Google ranking. Google prioritizes high-quality and unique content and penalizes websites that use duplicate or low-quality content. Ensure that all the content on your website is original and free from plagiarism.

How can I ensure that my website’s content is plagiarism-free?

You can use plagiarism checkers such as Grammarly, Turnitin, or Copyscape to ensure that your website’s content is plagiarism-free. Additionally, create original content that provides value to your audience and is relevant to your niche. Avoid copying content from other websites or sources and ensure that all quotes or references are properly cited.

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