What is Algorithm? How to write more easily? complete information

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What is Algorithm: Hello friends! You must have heard about Algorithm sometimes, Algorithm is mostly used in studies, today I am going to give you complete information about what is Algorithm in this article and how to see it easily, if you want to know about Algorithm Want to

So today’s article (What is Algorithm) is only for you . You do not need to go anywhere else.

You must have heard about Algorithm at some time or the other, as whenever we go to start a new work, we think about that work, how to do it, where to do it, how to do it, all these things. We prepare the plan in our mind and prepare it by writing it on a page.

In the same way, the main work of the algorithm is that before writing the program in the computer language, the algorithm is created in the programming language so that the algorithm can be easily programmed and before finding a solution to any problem, we often use some methods. Let’s find and do those steps, it is called Algorithm in computer language.

What is Algorithm?

Algorithm is a kind of Step by Step Process when there is a formula that helps the computer to create the language, there is also a formula that solves the problem, it is a process that has limited rules that That we also call Instruction in the English language.

The rules which are written carefully by adding one after the other and every rule steps are shown to be some or the other operation, the solution of the problem comes out through all the rules and that is what we call algorithm. is used in the language.

Definition of Algorithm

If I explain to you in easy language, then Algorithm of any problem or if I speak in the language of computer, then there is a step by step process to find the solution of any problem, we call that process Algorithm. Some such steps are done in Algorithm which shows each and every step of its operation.

When the xsteps start, then at the end there are other steps which end it and there are many more steps in between these two steps which represent different tasks like making rice, this is one. The problem is, to finish this work, I give you some steps to write, first you have to wash the rice, then heat the water, then after heating the water, put the rice in it and wait for the rice to read.

Stop the rice as soon as it is 15 minutes, then here you have understood that there are steps from the beginning of making rice till the end of making rice, that is called Algorithm and washing the rice with water in between. Boiling of rice is all these operations which are in between from one step to another.

Who is the founder of Algorithm?

If we talk about who created Algorithm, that is, who is the founder of Algorithm, then the word Algorithm was first introduced in the ninth century and at that time the Persian mathematician Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi is considered the founder of Algorithm. He has created the Algorithm and all its rules have been prepared by him, which are used in today’s world.

How to write Algorithm

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Writing Algorithm is very easy, you do not need to do much in this, but once you have come to write Algorithm, then you will understand the language of computer very well, in this you have to keep these apps carefully and this Steps by Steps have to be written.

The need for Algorithm is usually used in the programming language of the computer, at the same place Algorithm is used a lot so that all the programming languages ​​in the computer are correct and all the problems are solved step by step. You can also learn to write it Direct or you can also write Algorithm using some rule.

Step 1 – ✅ To write the Algorithm, first you have to start.

Step 2 – ✅ Take two numbers say A and B

Step 3 – ✅ Now friends add both and store it in a Sum Value.

Step 4 – ✅ Show your result.

Step 5 – ✅ Now you have to stop.

Friends, as an example, I have told you why you can write an algorithm in this way, as if by adding any number, you can write an algorithm in a way, but here I have told you how to write an algorithm in Hindi language. I have taught in English language also you will get the way to write the algorithm in the same way.

Algorithm of Uses

You all must know that the use of Algorithm has started being used everywhere nowadays, in any way, any problem comes in the computer, it is corrected by Algorithm, if seen, according to us, it is used in most of the companies. It is done in industries and whatever programming tasks are done, so let me tell you about its uses.

  • ⤑ It is very important to use a good and correct algorithm to solve mathematical problems, such as if a number is full of 0, it will go positive and if it is less than 0, it will go negative.
  • ⤑ All the social media platforms we have like Facebook, Google, Search Engine, all this also works according to the algorithm.
  • ⤑ Computer scientists and software engineers also use algorithms because all their work goes according to algorithms and they have to do a lot of work, so they use algorithms to save their time.
  • ⤑ There are no mistakes in the flowchart, so the algorithm is already used in it.
  • ⤑ Commission Corporation is also used in many technology fields such as Space Research, Robotics, AI in all these fields because all the work in these fields can be completed only with the help of algorithms.
  • ⤑ Computer language program image pay is used before writing the program. If you are a student of computer science or BCA, IT, MCA, then you will also be taught about the program and you will have to write about it.
  • ⤑ You must have heard the name of Pseudo Code, the application is also used in this, if the algorithm is not used properly in it, then this code may have to be rewritten.

Characteristics of Algorithm in English

As I told you the algorithm is a step by step process. The steps that are included in the algorithm will be executed in step karma so that we can get the desired output. Algorithms are usually analyzed by two factors such as Time and Space, it tells how much time it will take to write the algorithm, and Space tells us how much less time we can write.

  • Unambiguous – When we write, it should be very clear and precise, it becomes very important and every step or line should have some meaning.
  • Finiteness – Every algorithm should end within a limited number of steps, if it goes outside the limited line, then it will be proved wrong and every step must be repeated for a limited number of times. Everyone should have some meaning.
  • Input – Every aluminum should be 0 or more than 0 precision steps.
  • Output – Just as there are Input Steps of every algorithm, similarly there should be Output Steps of the algorithm and the Output should also come for which we have written.
  • Effectiveness – Effectiveness can be estimated from Time and Space if the algorithm is written in less time and space or executes in less time and runs in less space, it is called Effectiveness.


What is Algorithm and how to write it easily, this was the complete information about Algorithm, if more information is left, then we will definitely tell you further, but in which article I have given you all the necessary information about Algorithm in very easy language. I have tried to explain, I sincerely hope that you would have got some help from this article told by me, you can visit our website to read more such articles, thank you.