What is Monitor and its types? Complete information

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Hello Friends! Do you know what is Monitor and what are its types ? Perhaps you must have heard about the monitor, there will be so many monitors in your house, but have you ever thought that what is this monitor after all and how many types are there. If not, then there is nothing to worry, today we are going to tell you all the things related to the monitor in this article.

Whenever it comes to monitor, first of all computer monitor comes in our mind and why not. Computer monitors have been used a lot, all people only know about computer monitors, but friends, it is not so, there are many different types of monitors, which we will know further in this article.

A good display monitor can give a good experience to a user, there is no doubt about it, as technology is increasing, many new changes are being seen in the monitor. There was a time when the name of the monitor was But only the desktop of the computer was kept in front, but today technology has increased so much that today different types of monitors have come in the market. Read Also : What is 3D Printer and how is it used? complete information

And a lot of people want to know about it. For which today I am presenting this article in front of all of you, in this article today we are not going to get new information, so you must stay till the end of the article to lose all the things related to the monitor.

What is monitor? What is monitor

What is Monitor and its types

Computer Monitor is usually an output device which is also called Visual Display Unit in the language of technology, it is a kind of output device which shows all the information of CPU to the users through its monitor. If there is no monitor then it will be very difficult to run the CPU because without the monitor the CPU is incomplete.

Monitor is a type of interface between the CPU and the users, which is connected to a cable with a video adapter or video card which is connected to the motherboard of the computer. If we talk about the design of the monitor, then the design of the monitor is very similar to the television. Read Also: Most Useful Website in Hindi 100 Plus – Complete website information

There will be TV in your house, it is also a kind of monitor. But you will definitely get to see a difference between these two. In TV you can change the channel through remote but you do not get to see this in computer monitor. Monitors have High Display Resolution but TV monitors have less.

High Display Resolution helps a lot in reading small letters and giving a very good graphics, if we talk about what names the monitor is called, then the monitor is called by many names which are some is as follows –

  • Screen
  • Display
  • Video Display
  • Video Display Terminal
  • Video Display Unit
  • Video Screen

When and who invented Monitor

Monitor was first invented by Karl Ferdinand Braun for the first time in the year 1897, at that time he made the first pea named Cathode Ray Monitor. When Karl thought of the monitor at that time, he did not think that he would be able to make a monitor and later it would become so good, but he put effort into it, because of which we all can see the fruits of his efforts today.

Types of Monitor – Types of Monitor

Friends, now let me tell you how many types of monitors are there. Till now all of us used to think that there is only one type of murder which is computer monitor but it is not so, computer monitor is also a type of monitor but in this also you can see many different types. Will get about which I am going to tell you below.

  • CRT Monitor
  • LCD Monitor
  • LED Monitor
  • Flat Panel Monitor

What is CRT monitor?

old telly on rough floor in house CRT monitor
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

CRT Monitor was first observed and this monitor was also used the most. It is a type of output device which is also known as Visual Display Unit. Its main part is Cathode Ray Tube which is generally Picture Tube. Also called

Monitors usually have picture tube elements that are common to TVs and are called tube CRTs. CRT technology provides much cheaper and better color output, for which everyone prefers to use this type of monitor more and CRT has Electron Gun which makes Electron’s Beam and Cathode Rays, due to which Electron That the speed can be reduced.

What is LCD Monitor?

LCD Monitor gps device attached on dash board
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Like I told you above about CRT monitor, in the same way LCD monitor was also made with a new thinking. Liquid Crystal is used to make LCD monitors, they are thin in size and very light in weight, so there is no need for much space to keep it.

Because of which LCD computers started being used a lot because this monitor is much lighter and better than CRT Monitor and it also consumes much less electricity, due to which it also produces less heat. That’s why nowadays you can see LCD monitors everywhere, whether it is computer or television, everywhere you get to see LCD monitors.

What is LED Monitor?

LED Monitor silver imac near white ceramic kettle
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LED Monitor is also a type of LCD Monitor because the size of both are exactly the same, you will not be able to understand which is LCD and which is LED, both are Flat Panel Display and are slightly curved from the edges today. At present, you will only get to see LCD and LED monitors in the market.

The LED monitor uses Light Emitting Diode for Back Lightning, due to which it gives users a very good experience. Let me tell you that LED monitors consume much less power than CRT monitors and LCD monitors, so you can understand why LED monitors last so long in the market and they are also much more durable than all monitors.

What is Plasma Monitors?

Plasma Technology is considered a different technology in itself because you do not get to see technology like plasma everywhere, this display device has a very different technology, the thought behind it was that it illuminates small colors. Fluorescent Lights with the help of which very good Image Pixels can be created in the monitor.

Each Pixel in this is made up of about 3 Fluorescent Lights which are Red, Green and Blue Light. Due to these three colors, many different colors are produced, due to which we are able to see different colored scenes on TV or computer. In Plasma Monitor, you also get to see different types of lights which are very attractive.

Features of Monitor – Features of Monitor

Now I will give you information about some of the main features of the monitor which can be of great use to you.


Resolution means the appearance of pixels on the screen, suppose if you are not showing the things displayed on the screen in good graphics, it means that the resolution in your monitor is very low. Pixels in a graphic image are like 1 tiny dot and in a monitor picture millions of pixels are combined to show us the picture.

Dot – Pitch

Dot spacing is a way to measure the distance between two pixels in the horizontal distance between them. It is usually measured under millimeters and reflects the quality of the monitor.


One of the most important features of a monitor is its size. If the size of the monitor is more, then you will have to add a lot of features to it and the size of the monitor is measured in length and width. The monitor of the computer system is similar to the TV screen, the size of both is exactly the same. The terms of Dialog Inch are used to measure computer monitors.

Refresh Rate

Friends, the refresh rate of the monitor shows how many times it is necessary to refresh the monitor per second, the refresh rate per second is measured in Hertz (Hz) for shaving.

10 line about monitor

  • Like our body, a computer is also made up of many parts.
  • Every part has its own importance.
  • The important parts of a computer are the CPU, keyboard and monitor.
  • A monitor looks just like a TV screen.
  • Monitor is also known as Visual Display Unit (VDU).
  • It is an output device.
  • It displays words and pictures.
  • Looking at the monitor, we can watch movies, play games and do office work.
  • Everything we do on the computer is displayed by the monitor.
  • It has a power button using which the monitor can be turned on and off.


What is monitor and its types?

Monitor is a type of output device, with the help of which you can see anything in a visual way, in the monitor you can watch movies, play games or you can also do office work. There are generally four types of monitors. CRT Monitor, LCD Monitor, LED Monitor and Plasma Monitor

When was the monitor invented?

Monitor was invented in the year 1897.

What is the function of monitor?

The function of the monitor is to give us Visual Output, whatever we want to see or whatever we want to do, the monitor shows us through words and pictures.


So friends, today we have got a lot of information about what is Monitor and its types in this article, I sincerely hope that you must have liked my article and today this article of mine would have helped you a lot and more such articles You can visit our website thanks for reading.