Do you know, Who invented the mobile phone? , learn in English (Update November 2022)

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About – Who invented the mobile phone : In today’s time, without Mobile phone/Smartphone, cannot think about life, today everyone has a mobile phone of his own, whether he is a student of class 10th or 12th. Be it or an elderly person, everyone needs a smart phone. With the advent of mobile phones, there has been a lot of change in human life, the work of life has become very easy and quick. There was a time when we had to use letter behavior, or a few decades back the expensive telephone, to talk to our close ones.

Who invented the mobile phone
Who invented the mobile phone

But as the technology progressed further, the device that made human life easier was developed and one of the tools is mobile phone, so if you clicked after seeing the title then you had this question in your mind. That mobile phone was ka avishkar kisne kiya, and today we will know the answer to this question in this article and will also see the answer to the question related to it,

So stay in this article till the end, you will get answers to all the questions related to this topic, let’s see.

What is mobile phone? What is that called?

Who invented the mobile phone Before this we will see what is a mobile phone? A mobile phone is a device through which you can reach your voice from one place to a distant place. If the mobile phone has internet facility, then you can talk to anyone and meet them live, which is called in English (virtual call). You can call this device an upgraded version of the old-fashioned telephone.

In which you can do many things with the basic, talking to someone else feature. With the advent of internet in mobile phones, many new features have come, with the help of which you can do other things, and as a quote, if we talk about the specialty of these many features, then you can get any kind of information on the internet. Through this you can take a small mobile phone, probably you are reading this article through this mobile at this time.

Today’s mobile phones are attractive in appearance, small in size, which you can easily take with you anywhere, anytime, without any hassle, but what do you know, the kind of mobile phone you are using today, its invention There were no such at all at the time, so we know about what was his form in the beginning.

Who invented mobile phone and when was it done?

Who invented the mobile phone
Who invented the mobile phone

A tool that makes your work easy, without which you cannot spend your day, then it is more important for you to know that mobile phone ka avishkar kisne kiya.

After the invention of telephone, many scientists have worked on this technology to reach the mobile phone in the form that you see today. After which today we are able to get mobile phones in small size and low prices. Even today the research work on this technology is going on so that users can get better mobile phones.

After the invention of the early telephone, (which in itself was a world-changing discovery at the time) scientists began to modernize and make the telephone more convenient. And since then many scientists and companies were engaged in the research work of this technology, but the engineer Martin Cooper of Motorola of America got the first facility in this research work.

The credit for inventing the world’s first successful mobile phone goes to Martin Cooper. He is an American veteran who had great interest in the telecom industry and joined Motorola in the year 1970. He wanted to do more work in telephone technology which works without any cable, so he started his research work.

After which he got success, the weight of the mobile phone he invented was about 1.1 kg . Once that mobile phone was charged  , calling could be done for 30 minutes . It used to take 10 hours to fully charge this mobile  . The cost of this, the world’s first mobile phone at that time was US $ 2700 , that is, if it is seen in the currency of India, it was about 2 lakh rupees .

What is the full form of mobile phone?

The full form of mobile phone is as follows –

  • M – Modified
  • O – Operation
  • B-byte
  • I – Integration
  • L – Limited
  • E – Energy

The full form of mobile phone is Modified Operation Byte Integration Limited Energy in English .

What is mobile phone called in Hindi?

Mobile phone is called telephonic device  in Hindi.

What was the name of the world’s first mobile phone?

Who invented the mobile phone
Who invented the mobile phone

The world’s first mobile phone was named Motorola DynaTAC , which used to be 9 inches in size. According to the weight, this phone was 2.5 pounds i.e. 1.1 kg . Martin Koper This mobile invention laid the foundation of a new industry which is today called Mobile Call Industry and Telecom Industry.

It was invented but it was not launched for the common people for a decade because work was still being done to remove the flaws of this device and with this work was started to improve the cellular network. . About 10 years later, in 1983 , Motorola launched the  Motorola DynaTAC 8000X in the mobile phone market, which was then available for use by common people.

At that time the price of this mobile was $ 3995 i.e. Rs 2.80 lakh . The battery capacity of the mobile phone used by this first people was up to 6 hours , in which the contacts of 30 people could be saved.

Information about Martin Cooper

As you know Martin Cooper is from America, he was born in the year 1928 in the city of Chicago, United States of America. He received his early education from the city of Chicago, after which he completed his master’s degree in electrical engineering in the year 1957 Illinois Institute of Technology , Martin started working with Motorola from the year 1954 itself, in the year 1970 he was an executive in the company. post given

He thought of inventing the cell phone in order to leave behind the computers of that time. It is said that he got the idea of ​​cell phone from the then famous TV show Star Trek where the characters used small type of communication device.

What is the complete history of mobile phone?

Who invented the mobile phone
Who invented the mobile phone

1.) In the year 1973, while working with Martin Cooper Motorola company, he invented the world’s first successful mobile phone, this mobile phone used a small antenna for the network.

2.) Japan is the country which has been ahead in terms of technology. In the year 1979, the first automated cellular network was introduced in Japan, which we know as the First Generation Network 1G.

3.) Martin Cooper’s mobile phone was made more simple for the user by making many more changes, after which it was launched in the year 1983 for the use of common people in the American market.

4.) The world’s first SIM card was created in the year 1991 by engineers named Giesecke and Devrient for a network company of Munich card maker. In the same year, the 2G network was invented by the Radiolinja company in Finland.

5.) The world’s first smartphone was made by the IBM company in the year 1993. In this smartphone, they included many new features such as fax machine, calendar, address book, apps, email, calculator.

6.) As we know, the inventor of the mobile phone, Martin Cooper, was inspired to make a mobile phone by the Star Trade TV show, then in the year 1996, Motorola made a mobile for the general public, naming it after him.

7.) In the year 2001, 3G network technology was first introduced.

8.) In the year 2008, 4G network was put in front of the world. In today’s era, most of the people use Android mobile phone, the software of that mobile was launched by Google company under the name of Android operating system in the year 2008, HTC was the first mobile phone made with Android software.

9.) Now facilities like 5G and 6G have come in the mobile network, 6G technology was successfully tested in China in 2020

How many types of mobile phones are there?

Who invented the mobile phone
Who invented the mobile phone

There are mainly three types found in mobile phone devices –

1.) Cell Phones | cell phone

After advancing the technology of mobile phones, these cell phones used to be the best and smallest in size at that time. Apart from the features of saving calls, text messages, contacts, these mobile phones had some other minor features.

The screen of these mobiles was usually small in size. Their battery life used to be good, due to which these mobiles were able to work for a long time. These mobiles can be rarely seen after the arrival of smartphones, but even today they are available in the market. And many people use it.

2.) Feature Phone | feature phone

Talking about feature phones, these phones used to be a little advanced in comparison to cell phones, in addition to the features of cell phones, there are many other features such as multimedia, basic camera, internet facility can be found. These mobile phones are a bit expensive in comparison to cell phones but are cheaper than smartphones.

3.)  Smart phone | Smartphone

The smartphone is available with advanced features in the comparison of these two mobiles. These mobile phones have all kinds of facilities from basic calls to internet. The screen of this mobile is bigger than both the mobiles and works through touch response.

Smartphones use many advanced mobile software such as Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry and Windows. In smartphones, we get the facility of good quality camera, long lasting battery, internet with fast connectivity. These mobile phones are costlier than cell phones and feature phones.

When and where did the mobile phone service first start?

The first mobile service was taken on April 3, 1973, by Motorola engineer Martin Cooper himself, who used the world’s first mobile phone running between 53rd and 54th Streets from Sixth Avenue in New York.

When was the mobile phone started in India?

Mobile phone service in India started in the year 1995. At that time, Sukh Ram, who was the Union Telecom Minister of India, made a call on July 31, 1995 to Mr. Jyoti Basu, the Chief Minister of West Bengal, through a mobile phone. So we can see this call in a way that this call was made from Doorsanchar Bhawan in Delhi to Writers’ Building in Calcutta.

This mobile service was provided by Modi Telstra’s MobileNet , or the company was a joint venture between the Modi Group of India and Telstra of Australia.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone?

Who invented the mobile phone
Who invented the mobile phone

Advantages of mobile phone –

  • With the help of mobile phone, you can talk to anyone anywhere.
  • With mobile phones, you can get all kinds of information within minutes.
  • Shopping online from home has become possible because of mobile phones.
  • You can complete online money transactions through mobile phones.
  • It has also become possible to do online business through mobile phones.
  • If you want to go to a place whose address you do not know, it can be reached through Google Map of mobile.

We have looked at some of the important benefits of mobile phones, but there can be many other benefits as well.

Disadvantages of mobile phone-

If we look at the disadvantages of mobile phones, then addiction to mobile phones can be a disadvantage. But apart from its disadvantages, it has more advantages.

Which is the flagship mobile phone of 2022?

The flagship mobile phone of 2022 is the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max. This mobile phone is known for its high tech camera, processor, display and excellent security.

Some interesting facts related to mobile phones

1.) Ericsson’s GS88 “Penelope” was launched in the year 1997 in the mobile phone category, which was the world’s first smartphone.

2.) Once upon a time Nokia phones used to be more famous in mobile phones. And the phone of this Nokia company, Nokia 1100 became the handset which was the world’s best selling mobile phone.

3.) The number of mobile phones in Africa is much more than the electricity and water connections there.

4,) The year 2015 was the year in which more people died taking selfies from mobile phones than shark attacks.

5.) The name of the world’s most expensive mobile phone is Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond. Or the mobile phone is of the iPhone 6 brand, for which 18 carat gold has been used. Its value is said to be 95.5 million dollars.

Today we have learned about Who invented the mobile phone in this article, we hope that through this article you have got the answers to all your questions, after that you will not need another article. Comment if you have any question.

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FAQ : Related to Who invented the mobile phone

How many people use mobile phones around the world?

According to the data of GSMA Intelligence, the number of mobile phone users worldwide is 53.1 million.

What was the first phone with internet?

The world’s first mobile phone to provide internet connectivity was the Nokia 9000 Communicator, which was launched in Finland in the year 1996.

What was the first camera phone?

The first camera phone was the Yocera Visual Phone VP-210 which was released in Japan on May 1999.

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