150+ Life Quotes in English – लाइफ कोट्स

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Life Quotes in English : Human life is full of adventure in which where there is sorrow there is also happinesss, although these are two important aspects of nature which do not always remain the same. But man can bring a different joy & enthusiasm in his life by adopting his positive feelings and thoughts. In order to move forward with positivity and show the way in life, I have brought you Life Quotes in English in this article which will help you.

Life Quotes in English
Life Quotes in English

Over time, as we grow older, we have to change the way we thinking, understand and make decisions. Because the journey of life is note as easy as we understand, but as our perspectives develop, we understand it better. And these 150+ Life Quotes will help you to improve your attitude further.

These Life Quotes in English 2022 will make you strong from inside to fight the most difficult situations, will take you to your destination and will help you to get out of your every difficulty.

Life Quotes in English
Life Quotes in English

Life Quotes in English


“One thing is common in life and
swimming, if you swim, then it is midway if not across.”


Open my wings, Parinda says, there is
still more flight left, the
ground is not my destination,
the whole sky is still left.


Take advantage of every opportunity in life,
but not of anyone’s compulsion,
if life gives a chance,
it also cheats.


Responsibility is the best medicine in the world,
drink it once, sir,
it will not let you get tired for the rest of your life.


We should immediately change the negative thinking in our life ,
when your thinking is positive,
then only you will start getting success.


“What is the dilemma of the farmer, he still prays for rain when the roof is leaking .”


Learn the skill of trusting yourself. No matter how reliable the support
is, one day they leave together !!


Controlling oneself is a sign of a mature person;
Losing control over yourself prematurely is a sign of immaturity.


The pin that holds the papers together pricks the papers, in the
same way the family is also pricked by the same person who holds the family together.


There is no harm in flying, you should also fly..
but only from where the ground is clearly visible.


“Pain occurs when one feels a stumbling block,
otherwise only the blood of others is visible and not pain.”

sad life quotes in english


“Sometimes we unknowingly put our feet on time, that’s
why life falls on our face.”


“People say that life has been given to live according to their own accord,
but the same people go to live according to someone else’s as soon as the morning comes.”


It is fun to be strong only
when the whole world is bent on weakening.


If you ever fear anything in life,
then never let it dominate you,
but attack it and destroy it.
•——————•°•✿•°•—————— •

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Life comes once is wrong,
only death comes once,
life comes every day.


We should never think about the past in life,
should we be worried about tomorrow, thinking about
what is today, we should be happy in that moment…..


If someone breaks , learn to decorate it,
if someone gets angry, learn to celebrate it,
relationships are met by fate,
just learn to handle them beautifully.


Change what can be changed, accept what
cannot be changed, and get away from what
cannot be accepted , but keep yourself happy, that is also a big responsibility. •——••——•


Man is a shop and his tongue is his lock.. When the lock is opened,
it is known whether the shop is of gold or coal…


Believe that the one who has forgotten you will also remember,
just let the days of his meaning come..


“I have seen people who live in accounts become unaccounted for,
I have seen people not changing but disguised.”

best life quotes in english


Two horses run in the human mind, one negative and the other positive;
The one who will win in these will get more dose.


A great mind discusses ideas, an
average mind discusses events and
a small mind discusses people….


All quarrels in life are about desires,
neither one wants sorrow nor anyone wants less!


“I remember every single word of the chapter that circumstances have taught .”


tell your secrets to any other person in life,
because it can become a big problem for you.


“Last night life came in my dream and said,
how long will it last, now follow yourself after someone else.”


“Nowadays everyone keeps saying that I don’t get time, I do
n’t understand whether time is busy or man.”


Respect does not belong to a person, it is
needed; When the need is over, then the respect is over.


Didn’t think that the time would come like this,
everyone would have free time, but no one would be able to get it.

Best Life Quotes in English


One should not expect from anyone in life,
which man does not deceive,
but his expectations
which he places on others, deceives them.


Remember only one lesson throughout the life, just keep
the goal clear in friendship and prayer..


As long as any work in life seems difficult,
until you do not take your step to do it..

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The person who says that
I have never made a mistake in life,
then understand that that person has
never tried anything new.


“Looking for some peace, I am very happy with what life has given.”


“Somehow, I made my life easier,
forgave someone and apologized to someone.”


Intelligent is not the one
who tops the school,
Intelligent is the one
who tops in life.


Life is passing through the times of trials,
one does not heal
and the other insists on coming.


Got life to be useful to someone,
but time is being spent ,
to earn pieces of paper.


Whenever your spirits will go up to the sky,
remember that someone or the other will definitely come to cut your wings.


Let’s assume for a moment that the
decisions written in fate do not change,
but if you take decisions,
do you know that fate will change.


Qualified people neither
suppress nor suppress anyone,
they also know how to answer, but they keep silent thinking about
who throws stones in the mud . •——••——•


Just like this , life,
there were many complaints from your journey,
when the pain came to bring pain,
there were many queues.


As long as you earn in your life,
until the expensive things start looking cheap.


It is also good to fall in life,
it shows the position,
when the hands rise to lift,
then the loved ones are known..


The hardest thing in the world is
to find loved ones in your loved ones…


Standing on the bank of a river does not cross the river,
you have to go inside it to cross it.


Life doesn’t change in
a minute, but a decision taken in a minute
changes life.


“Life has been limited to keywords,
it seems that life is hard at a crossroads,
I did not know when I was asking myself,
life is being cut at the behest of someone else.”


If you love and
get it, then
it is called luck,
if you love the one who is not in luck, then
it is called love.


The mistake is made by the one who works hard,
the life of the useless ends in finding the evil of others.


No matter how intelligently you speak your words, but
the listener interprets it according to his ability and the thoughts of his mind.


Do not be arrogant, sir, many Alexanders drowned in the ocean of time!

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The purchase of a lie does not last long, the truth is only right, supports till the end.


Relationships are where the buyers are.


When a sensible person stops maintaining a relationship, then understand
that his self-esteem has been hurt somewhere..!


What is the use of that height…
Man rises and humanity falls.


Open my wings, Parinda says, there is
still more flight left, the
ground is not my destination,
the whole sky is still left.

Deep Reality Life Quotes In English


If money and relationship
have to be given importance to one,
then saving the relationship,
money will keep on coming.


To win, you need persistence, to
lose, one fear is enough.


No one can beat the person who fights with himself for his mistakes .

life quotes in english one line


People say that do not be so friendly,
that friendship should ride on the heart,
we say that friendship should be so much,
that the enemy should also fall in love with you.


A beautiful face also gets old, a strong body becomes one day the
position and status also ends one day..But a good person always remains a good person
•———————•°•✿•° •——————•


Don’t make fun of a person’s future by looking at today,
because time has so much power that it slowly turns coal into diamond.


When time decides, witnesses are not needed..


Don’t deceive someone and think how stupid he is,
think how much he had trust in you.


It is so strange that people refer to Seerat after seeing the face,
if this is true, then tell me who says after seeing the peacock that it eats snakes.


I will lie as many times as you ask for our well being,
because I don’t know how to see you sad.


Never be proud of time and luck, morning
belongs to those whom no one even remembers.


“Just such a thing broke the sea,
how did a paper boat sail on me…


Only those people care about you,
who can hear you even when you are silent.


Knowing that there were many people in the city to do everything for me, I came out of there silently.


If ever bad thoughts come for life,
always remember one thing,
the life you are living will also be
like a dream for someone.


Something like this has happened on Sunday too, the
holiday is visible,
but there is no peace.


Our life is clever.


If you want to do something different, then move away from the crowd, the
crowd gives courage, but takes away the identity.


What a strange thing even water is,
the sight comes in the eyes of
those whose fields are dry.


Life is not a puzzle, it is a SAFAR,
if you understand then it is fine otherwise it is very SUFFER.


The storms of sorrow blow, the tears rain.
Just like this life has day and night.


No matter how strong the sun is, the
sea cannot dry up.
Similarly, the ocean of hope can
not be emptied by a single defeat.


Don’t know what phase of life it is, people
are silent,
and there is so much noise online.

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Somebody asked God who is closest to you!
God said that the person who has
the power to take revenge and still forgives.


Earthen pot and family value!
Only the creator knows, not the destroyer.


There is only one difference between a dream and a goal!
Dreams require sleep without effort and
goals require effortless sleep.


If you are looking for that person who
will change your life!
So you look at yourself in the mirror.


Time is the most precious gift in the world,
which I just want to give to my life.


I am incomplete in life, but I am not looking for any whole.
I am with myself, no one is looking for anyone else now.


Treat people well while rising high in life
Because if you come down again then
you will have to face these people.


Do n’t know how it tests
me, my God
takes the exam too hard,
and doesn’t even let me lose.


Whether you are in my life or not, you are my life.


If your love is beautiful, then
your face will not matter.


Keep this in mind in life,
don’t forget the present in the future.


One who is knowledgeable can be explained, one who is ignorant can also be explained,
but one who is arrogant, no one can explain him, only time can explain him.


The series of misunderstandings is so interesting nowadays that,
every brick thinks that the wall rests on me..

positive life quotes in english


It is a matter of culture and respect… otherwise,
the person who can hear can also hear


There is neither delay nor darkness… of your deeds, this is all a turn.


Whenever we tolerate everything by remaining silent, then the world feels good;
Tell the truth once in a while, then the worst starts to appear.


Be ready every moment because life is full of opportunities.


It’s never too late to get a second chance in life, you just have to be ready.


Loneliness is beautiful, you just have someone to tell it.


Be a lion, don’t worry about the throne, the throne will become
where you sit . •——••——•


Where do the paths end,
in the journey of life, the destination is
the same,
where the desires stop.


Tied with expectations,
there is a stubborn bird, a person
who is also injured by expectations,
and alive also on expectations.

Real Life Quotes in English


Here there is no bread, hope
keeps everyone alive,
those who sleep on the streets, have
dreams on their heads.


Do not doubt my courage,
I weave my dream,
by joining the broken threads..!


You have to fly.
Even if you have to fall many times, you have
to fulfill your dreams,
even if you have to fight with yourself.


He collects all the troubles of the house
like toys, the
father cannot show tears,
so he cries in secret.


Storms also have to come in life,
then it is known that
“who” runs away by freeing his hands
and “who” by holding hands.


What we want in life, it is not easy to get,
but the truth of life is that we also want what is not easy.


It is not even that easy, to
live our life,
many people start knocking,
when we start living ourselves.


Don’t mix
my personality and my behavior.. because my personality is me and my behavior depends on you..!!


It is life to celebrate the upset, it is life to make others laugh.
If someone is happy by winning then what happens, even after losing everything, smiling is life.


Without crying, even onions are not cut, this is life, how will it be cut like this.


The most suffering in life gives happiness.

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We can fool anyone at any time but never the parents.


Never mind the wedding meal,
a father earns for years for one day’s feast.


If people do evil to you, no one
is hurting you when people start believing in your evil.


It is true that the secret of the car of life, it never stops,
and if it stops, then it is not made again.


Until something is done!
Until then it seems impossible.


The studies that are causing you pain today
; If you keep on bearing this pain
; So tomorrow this pain
will become your biggest strength.


The importance of books has
its place, sir,
everyone remembers
what time and people teach.


Some cried in the desire of happiness,
some cried in the shelter of sorrows,
this is a strange story of “life”
Some cried for trust,
some cried with confidence.


It is very difficult that moment,
when you are breaking down and smiling
becomes your compulsion.


Life tries the one
who knows how to walk in every mode
, everyone smiles after getting something,
life belongs to the one who
knows how to smile even after losing everything.


Don’t put so much pressure on your existence,
it is death that is giving you time..!

life quotes in english 2 line


The whole life passed just like in the trumpets of relationships… The relations of
the mind turned out to be firm, the rest got torn apart in the raw stitching!!


I don’t know how many relationships have been ended, this illusion that I am right, only I am right!


Your style of living should be such that people take inspiration from you. To live not to lose anything!


Amazing taunt, God in the temple today,
you come only to ask, come to meet me anytime.


The more valuable the trust, the more costly the
deception becomes.

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precious thoughts on life


Roads never end, just people lose their courage.
If you want to learn to swim, then you have to get into the water, like this one
does not become a diver by sitting on the shore.


A river cuts a mountain, but
not by its own strength.
Rather than the constant efforts made by him.


Never think that you are alone
, rather think that you alone
are enough.


It’s very easy to beat someone!
But it is very difficult to win someone.


We only know what we are,
people can only guess about us


Keep that arrow of effort alive in the quiver of courage,
lose it no matter what in life, but keep the hope
of winning again . •——••——•


Sleep blows away some responsibilities of the house at night!
Not everyone who wakes up at night is a lover.


Standing under someone’s shadow
does not make one’s own image, one has to stand in the harsh sun to
make one’s own shadow. •——••——•


Those which are heated in the furnace of experience,
the same coins run in the world’s market.

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After all, why are the streets of relationships so tight,
the matter is closed by thinking of who should start.


Until you win, no one will be interested in
so first show the world as much as you can.


Remember, no work will be completed without hindrance,
success kisses the feet of those people
who try till the end.


There are strange kind of people in this world,
buy incense sticks for God and decide the fragrance of their choice.


Have to go very far just to know who is near..


Everywhere in life we ​​want to win..Only the florist’s shop is like this,
where we say that we should lose..Because we can’t win from the magnanimous
•——————•°•✿•°•———— ———•


Lightly increasing facial lines; It seems, ignorance and experience are being divided..


Some people are so quick to reach heights that they
prefer to hold the feet of older people instead of holding hands of younger people.


Treat people well while rising high in life
Because if you come down again then
you will have to face these people.


Do n’t know how it tests
me, my God
takes the exam too hard,
and doesn’t even let me lose.


Where do the paths end,
in the journey of life, the destination is
the same,
where the desires stop.


Tied with expectations,
there is a stubborn bird, a person
who is also injured by expectations,
and alive also on expectations.


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