Awesome 50 Interesting facts about India

Awesome 50 Most Interesting facts about India

You know that the country is changing, it is moving fast on the path of progress. At the same time, the wave of change has also raged. In such a situation, many people just like to abuse the system. Just say that when it comes to the country, the thinking of most of the people is negative.


There are many who abuse the system of the country while sitting at home, shop or standing at the paan or tea stall on the roadside. To be honest, nothing is going to happen by abusing. A positive mindset has to be developed, because only then you will be able to contribute to the progress of the country.

This positive thinking will come by turning the pages of our country’s history. Along with the black chapters, there are many such chapters which should become the pride of the country. Which we can be proud of. In order to develop a positive mindset for the country, we are placing 40 facts about the country, about which you probably did not know. Or maybe after knowing this fact your senses will fly away.

Today in this post we have been told about interesting facts about India. :-

The name ‘Hindustan‘: – The name ‘Hindustan’ is formed by combining Sindhu and Hindu, which is in reference to the land of Hindus. The official Sanskrit name of Hindustan is ‘Republic of India’. Which today people call only ‘Bharat’.
Origin of the name ‘India’:- The name ‘India’ is derived from the river Indus, which used to flow in the valleys of the Indus Valley.
How big is India: – India is at number seven in the list of countries with the largest size in the world.
Snake & Ladder Game:- Snake & Ladder game was prepared by the poet saint Gyan Dev in the thirteenth century. It was originally called Mokshapat. In this game the stairs represented the blessings while the snakes represented the demerits. This game was played with shells and dice. Later on, many changes were made in this game, but its meaning remained the same i.e. good deeds take people to heaven while bad deeds put them in the cycle of birth again.
Jantar Mantar: Built in 1724 by Sawai Raja Jai ​​Singh in Jaipur, Jantar Mantar is the largest stone-built observatory in the world.
Bhaskaracharya:- Bhaskaracharya had calculated the exact time taken by the earth to revolve around the sun several hundred years before the astronomy. According to his calculations, the Earth takes 365.2587568484 days to revolve around the Sun.
University:- India’s first university Takshila was opened in 700 BC, from which thousands of students studied spread the fragrance of the country to every corner of the world.
Largest postal system: – Only India has the world’s largest postal system.
Varanasi:- The holy city of the country, Varanasi is the oldest city in the world.
Oldest Civilization: – India’s civilization is the oldest in the world, even many of the world’s oldest places and buildings are in India. The ancient kingdoms of India predate Egypt and Mesopotamia.
Largest Film Industry: The world’s largest film industry is in India. More films are made in Bollywood, films are also produced in many other studios of the country.
Creation of Zero:- India gave the concept of ‘Zero’, the most important number in mathematics, to the world.
Largest Montessori School:- India has the largest Montessori school in the world. That is City Montessori School of Lucknow, in which the number of students is about 26000.
Largest export of Banana:- India is the largest exporter of Banana in the world. In second place is Brazil.
Milk production:- India is the largest producer of milk in the world.
16) Vegetarian:-

India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world.

17) Highest mountain ranges:-

It is located in the Himalayas of India. Apart from this, mountain ranges are spread over about 1500 miles, which are up to 23,600 feet high.

18) Most devotees:-

The Vishnu temple in Tirupati is the only temple in the world where the maximum number of devotees visit. Devotees also come here from the Vatican and Mecca.

19) Religious Collection:-

After every 12 years Kumbh Mela is organized in Allahabad. Kumbh Mela is the only fair in the world where maximum number of people come in the name of religion.

20) Brihadeshwara Temple:-

Brihadeshwara Temple is the largest temple in the world with the biggest idol of Nandi, the ride of Lord Shiva. His height which remains in the space of 13 feet. This temple was built several thousand years ago.

21) Highest ground :-

The world’s highest cricket stadium is in Himachal Pradesh. This stadium is built 24 thousand meters above sea level.

22) India was the only source of diamonds :-

Till 1896, India was the only source of diamonds and in modern times India ranks third among the largest consumer countries of diamonds. The US and Japan are in first and second place respectively.

23) Largest Democracy :-

India has the largest democracy in the world. India has the largest number of voters and India is also at the forefront in terms of election expenses.

24) India at the forefront in buying gold:-

India is at the forefront of buying gold in the world. Gold is considered to be the most important part of Indian culture, whether as a gift or to be used in a wedding ceremony.

25) Different Ideologies:-

India is the only country where people of different religions live together. Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism were all born in India.

26) Hindu:-

There are more people of Hindu religion in India. Most of the festivals and holidays are celebrated in India.

27) Born in India itself :-

This unique game of snakes and ladders also originated in our India. Behind this game is hidden the education of good and bad.

28) Ludo :-

Pachisi was born in India in the 6th century. You will be surprised to know that the evidence of the picture of this game is still present in the caves of Ajanta. This game was very much liked by the Mughal emperors of India.

29) Mathematics:-

Indians have made significant contributions to trigonometry, calculus and algebra. The decimal system was invented in India itself in 100 BC.

30) Medical Progress:-

The surgery was performed by Sushruta about 2,600 years ago in India. He has developed Ayurveda and created a record of many complex surgeries and operations.

31) Big Business :-

Vinod Khosla, co-founder of Sun Microsystems and Rajeev Gupta is the GM of Hewlett-Packard. There are many such companies which are founded or run by Indians themselves.

32) 12% of scientists in America are Indian and 36% of scientists in NASA are Indian.

33) Ayurveda is the earliest medical branch known to mankind. Charaka, who is considered the father of this branch of science, consolidated Ayurveda 2500 years ago.

34) 22 thousand tonnes of mint oil is produced in the world, out of which 19 thousand tonnes of oil is extracted in India alone.

35) The value of ‘Pi’ was first discovered in the world, in the 6th century, by the Indian mathematician Budhayana.

36) Out of more than 1,000 orchid species found in India, more than 600 are found in Arunachal Pradesh alone.

38) 38% of doctors in America are Indian.

39) The father of Kung Fu was an Indian Buddhist monk named Tatmoha or Bodhidharma who migrated from India to China around 500 AD.

40) India sells software to 90 countries.

41) Indian Railways is the largest organization in the world based on the number of employees, in which more than 16 lakh employees work.

42) Jaisalmer Fort is the only unique fort in the world in which about 25 percent of the city’s population has made its home.

43) India is the largest producer and consumer of tea in the world. Here 30% of the world’s tea is produced, out of which 25% is used.

44) Lotus flower has the distinction of being the national flower of Vietnam as well as India.

45) The number of monkeys in India is 5 crore.

46) Pentium chip was invented by ‘Vinod Dham’. (Today 90% of the world’s computers run on this)

47) 34% of Microsoft employees, 28% of IBM and 17% of Intel employees are Indians.

48) Chess was discovered in India.

49) More than 26,000 computer engineers work in more than 2,500 software companies in Bangalore, India.

50) Sabeer Bhatia created Hotmail. (Hotmail is the world’s No.1 email program)

We told you about the interesting facts about India. Which is very special which we can be proud of. Well, there is such a thing that makes our country special.

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