Top 10 Educational Blogs For Educators And Teachers

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Education is the future of children, today we have brought India’s top 10 educational blogs, in which some blogs are for children and some are for youth.

Top 10 Educational Blogs For Educators And Teachers
Top 10 Educational Blogs For Educators And Teachers

No#1. Aakash Digital Blog

On this blog, in the education field, preparation is done for engineering, medical and schools exams. This blog not only tells you the tips of preparation, along with it the method of reading and writing is also shared with you.

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It tells you the mistakes that you often make while preparing for the exam.

No#2. India Education Diary

Online education, education news, exam, scholarship, and exam dates and results are posted on this blog. This is India’s famous education portal blog.

It also publishes education news of every state. On this, both national and international news related to education are updated.

Events held in different colleges and universities are also shared here. 

No#3. Educationhint

This blog acts like an education assistant, guiding you on what you will need to do. This blog is a virtual assistant that can get you National and International Scholarships, in India – Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and International – UK, USA, Canada etc.

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Educational tips for children are also shared on this blog, which is for children of 5 to 12 years.

No#4. Careerniti

This blog is for those who have knowledge in education field but do not know what they want to do.

On this blog, we publish articles about basic computer, journal knowledge and many sectors in MNC field like banking, IIIT, software service

It gives you knowledge about growing your skill and achieving success in it, you will also be told how to implement it.

No#5. Ritusacademy

On this academy blog you will find tips and tricks to prepare for the exam. On this, the purpose of this blog is to help the students for the preparation of exams like DSSSB, REET, MPTET, UPTET etc.

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Along with this, questions asked in railway recruitment and current affairs are also inserted. Nowadays it is not so easy to pass in the exam, for this you will need to work hard.

No#6. Financetrain

This blog is specially for CSC exam preparation. Articles are published on not one, not two, not three but many topics related to education.

Like Career Management, Risk Management, Accounting, Equity Market, Case Studies, Data Science and many more. Here tells you the CFF exam from level-1 to the end. 

The guide on this blog helps you a lot in understanding it.

No#7. answerchacha

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All kinds of information related to education are published on this blog such as results, admit cards, jobs, exams, journal knowledge, educational knowledge and posts are also posted on educational events.

The purpose of which is to keep the student updated in education. On this, information related to education is put from older children to younger children. Articles are posted in every category in General Knowledge on this blog.

No#8. Gyanone

Rishabh Gupta ji prepares for MBA and MIM on this blog. He also advises you which career is right for you. Rishabh ji is an expert in removing all the difficulties in MBA.

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No#9. Hindipool

This education blog is especially for children, on this blog for children, many articles related to Poem, Story and Essay are published, which are taught in their class and examination.

There are many posts available on this related to festival and general knowledge. This blog is for 1 to 8 year old kids. Which makes their learning strong.

No#10. Hindiscope

You will find many posts related to many poems, kid stories and history, Hindi grammar, Hindi essay, journal knowledge on this blog.

If you want to teach quantities to kids then this blog will help you to teach that too.

Conclusion : Today we have seen the list of 10 best educational blogs in India which share tips for students and tell their mistakes which they do.

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