Foot Pain: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

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In this post we are going to tell you in details about Foot Pain Symptoms, prevention and treatment due to pain in the feet.

In the previous blog, we told you about back pain, but there is another pain similar to back pain. Which is spreading very fast nowadays. And this is a pain occurring in almost every other human being. Yes we are talking. Regarding foot pain, the way other diseases occur in our body.

Foot Pain: Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment in details

In the same way, having pain in our foot is also a very dangerous problem. This problem hinders the patient in walking, getting up, sitting and working. So in this blog, we are going to tell you in detail about the symptoms, prevention and treatment etc. due to pain in the foot.

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Reason Of Foot Pain

Foot Pain Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

By the way, it is a common thing to have pain in our foot. But if a person has pain for a long time. Then it makes the life of that person haram. Because of this pain, the patient starts having difficulty in walking, getting up, sitting, working and even sleeping straight. 

Pain in the foot is due to the lack of calcium and excess of phosphorus in our body. If the balance of these two things gets disturbed in any human body.

Although the pain in our foot can be due to many other reasons as well. But behind the pain in the foot of most of the people, the disturbance of these two things is found. If a person has pain in his foot. 

Then that person should take treatment of this problem in the early days because after a long time this pain can spread to other parts of your body as well. But here you definitely need to pay attention to this. That foot pain is a separate problem. While knee pain is a different problem.

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Cause of Foot Pain

If we talk about the causes of foot pain in a person, then as we told you above, behind the occurrence of this problem, calcium deficiency and excess of phosphorus are found in our body. But apart from this, there can be many other reasons for this problem such as uncontrollable increase in our body weight, weakness of our knees, stretching and twisting of our leg muscles,

weakening of bones of our body, Constipation in the muscles of the legs, Weakness of the leg muscles, Lack of blood in the body, Injury on the top of the legs, Our foot get buried under some heavy weighted object, Sitting at one place all day Due to this problem, the presence of any other dangerous disease in the body, the patient being a victim of malnutrition, etc.

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Symptom of Foot Pain

Foot Pain Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

If we talk about the symptoms of pain in our foot, then it is not so at all. That due to this problem there will be pain only in the foot because it is such a problem. Before which some symptoms start appearing in your body, which you can easily identify, such as weakening of the muscles of the body, becoming completely loose, lack of blood in the body, other diseases in the body like fever, jaundice, etc.

There is a problem of dizziness and fainting while walking, the patient has mild leg pain in the beginning and later there is severe pain, the patient has difficulty in walking, getting up and sitting, the patient has difficulty in lying straight, the patient creaking of bones due to lack of calcium in the body

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Pain in the patient’s legs all the time, pain in the patient increases in cold weather, pain due to injury on the patient’s leg, tearing of the muscles of the patient’s leg and muscles of Ogi, flexion in the patient’s leg Sprain, Swelling of the patient’s leg, Sudden red-blue color due to the patient’s leg,

Dryness of the patient’s leg, Patient’s ability to lift heavy weight, Arthritis, When the pain increases, the patient walks with the help of a stick. , The patient has trouble while climbing the stairs, not being able to stand suddenly after sitting at one place, the patient’s foot falling asleep etc. are symptoms of the problem.

Rescue Of Foot Pain

Foot Pain Symptoms, Prevention, and Treatment

If the problem of pain starts arising in the foot of a person. That person should take care of some such things which can be beneficial for him. And taking care of these things on time can save the patient from this problem. As

  • You should get your body’s calcium and phosphorus levels checked as soon as you have pain in your foot.
  • You should immediately seek treatment from a good doctor as soon as you have an injury on the top of your foot.
  • You should not put too much pressure on your foot
  • You should keep your body weight under control
  • You should consume more and more green vegetables and fruits etc.
  • You should consume proper amount of milk, curd, ghee, eggs, dry fruits etc.
  • You should not consume things like alcohol bidi cigarette tobacco
  • You should wear comfortable sandal shoes on your foot
  • You should not keep your legs folded for a long time
  • You should massage your muscles as soon as possible
  • You should do light exercise and pranayama etc. every morning.
  • You should not work sitting in one place for a long time
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Remedy Of Foot Pain

If a person has mild pain in his foot. Then that person can get relief from this pain by using some household things. As

  • If you have an internal injury to your foot. then you should ice your feet
  • If you have pain in your foot, you should add salt to warm water and do a good massage.
  • You should massage hot oil on your foot when you have pain in your feet
  • If you have pain in your foot, you should drink turmeric mixed with milk, after doing this for some time, the pain in your feet disappears.
  • You should apply balm on your foot when you have pain in your feet
  • You see the problem of pain in your foot, you should start exercising your feet.
Apart from this, you will find many other such Ayurvedic medicines and herbs, by which you can reduce the pain of your foot, but before using any kind of medicinal herb, you must consult a doctor, but if a person's feet I am having severe pain for a long time. So that person should get his body tests etc. done and take medicines from a good doctor.

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