Life skills to teach your child – (2023)

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Life skills to teach your child: Having children in the house means a big responsibility, as well as children are also the source of happiness. Baby talks, walks, laughs, eats food with his hands, everything is like a festival. The whole house becomes a kid with the kids.

Life skills to teach your child | Life Skills You Should Be Teaching Your Kids

The child’s mother and father are always busy thinking whether we are able to give all those things to our child, which other parents are giving. Parents help children to learn new things. Teach him to walk when he is one year old, then teach him to speak, eat food and many more things. As the children grow up a little, a battle starts – studies, teacher, school, friends, test, exams

Do children handle themselves in all this? While teaching a,b,c,d and 1,2,3,4, do we also teach children to be mentally and physically strong? In this world full of competition, do we forget to teach some important things to the children? It’s not too late yet. 

In this article, you will see that at what age children should be taught which Life Skills so that the child can fearlessly face every easy and difficult phase of life and lead a successful life.

First 2 to 5 Years (Toddler)

Life skills to teach your child
Life skills to teach your child

Politeness (speaking politely)
In the second year of age, children learn to speak a lot. The most important thing is that I myself always talk politely to the children. Children mostly learn the habits of adults.
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Thank you, please, can I get this?, can I have this? It is important to learn how to use these words and questions. These are the formation years for the children and the children also learn quickly.

Patience (restraint)
It is often seen that nowadays both parents work at home. Children are given less time in this. If the situation at home is also financially sound, then it happens that whatever and whenever the child asks for, the parents give him that thing immediately. 

Sometimes there is also the guilt of not giving time to the children. But this makes children stubborn and inpatient. One has to wait for something, or one has to work hard to get it, it is necessary to give the children a feeling of these things.
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Children should learn self-control as early as possible. The use of these good habits is fruitful throughout life.

Life skills to teach your child
Life skills to teach your child

Sharing is caring (whatever you get together)
in today’s nuclear families , many times there is only one child. Whatever is there in the house, everything belongs to him, it is for him. From the food to the room, even the toys belong to only one child who asserts his right over them. That’s why children become very possessive of everything they own. 

Even if someone touches him, he behaves aggressively . He and everyone around him are troubled by this. In school, all this increases even more.

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That’s why it should be explained to the children from the beginning that everything should be shared. Let’s start with mother and father. Even if it is not needed, take out a part of her chocolate for mother or grandparents, this habit should be kept.

age 6 to 13 years

Life skills to teach your child
Life skills to teach your child

Self-discipline (self-discipline)
At this age, children start the most important festival of their life, and that is education. When school starts, children have to do their work with discipline within a time limit. If this discipline is started from home, then the performance of the children outside the school is seen more blossoming. 

During this age itself, if children are given information about necessary habits and a fixed time for everything, then they pick up quickly . Discipline plays an important role in the success of lifeThe sooner you experience it and know about its benefits, the better it is for success.

Importance of Social life (Importance of social life)
As soon as our children grow up, theyshould learnthe importance of friends and how to maintain friendship . Man is essentially a social animal. We can share good and bad experiences with friends . You can learn many new things from them. 

Being with them and supporting them should be a part of life. The country we live in, our neighbors are also part of our family. It is important for children to understand that they should treat all adults with respect. Try to understand your little children.

age 14 to 18 years

Life skills to teach your child
Life skills to teach your child

When children enter teenage ,there are many important changes in them. Their energy level is very high. They have curiosity and a new perspective to explore the world. In all of these, he is most afraid of going astray. At this age, the demands of children also become big. 

Unconditionally meeting those demands can make children lazy and parents dependent. At this age, children should do their own work, arrange their needs by themselves. He definitely kept givingfinancial help and guidance to the parents .

Knowing responsibilities (Understanding responsibilities)
It is very important for a teenager to understand his responsibilities. It is the duty of the parents , that they keep giving proper information about good and bad things to their teenager . Along with this, make them realize their responsibilities towards the family and towards this society.

Money management (financial management)
Children are financially completely dependent on their parents. But it is necessary to inform them about the value of money and their usage days. Every penny that is spent in the house, it is important to know from where and how it comes and to have a feeling about it.

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All parents should keep this in mind that the definition of success in life is not just a high salary job, or huge profit in business , bungalow, car, foreign trip. Being a responsible citizen, supporting goodness, raising voice against injustice, helping the poor is also a success in life.