How to Extract Text From Image (9 full-Fledged Tools)

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Extracting text from the images can be a challenging task, especially if you people don’t have an idea about the right OCR tool.

Thanks to image to text converter sources that uses OCR to turn image characters and text into digital file format that easy to read. 

In this informative context, we are going to reveal the best image to text converters with unique features that lets you extract text from image.

Keep reading and explore one-by-one to make text extraction without any hassle.

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What Is an Image to Text Converter?

Extract Text From Image

An image to text converter or text extractor is a tool that functions to transform image data into text format. It is the best way for analyzing the text that is packed within your images and transforming it into proper textual form.

You can find that image text converter is capable of converting the handwritten, typed, or printed text data of the image into a text document. You can now easily extract text from image online with the swift and free assistance of the card scanner, which is 100% free to process OCR solutions. 

When Do You Need to Extract Text from Image?

Extract Text From Image

Extracting text from an image takes place when you people are not able to read (understand( the text from an image or if the text is loaded with another language that is hard to understand.

If you have any photo that is packed with text and its quality is not so good, then simply extract text from image and fetch it for understanding.

Well, there’s innumerable other reasons where you have to pull text from existing photos, no matter what you have, the below-mentioned tools assists you in a great way.

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Top Image to Text Converter Sources:

Keep reading!

Extract Text From Image

Git Mind

It is referred to as an online mind-mapping app that doubles as an best photo to text converter. The amazing thing is that it is platform-independent and even lets you proceed on mobile devices.

Users can make a couple of clicks to extract text from image or paper documents and store it into mind maps with high Optical Character Recognition accuracy. All the characters within a document or images are easily recognized for better outcomes. 


  • Swift OCR and accurate scanning
  • Optimal image to text extraction
  • Online accessibility


  • Just couple of clicks lets you turn image into text file
  • No huge effort indulges while pulling text from pictures
  • Scan and recognizes every single characters from the images

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Card Scanner

This online web-based application proceeds more than any traditional card scanning features. Yes, there you can find ultimate options for OCR scanning, you simply have to drag and drop the images and let this program extract text from image online.

Also, you can simply install a business card scanner on your Android or iOS device for digitizing your paper business cards without any layout distortion. 

The great thing is that all the image to text extraction with this online OCR solution is pretty simple, no sign up required and even installation takes place.

Just navigate to this online OCR tool and start fetching text from any type of images including jpg, jpeg, png, jfif, etc and even from the existing PDF documents


  • Precise results even for complicated and other language images
  • Simple UI
  • 100% free OCR solution with a wide array of online converters


  • Drag and drop of images lets you extract text from images without compromising over the quality and formatting
  • No huge manual intervention for extracting text from photos
  • Extract every single element or characters from your images

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Photo Scan

If you’re seeking a versatile tool for scanning and transforming photos into text format that works free, then you have to fetch this Photo Scan program. Despite extracting text from the images, this handy tool lets you proceed with QR code scanning.

You simply have to navigate with a simple webcam to scan your existing images. The only downside of this program is that it only available for Windows via the Microsoft Store. 


  • Free program on Microsoft Store
  • Loaded with free QR Code Scanner
  • Image text extraction for free


  • Fetch Photo Scan from MS Store for free of cost
  • Full-fledged scanning of QR code without any hassle
  • No huge intervention indulges while scanning and converting images to text

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Easy Screen OCR

No matter whether you’re using computers and mobile browsers, this image to text extractor powered by Google performs efficiently.

The upside is that it is a cloud-based image text conversion source, this means it does not consume your local storage space while making file transformation.

In addition to that, it never compromises over the quality and layout of the text while transforming image into text format.


  • Cloud-based program
  • Powered by Google Systems
  • Recognize and extracting text from 100 plus languages


  • Entertains you with satisfactory results regarding OCR
  • Extract text from image with OCR powered by Google
  • Multi-lingual support for free of cost

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Extract Text From Image


It is indicated as the most simplest tool with OCR that properly lets users extract text from image files. You can find that this is a well-known application around the market that is highly compatible with the WIndows-based Operating System (OS).

Basically, this is a proper OCR processing app that you will not require to install while proceeding with text extraction. 

The most appealing reason for adding this photo to a text scanner or extractor is that it lets users select the characters from your image that they especially like.

Its interface is very easy to navigate, you don’t have to be stuck with duanting steps to make conversion from images to text files. 


  • Desktop-based application
  • Character selection 
  • Launch file easily


  • Full-fledged OCR-based app
  • In addition to extract text from image, this app lets you make a selection for the characters from your desired image
  • Launch images and start making OCR text extraction swiftly

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Office Lens

You can now convert an image to text anytime or anywhere you want on both Android and iOS devices by using Office Lens.

Keep in mind that it is loaded with all well-known capabilities of a full-fledged image to text converter. Despite that all, it is referred to as the most lightweight application because it does not consume huge space on your device. 

The most appealing thing is that this OCR solution is available on phones, which means you are simply required to open your phone’s camera and start with capturing the image from which you want to extract the text.

This clearly reveals that the image to text conversion tool will automatically improve as the phone’s camera gets advanced. 


  • OCR-based application for scanning and recognizing text from image
  • Packed with minimal storage space
  • Process camera-based transformation


  • Full-fledged OCR application that works at a great extent of level on all platforms
  • Requires a bit storage space 
  • Use your phone’s camera to extract text from image

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Adobe Scan

This is another source that is indicated as the best photo text scanner and affiliated with the Adobe company.

You can extract text from image or scanned documents on both iOS and Android, this means mobile users can make conversions without any hassle. 

In addition to that, this OCR-based tool takes minimal effort to extract clear and accurate photos in certain languages. If we are considering its performance, it processes transformation efficiently and provides you with best output quality.

It is one of the superb image to text conversion utilities around the market that lets you copy text from existing images precisely. 


  • Android & iOS OCR app
  • Free to navigate
  • Handy text extraction


  • Users could easily  make text-based extraction on both iOS and Android devices
  • Free OCR-based conversions
  • Easy to process and fully reliable interface

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English OCR

You can now specially extract text from image on your iPhone, the upside is that it provides you with accurate and precise conversions.

This program uses the iOS devices camera for full-fledged image text extraction without any hassle. You can operate this tool for free of cost and to fetch additional useful traits, you ought to stick with its PRO plan. 


  • iOS-based OCR tool
  • Swift OCR-based conversion
  • User-friendly tool for starters


  • Extracting text/characters from the existing images on iOS devices is pretty simple
  • No huge time requires to copy text from image
  • Handy for initial users, no special skills required to proceed with

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Text Fairy:

Get extraction from the existing images or scanned documents with this pretty accurate image to text converter by Text Fairy. This is a super-fast OCR tool that is highly capable for converting your text document into digital files.

It is loaded with some unique and appealing traits that lets you fetch much more related to text organizing and extraction. 

If you have an image that is fully pixelated and even its quality is too low, this OCR dependent tool allows you to generate high quality results from it. In straight-forward terms, its overall performance is highly considerable and smart.


  • Android OCR tool
  • Fetch text from blurry or pixelated images
  • High quality text extraction


  • No matter at all even if you have blurry images, it will entertains you with best outcomes
  • Say goodbye to all those daunting manual intervention, just couple of taps lets you create text file from images
  • Free image extractor