What is the meaning of technology?

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Technology When we hear this word, many thoughts come to our mind. Today’s technology has grown so much that we have started finding many things easy. For the work which used to take 10 days, it now takes us 5 days, 2 days for 4 days and only one day for 2 days.

We have benefited a lot due to technology, along with it there has also been a lot of loss. Man is progressing in every work today, due to which man cannot live in today’s day without technology, so let’s get a lot of information about technology today.

What is Technology? (What is technology)

Technology is nothing but a type of work which we have to do without hard work. The work we do, such as extracting water from the well, we can also do this work with the motor, that is, using the motor to extract water, here we have used technology. 

Technology meaning in Hindi language. The word technology comes from the Greek word tech. Tech means craft and art in Greek, but now the tools and advancements around us are called technology.


History of technology

Technology has started in the world since ancient times, when the human mind started thinking, since then it has been making new inventions. Like primitive humans, first they needed food and agriculture, then they made clothes from stones, found a way to cook for themselves.

After that the manufacture of pai, they used it to carry goods from one place to another. Along with him, as man understood, he also used it to go from one place to another.

The greatest invention of technology happened in the Industrial Revolution, when humans discovered clothing machines, mining, metallurgy, engines and many such things.

Then in the 19th century, humans needed to develop further, human progressed in the activities going from one place to another, that is, they brought a lot of changes in technology like transportation, communication, that is why it is called the second industrial revolution.

After that a lot of work was done in the twentieth century and then came our 21st century. We are now living in the 21st century, you will know many technologies about them, so now everyone knows that human beings have taken up the task of making impossible things impossible in this century.

In earlier times we had to send letters or telegrams to tell about some incident to talk to each other. It used to take 2 to 4 days or 15 to 16 days for that, but now in this 21st century using all these social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, we can tell anything by messaging and calling anyone in Seconds.

This story of technology will never end because human being is always learning new things and he is trying to develop.

Types of Technology

1. Information Technology (I.T)

The biggest reason for progress in this modern life is information technology. Information Technology includes things like computers, laptops, websites, emails etc. Information technology is mostly used by us to secure data and to write programs for some new things. The biggest advantage of information technology has been for business communication.

2. Construction Technology

In earlier times it was very difficult to make things. Homework, railroad, road work, etc. used to take a lot of hard work and a lot of people, but now because of new technology, more time and more people are not needed to make things.

Due to this technology, repairs of houses, offices, buildings, factories do not have to be done again and again.
I think that in the coming time, there will be no need for humans to do construction, all the work will be done by machines only.

3. Communication Technology

As you must have read in earlier times how long did it take to communicate and to make contact. But now because of this technology, we can talk to anyone from anywhere. Due to this technology, we can understand humans from one country to other countries and get information from them. This technology has made communication and communication easier.

4. Medical Technology

Humans have made great progress in this technology. Human beings have made millions and crores of amendments and found the treatment of every disease, even today the scholars i.e. scientists are working on the diseases which have not been treated. You already know that right now a person has modified the vaccine on Karona virus and got the vaccine. Similarly, man is trying to make every treatment successful.

5. Agriculture Technology  

In earlier times a lot of hard work was required to do farming and still farmers did not get a good crop. The crops were destroyed due to insect pests on the plants, due to kitko and many other reasons. But the scientists brought it out by making amendments, the farmer can earn a lot of profit by using the modern method.

In this era, due to increasing technology, many plants have been damaged and many plant species have decreased. Scientists also brought a solution to this, modified what components are needed for plants to live in extreme conditions and make new fertilizers.

6. Nanotechnology

Where is nanotechnology known as the smallest technology. A nanometer is not that small as you would think. You will be surprised to know that there are 2.54 million nanometers in an inch. When we take 10 pages of a newspaper, then that sheet will be 25,00,000 nanometers. Nanoparticles are everywhere, in our clothes, everything in mines contains nanoparticles. Nanotechnology is used in information technology, space technology, energy food safety, homeland security, etc.

7. Space Technology

With this technology we can learn about space. Through this we can know the movements in space from the earth. Humans have made a lot of progress in this, in the coming time, we get information about everything in space and we get warnings of facing the upcoming troubles through satellite.

How the galaxy was formed here, it is still a mystery for humans and man is trying to get rid of it. Elon Musk, who is making progress in this technology, is preparing to send humans to Mars after 2024.

8. Education Technology

In earlier times we were taught only about Vedas, Puranas and History. Earlier, education was available only to the upper-class castes, but as the times changed, so did progress in education, today everyone can take education from everywhere.

You must be aware that due to Corona, all colleges, schools were given leave, but even then children did not stop studying through YouTube and through online classes. Going forward, every child can learn everything sitting at home.

some new technology

When you hear about some of the new technologies coming in the world, your hair will stand. Humans are bringing some new technology in some new ways, some of them see information about the technology coming in years.

1. Self Driving Cars

Self-driving cars You must know that Elon Musk’s new Tesla company’s car has been made Auto Pilot. Which auto can run when there is a lane on the road and such sensors have been installed in it, which also notes the surroundings and drives the vehicle accordingly.

In the same way, in the coming time many companies will make this project which is going to be very advanced.

2. Air taxi Bell helicopter

You will love flying things. You must have also heard about flying bikes. So bell company wants to try something new here. The bell company that makes helicopters has discovered flying a taxi. The company has shown this technology through animation.

You will be surprised to know that the well-known taxi dealer Uber Company has partnered in this technology.

3. Double language earbuds

Google is working in this technology. Google has made many translating tools, but Google is about to make a similar earbud in which about 40 languages ​​will be translated. You know that there are two earbuds, so the sound of the speaker who is going to speak will come from 1 earbud and the voice which will be translated from one side, Google company has also given its animated video.

Will technology kill us?

The answer is yes, if you do not use it properly, it can even kill you. If you are intelligent, you have a little knowledge, then you can use it properly and go far ahead in the world, so let’s know how technology can become the cause of your death.

1. Death by Selfies

You know that nowadays everyone wants to go on social media and that is why the young generation to make their photos more beautiful and to take clear shots, take selfies on big buildings, on mountains and in dangerous places. uploads to the media. Seeing him, the rest of the youth try him and many of them die.

There have been many such incidents in India. During the rain and while coming to Pur on the river, many young people had gone out for a walk and 2 of them got washed away due to slipping of their feet while taking selfies.

A man in Japan was standing with a selfie stick while taking a selfie and suddenly lightning strikes him. A man in the UK was standing at the edge of a mountain and wanted to take a picture of himself from there and risked his life by taking a selfie.

It would be better if you look at the events of today while taking a selfie and do not do such stupid things.

2. Death by Video Games

You must know how many games have come today. In this, small children get very attracted and make some big mistakes. Younger and younger people, along with them, are also very fond of games and they also do stupid things. A similar idiotic incident happened in 2017 in a city called Vigrina.

A man was tired of playing the game continuously for 24 hours and during that time he got up and went out to smoke and he died of heart attack.

Similarly, by playing PUBG in India, many children took out their father’s money from the account and put it in it. Many children even killed their own family members.

Games attract you by focusing your attention, but when children are playing more games then it is better to stop them, otherwise it can happen to you tomorrow too.

3. Death from Smartphones

Smartphones It can cause your death, it is like that everyone in the world has a smartphone and we can take it anywhere. Due to new smartphones and new technology, a lot of radiation goes inside our body, they can affect us.

Smartphones also cause many road accidents, sometimes car drivers, bicyclist carriers become victims of death due to talking on the phone while driving and many incidents with humans walking on the road. It has also happened that while driving a mobile, their attention is more on the mobile rather than walking on the road, due to which they get into an accident while crossing the road.

advantages of technology

  1. With the advent of technology, a lot of human work has become easier, due to which the time of man is saved.
  2. Due to technology, we have made a lot of progress in communication and network technology, due to which we can talk to anyone in the world, we can see anyone anywhere.
  3. Because of network technology, we can automate our work from wherever.
  4. Human beings have developed many things in medicine. From the smallest operation to the big operation, man has made many machines, medical tools.
  5. Because of technology, we are getting anything artificial.
  6. In the farming business, farmers are getting a lot of profit by doing farming with modern method.
  7. Smartphones, laptops, computers are becoming very smart.
  8. Because of social media, we can extract any information in a few seconds.
  9. It became easy to build roads, railways, buildings, towers, anything.

disadvantages of technology

  1. Due to technology, the biggest adverse effect has been on humans.
  2. Man is becoming lazy day by day due to which the health of the human being is going in danger.
  3. Its impact on humans as well as animals is increasing.
  4. In order to increase technology, humans have been doing whatever comes to their mind, due to which many forests were cut and both animals and humans were harmed in it.
  5. Due to the animal not getting a home, it is attacking the human and the human is getting worried about oxygen.
  6. Due to network technology, many radiations are making us fatal, due to which there is a lot of change in the health of human beings.
  7. Many children are becoming victims of social media and going into depression.
  8. Electronic waste is increasing very much.
  9. Due to continuous use of computer, mobile phone, human eyes are getting spoiled.
  10. If this continues, the day is not far when everything will end and machines and robots will be seen everywhere.


Friends, I sincerely hope that you must have understood well what is technology and types of technology. As the time is going forward, new technology is coming on the other side which is affecting everyone very much. If you know about any technology, then you can tell us, we will definitely use it to improve this article.


Q. How many types of technology are there?

Ans. There are countless types of technology because today technology is used in everything.

Q. What is Nanotechnology?

Ans. Nanotechnology is used to make small machines from very small particles. Nanotechnology is also used in many other technologies.

Q. What is technology called in Hindi?

Ans. Technology is called technology in Hindi.