New Best shayari life in english [2023]

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shayari life in english : Somewhere there is pain and somewhere there is happiness, somewhere there is sky and somewhere there is land, sometimes it is sour and sometimes it is sweet, this life is very beautiful.
Friends, life is very strange. No one can say what will happen at which moment, but everyone can tell their thoughts about life from the past moments. I have also tried something similar. I have tried to capture different moments of life in this poetry collection. I have tried to cherish every moment of life in this poetry collection, not by keeping any one moment as the main one. So let’s read poetry collection ‘est shayari life in english’ :-

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15 Best shayari life in english

New Best shayari life in english [2023]

There is no rule, no law, just the passion to move forward, no matter
how many obstacles you put in life,
we will not stop as long as the blood boils in our veins.

Sorrow, pain, joy, gaiety are its jam,
its job is to lay a trap for every person,
everyone wants to be with him,
but he leaves the company, whose name is life.

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Have got life, live it proudly,
drink the drink of happiness every evening,
don’t be deceived by seeing the smile on your face,
there are some wounds in our destiny which we sew everyday.

Don’t know when there is a turning point in the story of life,
even a stone melts when the time comes,
maintaining your spirits and emotions,
the more the struggle, the more the skill shines.

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New Best shayari life in english [2023]

Life is a thirst that never gets quenched,
life is a hope that eradicates despair,
happiness is found wherever someone fills it,
and life is sad for some.

Some have passed by crying, some have passed by laughing,
sometimes it has been resolved and some have passed in confusion.

The stubbornness to move forward is making everyone run away in life,
the stumbling blocks of life are waking up those who run in dreams.

Drowned in the midstream, there is neither a boat nor support,
in this ocean of life only death is found as a shore.

Why is your wound still festering?
Tell me life, what is my fault?
By giving happiness for a moment, you gave sorrow for a lifetime,
at least you understood, what is your custom?

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New Best shayari life in english [2023]

Lives by drowning,
neither the boat nor the shore is found,
Life is such an ocean
where death is the only shore.

I am not able to live, nor is death coming
, I don’t know what kind of desires are there in my heart,
these are the paths of life, lost as if
I don’t know where my happiness has run away.

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There is no sadness or some pain today,
every moment is now the beginning of happiness,
I have learned the game of deceit and lies
since then every moment of life is our happiness.

She keeps her own till the time of need,
when the time comes, this world breaks the trust,
this life is also unfaithful, friends,
she also leaves you when death comes.

Every moment of troubles robs happiness,
life is such a dream which breaks only when death comes.

The pain in the heart doesn’t make a sound,
the request to meet you doesn’t come on the lips,
ever since you taught us how to live life,
tears fill our eyes but it doesn’t flow.

best shayari on life in english

Life is such a stage where every person plays his part. Take, he does not know when his character will end. While playing this character, he gets so lost in it that he starts accepting it as his reality. Then considering life as one’s own becomes the reason for the happiness and sorrows that come in his life. In this context, we have brought two line poetry on life based on the topic of best shayari on life in english.

New Best shayari life in english

For some it is painful, for some it is wonderful,
but in true sense life is an illusion.

No one is stranger, no one is ours,
this life is not reality but just a dream.

Some will have today and some will have tomorrow,
if they get death then the journey of life will be complete.

Gives many twists and turns to the journey of a man,
when he gets tired, he leaves life.

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Bets turn when you get a chance,
life is not loyal to anyone.

Someone’s luck is high, someone’s bad,
this is life sir, it keeps account of everyone.

Slowly every difficulty goes away,
life changes if you get the support of hard work.

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Stumbling shows us the right path,
in this way life teaches us the lesson of living.

One day it snatches everything from us,
in return it gives just two yards of land.

The day success will be in its name,
that day life will be its slave.

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New Best shayari life in english
New Best shayari life in english

Life has given nothing to him, who has not lost anything,
dreams have come true of the one who has not slept many nights.

Life gives everyone a chance to change their luck,
a person just has the skill to walk on the right path.

Took away someone’s own, gave immense pain to someone,
O life, you killed so many people while alive.

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The whole age passes while making life
and in a moment life leaves you.

The journey of life has to be done alone,
every companion leaves the company at some point.

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It is not for nothing that trouble often comes upon us,
life returns us the fruits of our own deeds.

Life changes when stubbornness fights with luck,
where do you get anything in charity, here you have to pay the price.

Those who can keep patience in the race of life,
they create history when the time comes.

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The one who crosses the obstacles of life,
makes his life come true.

Every success is in our hands,
life supports us if our intentions are high.

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