very sad shayari in english for life [2023]

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very sad shayari in english for life – Life is full of ups and downs. For some it is colorful and for some it is colourless. This is just a matter of perspective. With whom whatever happens, he considers his life to be the same. The reason for this is his feelings. Everyone defines the truth of life according to their feelings. We have also tried to make a similar effort through the collection of very sad shayari in english for life :-

very sad shayari in english for life Status

very sad shayari in english for life


A few wishes have ruined my life,
you get facilities but you don’t get peace.


Agreed that you have a lot of favors on me,
but O life, I am very upset with you, I
do not find anyone who can share my pain,
there are many people who meet me.


The story of everyone’s life is just that
in the process of making life, they have forgotten to live.


The noise and alcohol is only of life,
after death everything will be silent.


If you can write then write your destiny with hard work,
life is a book full of blank pages.

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Once upon a time this heart used to flutter and now it has improved a lot,
since the bad times of life have passed.


There are some situations of silent life,
humanity is dead and
humans are living corpses.


We don’t have the capacity to get entangled with life,
so now we get entangled with our words.

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very very sad shayari in english for life

very sad shayari in english for life


Had gone away from home in search of bread for two times,
today life is passing in search of peace.


Why doesn’t this story of life end in one go,
the pain received in installments cannot be handled now.


The era of your memories continues even today,
Life is passing by, just preparing for death.


Destinations are found only by those
who have passion in their veins, this is the only principle
of a life full of troubles .


Eyes are waking up in worry of needs,
just like this our life is running.


If you can listen then listen to the melodious melody of life,
otherwise there are many excuses to cry in life.

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very sad shayari in english for life in english


If my life is spent in your shadow,
then what is life, my death will also be beautiful.


Where are the wishes fulfilled here,
nothing else but trust is the name of life.


Where does everyone get happiness, here
life is just a time of poverty, sir.


The journey of life is full of sorrows
, every person is moving forward,
its last destination is death,
everyone’s experience is saying this.

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very sad shayari in english for life
  • Love is the business of suicide,
    “Our own body is our own shoulder”
  • This is what I taught myself after parting with you, I
    shook hands with everyone, but I never shook my heart
  • I didn’t try to join anyone after you,
    I saw your way but you didn’t look back
  • The wounds are fresh even today but that mark is gone,
    love is still infinite but that person is gone
  • Every sweet moment of dreams of love has passed,
    your love was “false”, you “turned back” by making promises…
  • Even if I complain, to whom should I complain,
    my pain is also mine, and the one who gives me pain is also mine.
  • Wishes and prayers are of no use,
    those who have to go go away.
  • In this small heart, to whom should I give place,
    the sorrows remain, the sorrows remain, the complaints remain… or your memory..!!
  • If you get sorrow, you can’t cry,
    if you get happiness, you can’t smile,
    what is my life,
    I can’t get the one I want.
  • Some change, some are forced,
    just like this people get away from each other.
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quotes for sad life in english

very sad shayari in english for life

Went to get answers, forgot the question itself!
Strange is this love, forgot my condition too!!

We broke a thread that was tied to our breaths ,
now we too will sleep peacefully,
we have given up love..!

The destination was also his, the path was also his
, we were alone, the convoy was also his,
the oath of walking together was also his
and the decision to change the path was also his.

english sad quotes about life and pain

My hands remained empty even after seeing you,
why my feelings remained in confusion,
some talks, some memories and a little loneliness,
just some thoughts stayed with me.

If we wanted to live, we were away from life, if
we wanted to die, we were forced to live, I
bowed my head and accepted every punishment,
my only fault was that I was innocent.

very sad shayari in english for life
  • No matter how much love you give to someone,
    in the end he feels little.
  • Some beautiful moments pass away in life,
    memories remain and people get separated.
  • Something strange is going on, this journey of time, There
    is a deep silence inside myself.
  • These memories are very strange,
    sometimes they make me laugh,
    sometimes they make me cry.
  • I also had many loved ones in this world,
    then love happened and we became abandoned.
  • Is it the crime of looking for me
    or the fault of my loyalty,
    The one who came close to the heart
    turned out to be unfaithful.
  • There was a desire to be a part of life,
    but luck left it after making an anecdote.
  • We used to live once upon a time,
    with freedom like a bird,
    then a person came,
    under the guise of love, taking my destruction.
  • There is a lot left to say,
    but my silence is enough for you.
  • The answer to your every question is only this,
    yes I am wrong, and you are right.
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useful quotes for life in english

The memories settled in the heart have become like rent,
now even the breath has become like a stranger,
the fragrance is like a flower.

Love only when you can maintain it, it is not loyalty to leave someone
by taking help of compulsions .

very sad quotes in english

I don’t have any desire to get anything now,
when I had to go, what was the need for you to come in my life.

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