70+ Amazing Science Facts

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Amazing Science Facts : Friends, everyone in the universe, be it just you, creatures or trees, plants or anything else, all are connected to science. Through science, we come to know about the principles and properties of any objects . Science only connects us deeply with any object or any things.

Science has always been an independent subject in our studies. We have been studying science subject but only to bring good path. We have never tried to understand science properly but science is such a subject that everything seems interesting to understand.

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Friends, that’s why today I have brought some interesting facts related to science for you, after reading which you will definitely want to know the science behind those things which you have been seeing everyday. So friends, there is not much time when we start this A amazing Science facts post.

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Fun facts related to science – amazing science facts.

Amazing Science Facts

1. Friends, diamond is such a thing that it cannot be mixed with any acid. It can be destroyed only at high temperature.

2. Friends, you will be surprised to know that hot water turns into ice faster than cold water .

3. Friends, anything gets pulled towards gravity. But helium fluid can work against gravity.

4. The word ‘ Scientist ‘ was first used in 1883.

5. When we sneeze, the speed of our sneeze is 100 miles per hour. It is so fast that if we try to stop it forcefully, it can even burst our throats.

6. Friends, do you know that an electric generates electricity up to 650 volts.

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7. Light also takes about 100,000 years to travel from one end of the galaxy to the other.

8. A person can survive for a month without food, can survive for 7 days without drinking water but can survive only a few minutes without oxygen .

9. Dhoni’s speed is 15 times faster in steel than in air.

10. Friends, the weight of a medium sized cloud is equal to the weight of 80 elephants.

11. Cockroach without head can live for 1 week. The same headless human remains alive only for 20 seconds.

12. The average human body contains 60% water. But friends, when there is 1% water deficiency in the body, we feel thirsty. When the body becomes less than 1% water, we see blurred and we faint. If the water in the body is reduced by 20% then we can also die.

13. Do you know friends, earlier bread was used to erase pencil writing. Yes friends, pencil was invented before the invention of rubber and bread was first used to erase the words written with pencil.

Amazing Science Facts

14. Dogs can hear those sounds very easily which humans cannot even hear.

15. Friends, you must have heard this thing that came first the chicken or the egg ? Friends, scientists have given the answer. Scientists say that the hen came first because the protein found in the egg is produced only by the hen.

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inventions made by scientists

1. Friends, in 1866 the great scientist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.

2. The thermometer was invented by the great scientist Galileo in 1607 .

3. Gamma rays and radio activity were discovered by French scientist Henri Becquerel.

4.  In 1902, a scientist named Willis Haviland Carrier invented the electric air conditioning unit.

5. Electric Battery – Alessandro Volta is an Italian scientist who discovered the electric battery. Apart from this, he had made many big discoveries, including things like Volt , Voltage and Voltmeter .

6. Computer – Charles Babbage is the creator of computer. He invented the computer for the first time.

7. Radio – Guglielmo Marconi was the inventor of radio.

8. Sewing Machine – French inventor Barthélemy Thimoniere is credited with the invention of the first sewing machine that sews by hand.

9. Telephone – Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. He successfully demonstrated this work on June 2, 1875.

10. Planet Jupiter – Friends, Leo alone was the great scientist who discovered the planet Jupiter.

Interesting facts related to science – Interesting Science Facts

Amazing Science Facts

• Do you know friends, there are 8 point 7 million types of living species on our earth. Of them, 2.2 million species are found only in the ocean.

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• You must know this fact, friends, 27,000 trees are cut every day to make toilet paper.

• The wonderful way to increase hair is that eating salmon fish makes hair grow faster.

• There are 100 billion galaxies A in our universe.

• It is believed that there are about 200 to 400 billion stars in our Milky Way Galaxy.

• The age of the earth is said to be 4.56 billion years. Absolutely friends, the age of the Sun and the Moon is the same.

• You must be well aware that dogs have more hearing capacity than humans. But do you know that friends, the hearing capacity of dogs is 1,000 times more than humans.

• Friends, Vitamin B12 is found in rain water which is very beneficial for the body.

• Water is present in the day third of the earth. If seen green, 70% of the earth is covered with water.

• Human teeth are as strong as the teeth of a shark living in water.

• 20% of Earth’s cover comes from the Amazon rainforest.

• There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on the earth.

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Scientific facts related to human body – Human Body Science Facts

Amazing Science Facts

• Our body hair, nails and ears keep on growing all the time.

• Hair always keeps growing. But why? Our hair is in the follicle, where it grows. At the root of the follicle is a hair mold, a group of cells that divide to form new cells, which is why hair grows . These cells divide very rapidly but only when they get energy.

• Our nails and hair continue to grow even after death.

• Do you know this fact friends that our body makes 25 million cells every second. With this, 200 billion blood cells are produced in the body every day. There are about 25 crore blood cells in one drop of blood. Yes friends, there is no other wonderful factory like our body.

• There is 5.6 liters of blood in our body. This blood takes one round of our body every 20 seconds.

• Every camera in the world has failed before our eyes. Absolutely friends, our eye can identify crores of colors very closely.

• Did you know friends here we have a natural air conditioner which cools the hot air and heats the cold air and sends it to the lungs.

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• Human child has 300 bones in the body at the time of birth. Many of these bones are soft.

• There are 3.2 crore bacteria present in 1 square inch of skin of our body. Talking about the entire bacteria of our body, it is 10% of our weight. If a person’s weight is 100 kg, then out of that 10 kg is of bacteria.

• The rest of our body repairs itself but the tooth cannot repair itself when it is sick. Friends, take care of your teeth.

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what is called science

Science is systematic knowledge consisting of study, thought, observation and experiment, which are done to know the properties and principles of any subject.

Q. Who is the father of science?

Galileo is the father of modern science

Q. Who are Abhigyan parents?

Necessity and curiosity  (the desire to know anything closely and conclusively) are the mothers of science, and thought and experimentation are its fathers.