interesting facts related to capital punishment

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The most cruel and terrible ways of giving death sentence, seeing which your soul will also tremble. What is capital punishment

In today’s time, different types of criminals are punished in different countries. In many countries even today the death penalty is given in a dangerous way where criminals are put to death by giving injections of poison. 

But if we talk about it, the way punishment was given in the olden times, at that time all the limits of cruelty were violated. Somewhere people were crucified alive and somewhere people were skinned alive. Today we are going to tell you about the most cruel and terrible ways of punishment in the medieval period.

2 parts of the body were cut

Have you heard about such a punishment in which a man’s body is cut in half from the middle. If not then today we are telling you. In medieval times, to torture a person, both the legs of the criminal were tied and hanged upside down. By doing this, all the blood in the body of the criminal used to go to the head. After that, 2 parts were divided between the criminals.

wedge chair

For torture in Europe, the criminal was made to sit on a rocking chair and set it on fire from under the chair. There used to be nails in every part of this fort chair. This method was used only till 1800.

iron fortifications prison

In the medieval period, there used to be an iron cabinet for interrogation of prisoners, inside which iron fort used to be attached. Criminals were kept in it. And during interrogation, pressure was put on them and on refusing, they were pushed on thousands of iron forts inside the jail, from which iron forts used to enter their body from all sides.

Death Penalty

You must have seen many Bollywood movies in which he was hanged after being sentenced to death. But in the 5-15th century there used to be a blade sharper than a razor to inflict the death penalty. Placing the prisoner’s head between the frame made for hanging, the blade was released from above, which severed the criminal’s neck from the torso.

pyramid shaped seat

The criminal was seated at its center point on a seat shaped like a pyramid. Different parts of the criminal’s body were tied with ropes, after that the private parts of the criminal were injured by shaking the ropes.

criminals were crucified

This method of punishment is still used in some countries today. In this, the victim was kept hanging on a wooden board with the help of a nail till he was killed. And they were kept in the middle of the city. Organizations like ISIS punish criminals in this way even today.

barbed frame

This method of torture was the most painful. In this method, the convict was placed in the middle of a barbed frame made of iron or wood. Iron nails were fixed inside this frame. In this neither the criminal could move his head nor could eat or drink anything.

steel spike

This used to be the most painful way of torturing the criminal. In this the prisoner was made to sit on a pointed iron pole. By doing this, the pole used to enter inside the body of the criminal. This method was used in Romania.

Bones were broken by being tied to a wooden wheel

This method was used to execute the death sentence. In this, the criminal was tied to a wheel made of wood. The bones of the criminal were broken by turning the wheel. And that wheel used to be rotated until that criminal died.

was made to sit naked on a wooden horse

In 5-15 century there was another such punishment which was given to the girls. The method of punishment used to be something like this, in which the girl was stripped naked and made to sit on a wooden structure like a horse and the weight was hung from below in the legs. The weight used to be pulled from the bottom. By doing this, the body of the criminal was divided into two parts.

interesting facts related to capital punishment

1. After giving the death sentence, the judge who gives the verdict himself breaks the nib of the pen. They do this because someone’s life has ended with this pen, so it should never be used again. After the nib of the pen is broken, even the judge himself cannot change his death sentence decision.

interesting facts related to capital punishment

2. While giving the death sentence, it is mandatory for the Jail Superintendent, Executive Magistrate, executioner and doctor to be present at that place.

3. Before the execution, the face of the criminal is covered with a black cotton cloth and hanged for 10 minutes, then after the doctor’s examination, the dead body is removed from the gallows.

4. Some criteria have been fixed by law for the thickness and length of the noose.

5. The entire process of hanging is always completed before sunrise, so that hanging does not affect any prisoner badly and the daily work in the jail continues as per the scheduled time.

interesting facts related to capital punishment

6. Before the death sentence, according to the law, the jail administration has to fulfill the last wish of the criminal by asking him, under which he can allow him to eat something, read a book or meet his family.

7. Before the death sentence, the culprit is woken up early in the morning and given both cold and hot water for bath and books related to his religion are also given for prayer.

8. According to the law, before the execution of the death sentence, the family of the criminal should get the news 15 days in advance so that they can come and meet him.

interesting facts related to capital punishment

9. According to the law, the noose is not brought from outside to give the death sentence, but the noose for it is prepared by a prisoner serving the sentence in the jail itself.

10. In India, the executioner is used to give the death sentence, who according to the law, the entire expenses are also given by the jail administration.

11. Nooses used for hanging in India are prepared in Bihar’s Buxar Jail because the prisoners there are considered very expert in making nooses.

interesting facts related to capital punishment


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#1. In India, death sentence is given by hanging. In which the executioner works to hang the guilty.
#2. This executioner says something in the ears of the guilty, which is like this, forgive me friends, this is what he says.