Electric Shock Prevention and Treatment

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Today in this article I will learn about “Electric Shock Prevention and Treatment” in details. Whenever a person gets any kind of disease, then we immediately take him to a good doctor and the doctor tries to heal the patient by treating that disease, but many times such an accident happens.

Due to which many people die immediately, but some accidents are such that the patient can be saved if he gets immediate treatment, so in the same way, even after getting electrocuted several times, the patient can be saved if he gets immediate treatment. Maybe in this blog, we can learn about the symptoms, prevention and its treatment etc. due to electrocution.

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What is Electrocution?

Electric Shock Prevention and Treatment

There are many such things in our house which we use every day like TV fridge cooler AC etc. All these things run on electricity means we need electricity daily to run them, but many times this electricity is the cost of our lives.

It also becomes a danger because many times we get electrocuted due to an accident or an accident. You all will know that if any person comes in contact with the bare wires of electricity, then that person gets electrocuted.

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There is normal electricity in our homes and whenever a person comes in contact with them, the electricity automatically leaves and due to the button of today’s advanced technology, the line is automatically cut from behind.

But there are many such places where there is high voltage current and on coming in contact with them, the patient dies, although many times the patient survives even after coming in contact with the high voltage lines, but this is due to his electrocution.

It depends on how much he has come in the grip of current, if a person comes in the grip of alternate current, then he survives, but if a person comes in contact with direct current, then he can also die.

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Cause of Electric Shock

Electric Shock Prevention and Treatment
Electrical spark between two wires

If we talk about the reasons for getting electrocuted, then the patient gets electrocuted only because of his mistake or an accident, but many times someone gets electrocuted due to the mistake of another person, apart from this there are many more such.

There are reasons that cause electrocution such as working in a moving line, working tools not being of good quality, paying attention to something else while working, peeling the electric wire etc. from the mouth, any such thing. Using something that is a good conductor of electricity, not wearing gloves and shoes etc.

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while climbing over the power line, electric wire being cut, electric current coming out due to fault in things like TV fridge cooler AC in the house, sudden break of any wire etc. Due to the cut wire in the season of going, rain etc., current in the house or any household item, etc. are the main reasons for this problem, apart from this there can be many other reasons due to which any person may have to face the accident of electrocution.

Symptom of Electric Shock

Electric Shock Prevention and Treatment

If we talk about the symptoms of electric current, then it is such a problem that does not have any symptoms because electric current occurs only due to our mistake or any accident and whenever a person gets electric current.

If any part of our body comes in contact with electricity, then we feel a sudden vibration and if a person comes in contact with light current of electricity, then the patient’s heart starts beating. There is definitely an effect on the speed, the heart rate of the patient starts running fast, the balance of the patient’s body deteriorates, apart from this, the death of the patient also occurs due to exposure to high current of electricity, besides this, fainting occurs in the patient.

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Cramps in the body, tingling, difficulty in breathing, headache and difficulty in seeing, stretching of the muscles of the body, etc. are symptoms.

Rescue of Electric Shock

Electric Shock Prevention and Treatment
vector illustration of electrocuted boy

If you want to avoid coming in contact with electric current, then you should take care of some such things which are beneficial for you.

  • You should never peel an electrical wire with your mouth
  • You should turn off the switch from behind while removing the wire of TV fridge ac cooler etc.
  • You should use good quality keys and switches etc. in your home
  • You should never hold a wire to a moving light
  • You should stay away from electric wires etc. in rainy season
  • You must wear slippers and shoes before touching any electrical appliance in your home
  • You should not drink water immediately after getting electrocuted
  • If a person gets electrocuted, then you should massage his hands and feet.
  • You should immediately take the patient to the doctor in case of electrocution
  • Good quality tools should be kept nearby while working on high voltage lines etc.
  • You must wear shoes and gloves while climbing over power lines etc.
  • If a person is getting electrocuted, then you should not touch him, he should remove the contact of his current with any wooden or plastic thing.

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But still, if a person gets electrocuted, then he should first be taken to a good doctor, because many times the patient starts having different types of problems after some time of electrocution, if you immediately consult the patient doctor. If you take him to the doctor, the doctor does all kinds of tests on him.

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Q: Electric Shock: What are the common causes?
A: Electric shocks can occur due to faulty wiring, exposed electrical appliances, or accidents involving electrical equipment.

Q: Electric Shock: How can I prevent it?
A: To prevent electric shocks, ensure proper insulation of electrical wires, avoid using damaged appliances, and follow safety guidelines while handling electricity.

Q: Electric Shock: What should I do if someone experiences an electric shock?
A: If someone gets shocked, immediately turn off the power source and seek medical help if the person is unconscious or shows signs of injury.

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