If there was no voting (election)? Essay on Voting

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If there was no voting : In the Indian constitution, every citizen of the country has the right to vote, through which the public elects its representative, this is the stage after exercising the right to vote in forming the government, on the contrary, if there was no system of voting what would happen? Consider this statement.

“Democracy is the government of the people by the people for the people”.

According to Abraham Lincoln

If there was no voting ➽

If there was no voting (election)? Essay on Voting
If there was no voting (election)? Essay on Voting

☞ This is an obvious thing, if there was no voting then anarchy would have spread everywhere, because our constitution makers had arranged for voting so that the fundamental rights of the citizens could be protected and the people sitting on the highest position should not be autocratic. Yes, in ancient times, when people did not have the right to vote, the king was completely autocratic there. And by him, the people were tortured in various ways and they were forced to follow the orders given to them.

☞ In Indian history, kings like Mahmud Ghaznabi to Aurangzeb and Hitler to Saddam Hussain are world-famous for their autocracy, because during their reign no one had the right to raise their voice against them. Our law makers probably felt that the power of a healthy democracy lies in the citizens of that country and the power of the citizens lies in the right to vote, that is why they gave the highest place to the franchise in the constitution.

If there was no voting, then the concept of Jungle Raj was not far away, just as the king of the jungle, the lion can kill and eat any wild animal, the same arrangement would have been made for us too. If there was no voting, we would not be sleeping safely in our homes, people of criminal tendency would not have even an iota of fear of governance.

If there was no voting (election)? Essay on Voting
If there was no voting (election)? Essay on Voting

If there was no voting, then any strong person would have made any weak person his slave and then the slavery system would never have ended, this is the power of the right to vote, which the Scheduled Caste people who were deprived of the upper class. People used to not allow him to enter their houses, today he sits and eats with them.

If there was no voting , the people of the same family would have enjoyed power generation after generation and they would have monopolized the power as it used to be in ancient times, it is the power of voting that brings fear to the ruling party that if they If he did not do just work while in office, then the public will be not election him in the next election.

☞ There has been a lot of difference between earlier and now, today’s citizen is aware of his rights, now no ruling party can establish its monopoly because now people have got the right to vote, India is a democratic country whose population is one and a half. There are more than 100 crores and to handle such a big country, a powerful and capable government is required, whose existence is hidden in the voting rights of the public, so as far as I am concerned, without voting, we will not have a strong nation. Can’t even dream, so voting is very important.

If there was no voting (election)? Essay on Voting
If there was no voting (election)? Essay on Voting

When was the first voting in India?

Shyam Saran Negi, (born 1 July 1917) is a retired school teacher from Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh who was the 1st to vote in the 1st general election of dependent India in 1951.

Which country has the largest number of voters in the world?

India is the country with the largest number of voters and the largest democracy in the world.

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