What is Photoshop? How else to learn? Full information

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Hello friends! What is Photoshop? You must have heard about Photoshop at one time or the other, because often you must have heard saying that this picture is Photoshop, this picture has been made with the help of Photoshop, then such a question would also come in your mind that what is the last photoshop and photoshop? How to learn

If you also have this question in your mind, today’s article is going to be very useful for you, because today I am going to give you information about what is Photoshop and how to learn it in this article so that you too can learn everything about photo. With the help of this, you can make good pictures of yourself.

There are many people who do not come from technical background and they do not understand what Photoshop is and how it works and sometimes many people are too shy to ask someone else because of which they ask. If not, then I thought why not prepare an article for all of you, in which I can tell what Photoshop is and how to learn it.

To learn Photoshop, it is very important to know about some important tools, because with the help of the same tools, you can create Creation on Photoshop. You can learn to run Photoshop in time, let’s know again.

What is Adobe Photoshop?

close up photo of a laptop, What is Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop

First of all, we only know what Photoshop is, people who know how to edit photos, people whose job is to edit photos, they know very well what Photoshop is and how it works because Photoshop is a There is a variety of software with the help of which you can edit the photo in a very short time.

With the help of this type of software, you can create different types of Digital Content and if you want, you can learn a lot with the help of Photoshop. Do you know what was the name of the company that created Photoshop? Friends, the name of the company that makes Photoshop is Adobe Inc and this software was first created in the year 1998 by Original Thomas and John Knoll.

Photoshop software has become so famous all over the world as if in today’s time millions of people use this software and do graphic designing with it, let me tell you that nowadays people earn a lot of money with the help of this software, since this software market I have since then and with the help of this software it is also very easy to clean up some more photos.

You will often see many attractive pictures and a question always comes in your mind, how are such good pictures made, so all these pictures are made with the help of everyone and if you want, you can also take a photo by learning everything, very good picture. You can make and with the help of that you can also earn money.

Photoshop tools:

close up shot of a person using a laptop, Adobe Photoshop

To make a good picture, it is very important to have tools because if you do not have tools, then you will not be able to make a good picture, so tools are very important and many good tools are given in Photoshop software, with the help of which you can make your Can make the picture even better and attractive.

I will give you further information about all the tools one by one so that you will know about all those tools very well and once you learn how to run photoshop then with the help of all those tools you can make your picture even better. But will be able to come.

Basic Tools: There is no doubt that Photoshop is a great software, but because of what you get to see in it, it is called the world’s number one editing software because many such features have been given in it, with the help of which you can create your You can make the picture very beautiful, this photo is the most basic tool of all, using which you can learn to edit photos very easily.

Selection Tools: When you have completed the Basic Tools, then after that you will get a chance to use the Selection Tools, in which you can touch some part of your photo and separate them from the photo or make it even better. .

Paiting Tools: Friends, with the help of these tools, you can send any picture or you can choose any part of the picture and color it or you can remove the color from there, you can also change it. With the help of this you can make your photo very beautiful.

Layers and Mask: In this tools, you can do the work of showing or hiding any part of your picture, like if you want to hide the things around your picture, then you can use these tools or If you want to change the front and back of your picture, then you can use Tools.

Filters: Now it is the turn of filters, it is usually used to fix the thinness of any picture or if you want to increase the lights or change the color in any picture, then you can use this thing. From here you can further enhance the beauty of the picture.

Color Replacement Tools: With the help of these tools, you can completely change the color of any picture and along with this you can also change the Shadows and Highlights of your picture, your picture will remain exactly the same.

How to learn to run Photoshop?

photograph of a macbook pro laptop, Adobe Photoshop

It is very easy to run Photoshop, you will not have any problem in this, once you learn to run Photoshop, then you can make your picture very good in the least time, so let me tell you step by step how you You can learn and use Photoshop in the least amount of time.

Step 1 – First of all, you will open the Photoshop software, for this you will have to download this application from Google, after that you will open this software, then you will see a lot of tools on the top screen.

Step 2 – I have told you about all these tools above, you can use all your friends to make your picture according to your own, you will learn the use of all these tools one by one easily, after that you have to move forward. .

Step 3 – After this, you will see many more tools, out of which Marquee Tools, Lasso Tools, Blur Tools will be such friends, due to which you can make your photo better, use all these tools so that you understand that How all friends work, once you understand, you will start doing it practically.

Step 4 – After this you have to take a picture from your computer and open it in Photoshop, as soon as that picture appears on your screen, you can use any of the tools mentioned by me and after that you can do your experiment. You can start as soon as you add all the features with the picture, you will understand which tools to keep and which to remove.

Step 5 – After this, as you keep experimenting, you will get better at it, once you understand all the tools, you will be able to create your picture very easily in the least amount of time.

Step 6 – Even after this you do not understand then you can go to Youtube and get information through videos because here you will get to read articles but if you watch videos then you will be able to understand more easily from there. Will be able to understand and Youtube will help you fully for this.

what is Photoshop elements

Screen element of photoshop:-

1.Title bar:-

Adobe photoshop has the topmost bar. This time there are three buttons named photoshop file and right hand side. minimize, maximize and close

2.Menu bar:-

Menu bar is the second bar of photoshop. There are many menus in it and there are many options in these menus. With the help of which we can do photo editing and formatting work in Photoshop. There are total 9 menus in it. File, Edit, Image, Layout, Select, Filter, View, window, Help

3.Option bar:-

The option bar is just below the menu bar, when we select any type of tool from the toolbox, then the entire position of that tool appears in the option bar and with the help of this option bar, we can control that tool. If the option bar is not on the Photoshop screen, then we can activate it by going to the window menu.

4.Tool box:-

Tool box is the most important part of Adobe page maker, with the help of this tool box, it becomes very easy to do image editing work in Photoshop. There are many tools in this tool box. This is by default left hand side on the photoshop screen. We can arrange it anywhere as per our wish and if it is not on the screen then we can activate it by going to the window menu.

5.Navigator pallets:-

Navigator pallets photoshop is on the right hand side of the screen, this pallets tells us what work we are doing on the Work area. And if Navigator pallets are not there then we can activate it by going to the Window menu.

6.Color pallets:-

Color pallets This is a kind of box which contains many colors, with the help of this color palette we can set the color as per our wish in the image. There is a combination of many colors in it. With the help of which we can make any type of color and if it is not on the photoshop screen, then we can activate it by going to the window menu.

7.History pallets:-

History pallets is an important part of Adobe Photoshop, it tells us which tools we have used and which files we have worked on. So that we can use them later also and if not needed then we can also delete them.

8.Layer pallets:-

Layer pallets When we do any kind of editing and formatting in photoshop, then this Layer pallets creates a separate layer for each Formatting, so if any part of our image gets damaged, then we can easily delete that part without Lose your image completely.

9.Status Bar:-

Status bar shows us the status of our work.

10.Work Area:-

The work area is the most important part of Photoshop, only on this we can do the work of photo editing and photo formatting.

what is Photoshop cc & Photoshop 7.0

Photoshop 7.0 Vs Adobe Photoshop Cc In English-

There are 2 software available in different versions for editing photos on the internet. From which you can download and install any software from Photoshop and Photoshop CC.

Photoshop 7.0Adobe Photoshop Cc
Basic features are available in Photoshop, which can be managed in an easy way.There are many types of versions available in Photoshop CC, from which you can download different versions of your choice.
There is very little demand for this software in the market but earlier versions are still available on the internet. Which everyone wants to use easily.This version is used by all professional artists, editors and students. Using this type of software, you will be able to edit very good photos.
The update to Photoshop 7.0 has been discontinued. Nevertheless, Crack Version is used by the user.New updates of Photoshop Cc will be available. You can buy premium software as per your requirement.
In 2015 Photoshop was used smartly.After the year 2015, different features were brought while improving its update.
The freeform pen tool by which the user can create freehand paths supports the basic brush tool for painting brush strokes.It supports over 1000 brushes and brushstroke smoothing.
Photoshop 7.0 can be easily installed in any 32-bit and 64-bit Laptop / Pc.This software can also be used easily in 32-bit and 64-bit laptops.
To install Photoshop 7.0, it is necessary to have at least 1GB of RAM. That is, you can easily manage in any laptop.To install Adobe Photoshop CC, it is necessary to have at least 4GB of RAM. The more Ram it will be. The more it can be used the better.
Photo editing becomes easy with Photoshop. That is, anyone can use it.Adobe Photoshop CC is a bit difficult to use. Because the best features are available in it.
This software can be used in any old to old Pc.Photoshop CC requires the latest software to use. That is, you must have good software.
If you have less internet then you will be able to download it. Because the size of this software is 167 MB.You should have good internet to download from internet. Because it is a software of 1.61 GB.

what is Photoshop express

Is Photoshop Express the Same as Photoshop?

Photoshop Express is a part of Adobe Photoshop family but it is specially designed for mobile device photography. Its accessible interface allows photo collage editing and social network sharing.

Can Photoshop Express and Photoshop work with each other?

Yes. You can send PSD files directly from your mobile device to Photoshop to access more advanced editing tools.

Can Photoshop Express be downloaded for free?

Yes, Photoshop Express can be downloaded for free. It can be downloaded from Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Store.

Can I edit images hosted on Google Photos?

Yes. Photoshop Express integrations let you import your photos, selfies, HDR images and more directly from Google Photos, Dropbox and Facebook.

what is Photoshop tools

Exploring the toolbox in Photoshop: 

Almost all the work done on Photoshop is done by the tools of the 

toolbar . The use of its 

toolbars tools work according to their names, editing work on drawing, picture, photos can be done easily, such as changing its color, shade, dodge, brightness, contrast by selecting its various parts and pixels. Move, copy, delete etc. can be done. On opening Photoshop, the following toolbars are displayed in its right corner.

Exploring the toolbox in Photoshop

Use of adobe Photoshop tools (Use of Adobe Photoshop tools): 

Rectangle Marquee tool: 

Under this  tool  , four tools Rectangle marquee tool, Elliptical Marquee tool, Single row marquee tool and Single column marquee tool are given, using which you can select drawing, photo as rectangular, elliptical, thin line and thin column respectively. Can

Move tool: 

After selecting a particular part of the drawing or photo, this  tool  is used to move it from that place to another place.

Lasso tool: Four tools, lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool and Magnetic lasso tool are given under this tool. By using which you can select photo in polygon shape and photo according to special color respectively according to mouse drag.

Magic wand tool: 

The specialty of this tool is that after selecting it, whatever color is there at the place where you click on the photo and all the parts of the photo that are there are selected. 

Crop tool: Through this tool, a particular part of the photo can be selected and separated, by selecting the cropped part of the photo with this tool, press the Enter key, which cuts that part. 

Slice tool: Two tools are given in this, using the first tool, you can mark the photo in a rectangle shape. The advantage of marking is that you can name that marked part and select it with another tool. 

Healing Brush tool: 

Under this, three tools, Healing brush tool, Patch tool and Color replacement tool are given, before which the tool will be used with the alt key and the mouse button will be clicked at any place in the photo, then drag it to another place, then click on the photo. Like the place done, its shadow will be formed according to the drag, its patch tool is used to make a copy of any place of the photo. 

By selecting any place of the photo with this tool , if you move that selection to any other place of the photo, then a copy will be created. Using its third color replacement tool, you can select any part of the picture with the alt key and choose the color of that place and apply it by dragging it to another place of the photo. 

Brush tool: Two tools are given under this tool,   using which you can change any place of the photo with brush and pencil. 

Clone Stamp tool: Under this, two tools, clone stamp tool, pattern stamp tool are given, with the help of the first tool, by selecting any part of the photo with the alt key and dragging it to another place of the photo, a clone can be made. Through its second tool, you can apply the selected pattern by dragging it to any place. 

History Brush tool: There are two tools in it, by which the first tool can be dragged to any place of the photo and that place can be made as before and its second tool Art history brush can bring the photo as before in the form of art. 

Eraser tool: Under this, three tools, Eraser tool, Background eraser tool and Magic erase tool are given, using which you can drag any part of the photo and erase it in different ways. 

Gradient tool: There are two tools in it, before which the selected preset can be applied to the photo through the gradient tool. By selecting its second paint bucket tool and clicking on any place of the picture, you can change the color of the photo to the selected color.

Blur tool: Under this, three tools can be used by dragging the mouse on any part of the photo, blurring it respectively, sharpening the color and smudging it.

Dodge tool: Under this, three tools can be used which can be used by dragging the mouse on any part of the photo, reducing the lighting of that place or changing it like cleaning it with a sponge. 


  1. Using its other tools, you can make the photo bigger and smaller, type something in it, mark its specific place, make objects of different shapes in it, etc.
  2. In this, the small arrow mark given under a tool means that there is more than one tool in it, to bring it the mouse button has to be pressed for some time.

Painting with Selectors in Photoshop: 

To work on a particular place of the work image in Photoshop, it has to be selected. There are many options to select from in Photoshop. In this, many tools are given in the toolbar to select in different ways, which are as follows: 

Marquee Tools: Under  this, the following four sub-tools are given: 


Through these tools, the image can be selected as rectangular, elliptical, single row, and single column. 

Lasso Tools: Under  this the following three sub-tools are given:


With these tools you can select the image in a special way. These tools have been designed to select according to mouse move but the way they work is somewhat different from each other. 

Magic Wand Tools:  This is the easiest tool to do the job of making a selection. It automatically selects the pixel matching the pixel of the location where the image is clicked. It decides which pixel to choose on the basis of color and brightness. 

Pen Tool:  The following sub-tools are given for this tool 

Pen tool

Through the above sub-tools, you can bring the mask layer in the layer and can select according to that mask layer. The style of working of these sub-tools is the same but their techniques are different so that the selection can be easy. 

Clone Stamp tool: 

Use this tool to create an exact copy of any place in the image. This tool is displayed as a camera icon in the toolbar. To create a clone, by selecting this tool and pressing the alt key, click on the place where the clone is to be made (source). Now on any other destination (destination) of the image (where the clone is to be made), drag it with the mouse, the clone will be created according to the drag. It is like making paint. 

Creating Straight & Curved Paths in Photoshop: 

Use the pen tool to draw straight and curved paths in Photoshop. After making any type of drawing with this tool, each of its path can be converted into curve or straight line. When the mouse pointer is moved on this pen tool of Photoshop, its sub tools are displayed as follows:

Creating Straight & Curved Paths in Photoshop

The first two of these sub-tools are used to draw lines. Its third tool is used to add a path to the drawing drawn, erase the path added by the fourth tool and use the fifth tool to select them. 

Creating Straight Line and path:  First of all select the pen tool, now click on one place of the canvas and now click on any other place, due to which the straight line draw becomes like the picture below. Which is displayed as follows.

Creating Straight Line and path

Creating Curved path:  First of all, select the pen tool, now click and drag at a place of the canvas, which is displayed like the following picture:

Creating Curved path

Will click and drag the mouse to any other place. So the curve path will become like the following diagram:

Creating Curved path

what is Photoshop software

You must have seen photographers at weddings and events. And photography will also be done.

When a photographer brings a photo album to you, you are surprised to see your photos. And they say that hey it is I! I look like…

It is natural to happen and everyone feels the same after seeing their photos. Because professional photographers edit these photos and make them neat and clean. Together, we hand over the photo album to you only after doing background and other necessary editing.

Have you ever thought how this is possible because you can also take photos. But, how do their photos become different from yours?

Come on, let us tell you. All this is the work of Photoshop program. Yes, you heard it right, photographers edit your photos only through Photoshop. Do you know what is photoshop ? How to use photoshop ?

what is Photoshop cs6

Use Photoshop CS6 Online for Free

Photoshop CS6 Online

  • rank   (3.5/5)
  • Review: 125
  • License: Free
  • Downloads: 358
  • Version: 2023
  • Compatible: Win / Mac / Linux

Photoshop express editor logo


Some enthusiasts and beginners are afraid to work in Photoshop because of the complex operation and multiple functions it requires a lot of time to learn. If you’re one of them but still want to keep up with the progress and are looking for equally powerful tools, try Photoshop Express Editor. It has a simple interface and tools that are regulated by sliders. Is there anything easy about it? In addition, this program has low requirements for the operating system. Are you finding it interesting already? So follow these steps to get Photoshop Express Editor:

Step 1. Go to the official Photoshop website .

Step 2. Find the “Tools” tab and go to the “About online tools” section.

Step 3. Install or upgrade Flash Player.

Step 4. Start Photoshop.

What are the advantages of using Photoshop Express Editor?

The free web version of Photoshop is easy to use and quite effective. The tools that are available in the app, despite their simplicity, can help in performing precise and professional image retouching. The image editor is an ideal choice for beginners and people with slow PCs.

Photoshop Express Editor FAQ:

  • Does the web-application support RAW files?

No. Photoshop Express Editor doesn’t support file formats like RAW or GIF. It is possible to work only with JPEG and PNG.

  • Is it necessary to create an account for the app to work?

No. You can also edit your photos with “Guest” status.

  • What to do if the image editor does not open?

Update your Flash Player. If this method doesn’t work, try reinstalling the browser or try a different browser.

what is Photoshop cs3

GIMP is a free image editor with open-source code. You can choose to work in either the desktop or online version of the program. This Adobe Photoshop CS3 alternative can be used to reduce noise, correct colors, work with the brush and gradient tools, as well as create collages and posters. You can use Photoshop plugins to work with GIMP. The developers are quick on their feet to remove any bugs and lags.


Explain what is Photoshop?

Photoshop is a kind of editing software, photos are made from its mobile, editing is done on photos to make it beautiful, usually Photoshop software is used for graphic designing.

How to make photo in photoshop?

Editing in Photoshop is very easy, you just need to have a little knowledge in this software, with the help of this you can create your picture very easily in Photoshop and I have told about it very well in this article, you must Read.

How to learn photoshop in computer?

To learn Photoshop in computer, you must have information, first of all you have to get information about the tools and in this article I have tried to explain all the tools in the easiest language, you must read them.

When was photoshop created?

Photoshop was originally created in the year 1998 by Thomas and John Knoll.


I have tried my best to give you a lot of information in this article about what Photoshop is and how to learn , I sincerely hope that you have got some help from my mentioned article, it is not so difficult to run Photoshop, you should know about it. Just a little information is needed, once you make a picture on Photoshop, after that you will become expert in it.

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