WHAT IS LIFE? And Interesting facts about life

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“Life is a journey in which you are the driver, but you never know what will happen tomorrow” Experience, family, friends are the armor to travel through difficulties. You will definitely face a lot of joys, disappointments, success, failure, ups and downs, selfish people, true friends. You will see the selfless dedication of your parents for your success, sometimes you will be stuck in a situation where you will have to take firm decisions in life! One such trip totally depends on your sweet and bitter experience. Life has a purpose, life for a purpose.

Look carefully at the pictures below

WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life

As you have seen above, in one picture there is a piece of stone, in the second picture a stone idol, if I ask you to sell this stone for 3000 rupees, hardly anyone will buy it, but if you want to sell a stone idol, it will be sold very easily, our real Same thing happens in life also we have to make ourselves valuable, we are like stone hard work, self-discipline, strong will power convert us into idol because when your value is not there then very few people in your life Let it be a bitter fact but true

We should not make excuses in life that we lack resources, because it seems to us that we do not have resources, just go outside and observe people, you will get the answer.

WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life

Have you ever tried to ask a poor child why his situation is like this, does he not have good luck, does he not want to live a good life but he is forced because of circumstances, maybe he has much more than you You are lucky but you can do a lot in life, having control over yourself and using the resources well, you can do a lot, “Success is never easy”

WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life

Make an effort to see your parents make an effort to make you feel their love and spend time with them. You really can’t deny death because it will definitely come one day, just make sure it’s not too late. Is. Spend time with parents, laugh and joke, come out of the materiality of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and learn to value real world relationships, they treated us like kings, it is our duty to treat them like queens.

We all will meet death one day but how we lived life will be important, how to enjoy the colors of life, for a happy and beautiful life you have to work hard

live life happily

WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life

Travel, spend time with nature, give time to yourself, maintain a balance of happiness and sorrow in life, life will never be easy, there will always be problems, how do you overcome those problems, life without problems does not happen

“Happiness is a journey not a destination”

some ways to be happy

  • laugh a lot
  • Pain is temporary and pride is permanent.
  • Timing is everything.
  • Do some physical activity that helps re-energize your brain (see How Exercise Reprograms the Brain for more information.))
  • Be polite, help the person who really needs you, you get great pleasure after you have helped.
  • Everything happens for a reason.
  • Your parents always think well of you, never cheat them, no matter what the circumstances are, they will always support you.
  • Think positive about yourself it will create positivity in your surrounding
  • Your parents and family are the sweetest gift you got from God, make them the top most priority in life.
  • Ignore the fuss created by your relatives.
  • Spend time with your hobbies like singing, dancing, playing guitar etc.
  • Learn to stay calm and think positively in the worst case scenario.
  • read more and more novels
  • nothing is permanent
  • Betrayal never comes from enemies but from one’s own people.
  • Life can be very difficult sometimes. But no matter, it will get better eventually.
  • Never, ever expect anything from anyone. You can never easily borrow money from someone even if you have helped him many times.
  • eat less
shallow focus photo of two brown lions
Photo by Iurii Ivashchenko on Pexels.com

The lion you are seeing above was once the king of the jungle, his roar used to make the whole jungle tremble. After a few moments of taking this picture, he attained his martyrdom, now there is no hunger, desire, desire for everyone. the end is over

“God made you like me,

Don’t know how many

made of clay,

mixed in the soil

WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life

No matter how beautiful you are, how powerful you are, your end is certain, even if you have six pack abs, no matter how many records you have, give up your pride and treat people well, you must know the last words of Steve Jobs Must read ( Steve Jobs’ last words will make you change your view of life completely!)

Death is the ultimate truth of life, we would always like to live more but the invisible power which is above us may not accept it.

Your potential is more than you can even imagine, but the condition is that you are intellectual, spiritual and have control over yourself so that you can focus your energy in a positive direction to accomplish the goal. The Best 5 Real Life Inspirational Stories)

Should be disappointed? Not at all you get life only once live it well stop worrying and start living

WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life

Be with childlike carefree attitude, do you know a child smiles 300 times per day and we actually forget to smile in this fast paced world, keep a diary with you and note what is good with you Has happened and whenever you get into trouble remember these incidents and your beautiful childhood will give you a lot of relief and show you the way in times of trouble.

ball blur championship close up
WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

You must be interested in one or the other sport, do you ever get to know the result without playing it? Not at all, you can lose the game even by keeping the best players in the world and you can win the game by taking average players, you can win any game by keeping patience and patience, even the best players perform poorly.

Sometimes it is good, and a good captain is the one who wins the game even with less resources, something similar happens in life, you are the captain, you will have different situations, how well you lead, in bad and bad times. It will be necessary, because this is life sir, you will definitely fall, never fall in life, don’t get hurt, it is not necessary to know how to get up after falling, don’t think more than necessary because the result of the game is not achieved without playing, worrying too much about the result to do better without trying your best

time is precious

  • Time heals every wound, we love our parents very much but one day they have to leave us forever and it is the most painful moment in one’s life but still, people are living their life.
  • Invest time in building good friends and relationships.
  • investing time in working hard to achieve a goal
  • It takes time to grow towards maturity and maturity is the understanding that we have developed with time and our responsibility, being a mature person will put you in more discomfort as you start to realize and it will make you more and more Will teach more
WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life

Do not accept anyone’s definition, make your own definition of life because every person is not equal, just as all the fingers of our hands are not equal.

Interesting facts about life

  1. One cigarette reduces the whole 11 minutes of your life.
  2. On an average a man spends 14 days of his life at a traffic signal.
  3. Steve Jobs, who introduced the world to the iPhone, never had a number plate on his car.
  4. Our brain is made up of more than 75% water.
  5. Your brain grows 95% by the age of 5 and develops 100% by the age of 18 and stops growing after that.
  6. Half of our brain can be removed by surgery and it will not affect our memories.
  7. On average, 60,000 thoughts come to our mind every day.
  8. When a person is snoring, he cannot dream at that time.
  9. An average person sees 4 dreams in a night and 1,460 dreams in a year.
  10. Not everyone’s dreams are colorful> Not all human beings see colorful dreams. In earlier times when T.V. When there were no black and white dreams, almost everyone used to dream. But ever since color T.V. Since then 95% people have started seeing colorful dreams.
  11. The semen that comes out in one intercourse contains 30 to 45 crore sperms.
  12. Along with reducing stress by having sex, headache also disappears.
  13. Women have sex on average 3000 times by the age of 45.
  14. The penis of men up to the age of 40 years becomes erect in just 10 seconds.
  15. About 25 percent of the world’s men are currently thinking about sex.
  16. It is a law in Saudi Arabia that if a husband does not give coffee to his wife, she can divorce him.
  17. The word ‘Woman’ is derived from ‘Wyfman’ which means – ‘Wife Of Man’.
  18. Every woman has applied about 2 kg 700 grams of lipstick during her lifetime.
  19. About 27% of women die due to heart disease and 12% due to cancer.
  20. An average person’s heart beats 72 times in a minute, one lakh times in a day and 36 million times in a year. This figure reaches 250 crores during the entire lifetime.
  21. Our heart starts working when we are 4 weeks old in our mother’s womb.
  22. The risk of heart attack increases by 200 to 400 percent for people who smoke bidi-cigarettes.
  23. Having sex three times a week reduces the chances of heart attack by 50 percent.
  24. A normal human eye can recognize 10 million colours.
  25. The capacity of human eye would have been equal to 576 Mega Pixel camera.
  26. Most babies born prematurely are lefty left-handed.
  27. The average person spends 39 days of their life brushing teeth.
  28. On average a person spends 6 months of his life shaving
  29. The strongest part of our body is the upper part of our teeth.
  30. We spend 6 months of our life in the toilet
  31. There are about 300 types of bacteria present in dental plaque.
  32. As we age, the thickness of our lips starts decreasing.
  33. Drinking tomatoes juice increased the color of the Lip’s. Tomatoes juice can also be applies on the lips to get pink lips.
  34. The nail of our middle finger i.e. the biggest finger grows the fastest.
  35. Men’s nails grow faster than women’s.
  36. So much saliva is produced in our lifetime that it would fill a swimming pool.
  37. 80% of people around the world live on less than $10 a day
  38. Women spend 4 precious years of their life only for religion.
  39. We spend 25 precious years of our life only in sleep.
  40. A human can store about 10 Gb of data in his lifetime.
  41. Out of 70 lakh human beings, only 1 person can live more than 110 years.
  42. Young nails grow faster than old ones.
  43. Newborns pass urine about once every 20 minutes for a few weeks to about once every hour by 6 months.
  44. If a child’s stomach is full, and he is given more to eat, he says no by shaking his head left and right. Scientists believe that the habit of saying no by shaking the head in humans originated from here.
  45. Every 40 seconds a child is born with a birth defect in China.
  46. , Scientists believe that children do not dream for two to three years from birth.
  47. About 40 million people in the world are blind and almost the same number of people are troubled by some problem related to the eyes.
  48. Humans who have blue eyes have more ability to tolerate alcohol, which means they can drink more alcohol than other people.
  49. Until the newborns are 4 to 13 weeks old, they do not cry while crying. While crying for that long, only his voice comes.
  50. The weight of one human eye is only 8 grams.
  51. Nature has made our eyes in such a way that any small problem related to it goes away very quickly. If there is a scratch in your eyes, then Carnies will fix it within two days.
  52. We blink an average of 12 times in a minute. Accordingly, we blink about 10,000 times a day and 35 million times in a year.
  53. Being happy reduces the risk of heart diseases.
  54. Eating dark chocolate can reduce the chances of heart diseases by one-third.
  55. The number of non-vegetarians dying of heart diseases is more than that of vegetarians.

19 percent more Life fact’s.

WHAT IS LIFE And Interesting facts about life
  1. People who eat vitamin pills are at increased risk of heart related diseases and cancer.
  2. Monday is the day when most heart attacks occur. The reason for this is the stress of working after the holiday.
  3. Small children’s heart is as big as a clenched fist. The size of an adult’s heart is the size of the two hands clasped together (as Christians pray).
  4. 75 lakh crore cells of the body receive blood from the heart except from the corneas of the eyes.
  5. Every day your heart produces so much energy that it can drive a truck for 32 kilometers.
  6. The right side of the heart supplies blood only to the lungs while the left side supplies blood to the rest of the body.
  7. , The average weight of the heart of men is 300 to 350 grams, while the weight of the heart of women is between 250 to 300 grams.
  8. Your heart pumps 5.5 liters of blood every minute. In its lifetime, it pumps so much blood that it can fill 100 large swimming pools.
  9. Our hearts start working when we are 4 weeks old in our mother’s womb.
  10. If there are maximum victims of emotional blackmail in the world, then they are Indian men. Indian women never say the right thing in a close relationship, they always give it an emotional touch so that anyone melts and listens to them.
  11. Indian women are considered to be the most beautiful in the world.
  12. Women like to kiss even after sex.
  13. Where did the wealth of the world’s 20 richest women come from? Behind this is not their hard work, but the kindness of husband or father. Except the rich woman at number 17, all other women have wealth left by their husbands or fathers.
  14. Every 90 seconds a woman in the world dies during childbirth.
  15. Girls love to talk dirty as much as boys.
  16. Out of 5 people who reach the age of 100, 4 are women.
  17. According to research conducted on women, the children of women who snore during pregnancy are smaller in size than the rest of the children.
  18. Sex before marriage is a moral taboo in India. On the other hand, the matter of pregnancy of virgin girls cannot even be thought of. 40 percent of women in America give birth to a child before marriage.
  19. Women in the world still get 36% less pay for doing the same amount of work as men.
  20. Women cry 30 to 64 times in a year. At the same time, men cry only 6 to 17 times in a year.


What is life in English?

#1. Life is a long journey. 
#2. On walking on which there is an experience of ups and downs.

#3. Life is a battle. 
#4. To win which keep fighting with all your heart and life is a duty.

#5. That’s why every person should follow all the duties towards others and the society.