Do you know, who invented google? (Update November 2022)

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About – who invented google, As we all know about Google, Google is the search engine that we use daily. Today the Internet has become a basic need such as bread, cloth and house. We need internet or google every day for some work or the other.

And Google is used by common people to get everyday information so that we can stay updated in daily life. But apart from common people, internet is also used by government, private business.

who invented google Full Details in English :

who invented google
who invented google

Internet usage has increased significantly after the Kovid-19 pandemic, it was needed earlier, but because Kovid-19 had previously imprisoned the whole world, the result was that people started working from home, and working from home. Internet is required to do this.

We saw how India’s education went from offline to online due to COVID-19. And even now education is being provided online to a large extent. In such a situation, the need of internet was becoming more and more in every sector of the country and the world.

Ever since the invention of the Internet, it has become very easy to get any kind of information. Before the internet, we had to buy and read books while searching offline to get information. But now every type of information is a click away from Google search. Which you can get anywhere, anytime that too at very low prices.

With the advent of the Internet, the whole world has become virtually connected. And this has benefited ‘us’ i.e. the common people, where we get instant news of what is going on in other parts of the world in a very short time.

If there was no internet then you would not be reading this article on our site now. The nature of the Internet as it appears today is very fast, and every information of the world is exposed in front of you at one click, that too in a very effective way,

The nature of this Internet has faced a lot of changes to reach here. The kind of internet we see today was not like this before. With the passage of time, new inventions kept happening, making the Internet better, one of these inventions can be considered Google as well.

Everyone knows about Google. When we take the name of Google in front of someone, the first thing that comes to their mind is the internet. When asked about Google, many people consider it to be a big company in the American technology sector. So many people consider Google as a software company.

Google works in many digital sectors but it has gained recognition due to its search engine. The world’s largest company Google started as a search engine

Google as a search engine analyzes web pages and helps its users to find them. Will try to go into this further in detail, but what do you know? Google ka avishkar kisne kiya , when Google was invented, if not then we will know about it further. Read full article –

What is Google, how does it work?

who invented google
who invented google

Google ka avishkar kisne kiya Before going to this, let us see what is Google and how it works. Google is said to be a search engine through which you can easily get any type of information from the Internet. Google is considered one of the biggest and most important inventions for the Internet world.

Google started as a search engine, but later due to the good response of the people, in today’s time Google has become an international company. And working in this company is the dream of every software engineer in the world.

Google as a software company has received a very good response from the people and that is why this international company has made its place in software as well as hardware, it has launched many of its products in the hardware sector. Like Google Pixel phone, Google Home, it is one of the best products of Google, which people have liked a lot.

You can see the supremacy of this company in the software sectors in such a way that today Android mobile phones are used by more people all over the world and Google’s Android operating system is used in such mobiles.

And apart from this, Google’s operating system ChromeOs is used extensively in computers. You can guess the diversity of Google from the fact that the world’s second largest video search engine, which we know as YouTube. That too was bought by Google in 2006.

Apart from this, Google provides a lot of services in the Internet sector, which includes many products like Blogspot, Google Keep, Google Assistant, Gmail, Google Suite.

In simple words, Google is an American multinational technology company. Which works in the Internet world, which provides a lot of Internet related services. To which you can add online advertising technology, cloud computing, software related products, and some hardware related products.

According to the information of Wikipedia, Google is included in the top five largest technology companies in the world. Google’s services and products are used all over the world except in a few selected countries.

Many talented people from India are working on high positions in various sectors of America today. CEOs of many big companies in America are Indians and Google is also included in these companies, in which the current CEO is Sundar Pichai. And he is one of the main shareholders in Google.

Looking at the initial working process of Google, it was such a software or tool of the Internet world, its main job was to provide information about the work of the users to them.

And it used to implement that web pages linked to that information or you can call it “website or block”, bringing those web pages and blogs in front of the users. And over time, Google improved this process further, which made the Google search engine a very famous and used search engine.

who invented google, what is his name?

who invented google
who invented google

The invention of Google is mainly attributed to two people named   Sergey Brin  and  Larry Page . Don’t know how many engineers must have given their contribution in Google to bring it to this point, the way we see advanced Google today.

The initial foundation of this multinational company was laid as a project by two students of Stanford University in the US city of California. And the names of these two students are   Sergey Brin  and  Larry Page . Who currently hold a large share of Google’s shares.

When Sergey Brin  and  Larry Page started their project, they named it Googol. But due to further spelling mistake, it became Google from Googol. But today we can see that this name has become very famous all over the world.

Sergey Brin  and  Larry Page started Google as a research project during their PhD studies in computer engineering at Stanford University.

There was also a third person between these two associates, Scott Hassan, who wrote most of Google’s code, but he left Google’s project before Google achieved the status of an international company.

Scott Hassan left Google’s project because he had to pursue a career in robotics and in 2006 he opened a company called ‘Willow Garage’ and for this reason he was not officially considered the founder of Google even though he had a significant contribution to Google. go.

On what date was Google invented?

As we learned in the article, Google was invented as a college project of Sergey Brin  and  Larry Page . And talking about the date, it was 4 September 1998 when he established Google as a private company in California. So we can say that Google was invented on 4th September 1998.

Google’s innovation took place when web directories were used to find web pages on the Internet. Google was not the only first search engine in the Internet world till that time, but Google was created as a new technology, which made Google better than other search engines.

Before Google, party keywords were ranked on total numbers in the Internet’s search engines. And according to this, the web page on which the keywords were more searched at that time was ranked higher on the internet. And its users did not get good results (quality content)

But Google used to work on a different methodology. Google used to decide the ranking factor of that page by analyzing the websites related to the particular subject and the links related to them.

If you understand in simple language, then the website which had more backlinks, what did that site rank in the search engine. As a result of this, users started getting good results. This idea was from Larry Page , one of the two founders of Google . At that time the search engine based on this new idea was called BackRub.

Because the job of this search engine was to improve the ranking factor of web pages on the search engine based on backlinks. After seeing its success, some other search engines adopted its methodology, whose example can be seen in Chinese search engine Baidu.

After some time , the name of this new search engine BackRub created by Sergey Brin  and  Larry Page was changed to Google .

Google this name was not intended it is called a spelling mistake. The planned name of Google was to be Googol which means ”  100 zeros following 1 “. The yo domain was purchased on 15th September 1997 which was established as a corporate company on 4th September 1998.

How Google looked from 1996 to 1998

who invented google
who invented google

As we know, Google started as a research project in 1996 and Google was officially established as a corporate company on 4 September 1998. During this, Google’s interface looked like the picture below.

What was Google’s first Doodle? 

As we see, Google often uses Google Doodle to honor a person. So the question in your mind will be that what did Google keep its first doodle?

Google’s first doodle was a picture of a ‘Burning Man’ . Whose idea and design is the story of Google founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The idea behind keeping the picture of ‘Burning Man’ as Doodle was that whenever the server is crushed, Doodle can tell its users that the temporary server has been crushed.

In which countries does Google have a branch?

As we know, Google is currently an international company of America, whose services are used by people almost all over the world and to keep it running normally, Google needs its international head quarters or offices. . And that’s why they have offices in many places around the world. Which includes –

  • Global Headquarters, Mountain View USA
  • YouTube Headquarters, San Bruno USA
  • Boulder 2600 Pearl Street USA
  • Cambridge 355 Main Street USA
  • Irvine 19510 Jamboree Road USA
  • Los Angeles 340 Main Street USA
  • New York 111 8th Avenue USA
  • Pittsburgh 6425 Penn Avenue USA
  • San Francisco 345 Spear Street USA
  • European Headquarters, Dublin, Ireland
  • London – 6PS, UK
  • Munich Erika-Mann-Str. 33, Germany
  • Zurich Brandschenkestrasse 110, Switzerland
  • Asia-Pacific Headquarters, Singapore
  • Hyderabad Survey No. 13, DivyaSree Omega Kondapur Village, Hyderabad, Telangana 500084, India
  • Sydney 48 Pirrama Road Sydney, NSW 2009 , Australia
  • Tokyo Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 6-10-1 Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-6126, Japan

We learned about Google today in this article. Hope you have got answers to all your questions through this article. If you have any question or suggestion in your mind then you can comment.

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FAQ: Related to who invented google?

when was google invented

Google was discovered by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996

when google came in india

Ever since Google officially started in 1998, the whole world started using it, including India.

where is sundar pichai from

Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai, a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Now he is the CEO of Google whose citizenship is American.

who invented google
who invented google

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