Do you know, Who invented the bulb? {Update November 2022}

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About – Who invented the bulb? : In the olden days there was no artificial light, people used candles, oil lamps for lighting. But it was not very convenient, for the same reason it also had some limitations such as it could not be used for a long time, as well as it could not produce much light. So in ancient times, due to lack of a strong source of artificial light, human life was more dependent on daylight.

In today’s era, after the invention of the bulb, man has come in the realm of a nocturnal creature, where now man does not have to depend on sunlight for his work. After the invention of the bulb, many cities of the world continue to run at night like day.

The invention of bulb has changed human civilization a lot as compared to earlier. And after this discovery, human civilization has made a lot of progress. So today in this article we will look at the answers to all the questions related to the bulb, as well as when Who invented the bulb?, so stay with the article till the end, one by one all the facts related to the bulb. will see.

Who invented the bulb?
Who invented the bulb?

What is a bulb and how does it work?

Who invented the bulb? Before going to this, we will know what is bulb and how it works. You must generally know the bulb in easy language that it is a device that provides light to us by the use of electricity. But you may not know how the bulb works,

We talk about the old round bulb, which was often round in shape whose glass was transparent. If you have looked carefully at that transparent circular shaped bulb, then you must have seen a horizontal wire connected to two standing wires in it. On turning it on, you would have seen the same horizontal wire glowing.

Two electric wires are coming out of those bulbs, so that when the current flows through those wires, the filament inside the bulb (which we have placed the horizontal wire) starts burning. Because of which we get light. The filament inside the bulb is made of tungsten filament which produces light by heating up after the effect of electricity is conducted through it.

But inside this spherical bulb made of glass, apart from electric stars, tungsten filaments, there are also pressurized gases. Due to which this bulb is able to work properly, in these bulbs one of the gases Argon, Krypton, Nitrogen, Xenon is inside this bulb in a pressurized manner. Krypton gas is considered the best gas to make a bulb.

Krypton gas is used to make tiny bulbs. Because this bulb produces light by heating tungsten filament in pressurized gas, that is why this bulb is also called incandescent bulb. The capacity of bulbs like these ranges from 1 watt to thousands of watts and the process of making it also takes less cost, due to which they are available in the market at cheap prices. Who invented the bulb?

But there is a drawback of bulbs like these that this bulb consumes more electricity. And only because of this. Nowadays we rarely get to see these bulbs in homes. There was a time when these bulbs were visible everywhere. But now they have been replaced by CFL Bulb, LED Bulb in homes. Because these new bulbs provide us good light in low power consumption.

Come, after knowing how the bulb works, we will know that finally Bulb ka avishkar kisne kiya toh let’s see.

Who invented the bulb? : tha know in easy language

Who invented the bulb?
Who invented the bulb?

At some point of time, this question must have come in your mind that after all what was Bulb ka avishkar kisne kiya and how it was done. So today the answer to this question will be found in this article. American inventor Thomas Alva Edison is mainly known behind the invention of the bulb .

Thomas Edison is mainly known around the world for his invention of the bulb, but he has also researched many other instruments such as the Phonograph, the electricity distribution system, the first commercial fluoroscope (for X-Ray examinations), these Like 1,093 patents he has in his name.

The story of the invention of the bulb begins years before the invention of Thomas Edison, when in the year 1800 an Italian inventor named Alessandro Volta, from far away in America, used zinc, copper wire, cardboard soaked in salt water and his technique. By doing this for the first time it is successful in generating electricity under controlled conditions. Which we can battery in today’s language.

It can be called the first version of today’s battery. In this Volta’s research, light started coming out of copper wires when heated due to electric current and it is said that due to this incident, the foundation of the future bulb was laid. Shortly after Alessandro Volta presented his research to the Royal Society in London, British chemist Humphrey Davy produced the first electric lamp using charcoal electrodes.

This invention made by Davy in the year 1802 was called the first electric arc lamp in which the light was illuminated with the help of two carbon rods. But because this electric lamp used to be too light and was not a practical source of light, it was difficult to use it in the home. After which there was scope for further progress in this research. Who invented the bulb?

In the year 1840, a British scientist named Warren de la Rue contributed to this discovery and invented a light bulb, which was based on platinum filament, but due to platinum, it was not practical for use by common people. Its cost had gone up considerably.

After which, using this light force, American inventor Thomas Alva Edison put a new light bulb in front of the world in the year 1879 using carbon filament. Edison had adopted some new methods in this new research, such as he used compress gas while improving the design of the bulb by using thin carbon filament.

Because of which finally this bulb was ready to be used by common people in a practical way. And because of this, Thomas Alva Edison is seen as the inventor of the bulb.

what year was the light bulb finally invented

Who invented the bulb?
Who invented the bulb?

The bulb was invented in the year 1879  .

Who invented the fluorescent lamp

German researcher Edmund Germer is known as the Father of Fluorescent lamp. He developed the first metal vapor fluorescent tube, he was very close to succeeding in making fluorescent lamp like today. In the lamp made by him, UV rays were used from mercury vapor, the light of this lamp was visible in green color, due to its phosphorus, it got this color but its life was short.

If more work had been done on this technology at that time, it would have been made successfully at that time, but they needed more funds for this research which they did not get.

Now knowing that many scientists had worked in the invention of this fluorescent lamp, which we will see one by one below –

1.) In 1856 , Germany’s Heinrich Geissler did a large-scale study on arc tubes, the Geissler tube created by him laid the foundation for future arc discharge lamps and HID lamps.

2.) 1859 , Alexandre-Edmond Becquere of France became the first person to use a phosphor inside a glass discharge tube.

3.) 1891 , American scientist Nikola Tesla , also considered a contributor to the journey of developing the fluorescent lamp, created the induction lamp, it was not really the “fluorescent lamp” as we know it today.

4.) 1896 , American scientist Thomas Edison , it is not possible that Edison’s name does not come in the journey of making fluorescent lamp, he did a research in the journey of making fluorescent lamp, in which he made a glass using calcium tungstate phosphor coating. succeeded in illuminating the phosphor coating in the tube with X-rays, but it was short-lived. Who invented the bulb?

And its color was not good to see, because x-rays were being used in this experiment, due to which Clarence Dally, who was working on this project with Edison, died due to exposure to radiation. . After which Edison left this project there itself.

5.) In 1895 , American scientist Daniel McFarlan Moore succeeded in developing the first precursor of fluorescent light called the Moore tube.

6.) 1901 , American scientist Peter Cooper Hewitt developed the first commercial mercury vapor lamp. An electric arc through mercury vapor is thought to be the basis of modern fluorescent lamps.

7.) 1911 , American scientist William D. Coolidge played an important role in the journey of fluorescent lamp invention, he manufactured ductile tungsten wire, after which revolutionized the making of incandescent light bulb. Tungsten wire is the metal with the highest melting point of all metals, which was later used as the electrodes of fluorescent lamps.

8.) 1915 , Georges Claude of France invented the modern neon lamp

9.) 1927 , American scientist Albert W. Hull has contributed a lot in the field of vacuum tubes, with this he was successful in getting strong UV emission from vacuum tubes in the best way, he also worked on electrodes which Did not decompose easily.

10.) 1934 , American scientist George Inman , together with R ichard Thayer, Eugene Lemmers, and Willard A. Roberts , developed the first true fluorescent lamp, using white phosphors, which were also more stable than before. It is reliable, if we look at the fluorescent lamp of today’s era, there is not much difference in the lamp made by Inman and his team.

11.) 1934 , American scientists Clifton G. Found , Willard Roberts w CA Nickel , and GR Fonda (Schenectady) While doing more research on phosphors, they further enhanced light with better white colors than fluorescent lamps.

12.) 1976 , American scientist Edward E. Hammer developed the CFL or compact fluorescent lamp.

13.) 1984 , John M. Anderson was successful in upgrading the fluorescent lamp technology by improving it, he made the lamp without ballast in the lamp, in which he improved his electrodes, adding new lamp dimming technology to the fluorescent lamp. Developed, before that it was not in the lamps.

Edmund Germer, George Inman and Richard Thayer are mainly known for the invention of fluorescent lamp technology. But the above mentioned scientists also have an important role in the development of this technology, they should not be mentioned.

When and who invented the LED bulb

Who invented the bulb?
Who invented the bulb?

American scientist Nick Holonyak invented the LED bulb in the year 1962 .

what are the types of light bulbs

There are many types of light bulbs, but among them only the bulb given below is famous.

  • Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL)
  • Light emitting diode (LED)
  • Incandescent bulbs
  • Fluorescent lamps
  • Halogen bulbs

Some interesting facts about light bulbs

1.) While buying a new incandescent bulb one should pay attention to the lumen rating given on its box and not its wattage, the lumen rating measures the brightness potential of that bulb and the wattage measures its power consumption. comes in handy. We should look at its lumen rating for good lighting.

2.) The Centennial Light incandescent light bulb has been in use since 1901 by the Livermore/Pleasanton Fire Department in California, USA, making it the longest-lasting light bulb in the world. .

3.) Incandescent light bulbs are encased in glass to protect the inside filament from outside winds. The air inside the glass is vacuumed out and replaced with an alternative harmless noble gas such as argon or neon gas. Who invented the bulb?

4.) Thomas Edison founded the Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York after his successful invention of the bulb in the 1880s . At that time this company was started through investors like JP Morgan.

5.) Did you know that it was announced many years ago in the US that incandescent bulbs would be completely replaced because these bulbs were consuming more electricity, since then in the year 2014, the manufacture of incandescent bulbs in the US has not been done.


Today, in this article, we learned about Bulb ka avishkar kisne kiya in a detailed manner as well as who invented Fluorescent lamp and also learned about LED bulb. Hope you have got all the information related to the bulb from this article.

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Who invented the fluorescent lamp

Edmund Germer, George Inman and Richard Thayer are mainly known for the invention of fluorescent lamp technology. But the above mentioned scientists also have an important role in the development of this technology, they should not be mentioned.

who invented the led bulb

American scientist Nick Holonyak invented the LED bulb in the year 1962 .

who invented the first bulb

The first successful bulb was invented by American scientist Thomas Alva Edison in the year 1879 using carbon filament to make electric bulb.

Who invented the bulb?
Who invented the bulb?

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