Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon In English

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sweet lemon: We all know that different types of nutrients are found in each fruit, and there are different benefits of eating each fruit. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of sweet lemon.

As we all know, Mosambi is round, green and sour-sweet fruit. It contains high amounts of vitamin C, antioxidants and many other nutrients. Which is very beneficial for us.

If we talk about sweet lime, then its scientific name is Citrus limetta , although many species are found in it. But this species is grown in India.

Nutritional Value of Sweet Lemon

Since many types of nutrients are found in it, it is very beneficial for our health. Consuming it can help boost your immunity, reduce risk factors for heart disease , prevent kidney stones, aid in the absorption of iron, and promote healthy skin.

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Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon
Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon

Its nutritional content in 100 grams is as follows:

  1. Water – 88.26 grams
  2. Energy – 30 calories
  3. Protein – 0.7 grams
  4. Fat – 0.2 grams
  5. Carbohydrate – 10.54 grams
  6. Fiber – 2.8 grams
  7. Sugar – 1.69 grams
  8. Calcium – 33 mg
  9. Iron – 0.6 mg
  10. Magnesium – 6 grams
  11. Phosphorus – 18 grams
  12. Potassium – 2 mg
  13. Sodium – 2 mg
  14. Zinc – 0.11 ml
  15. Copper – 0.0065 mg
  16. Vitamin C – 29.1 mg
  17. Choline – 5.1 mg
  18. Vitamin E – 0.22 mg
  19. Vitamin C – 30 mg

Benefits of Sweet Lemon

As we all know, Mosambi is a sour-sweet fruit. It is rich in many types of nutrients, that is why there are many benefits of eating it. About which we are go to telling below. Read the full article to knowing about its.

Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon
Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon

1. For the immune system

It is necessary for our body to have a strong immune system to prevent any disease. In such a situation, you should consume sweet lime. The anti-cancer, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties present in it prevent infection in our body and protect us from diseases.

2. Prevents Scurvy

As we all know, when there is a deficiency of Vitamin C in our body, then we get the problem of Scurvy. In this, there can be symptoms of gum swelling, bleeding gums, bad breath, etc.

In such a situation, you should include Musambi in your diet. Vitamin C is found in plenty in it. By consuming it, we can avoid diseases like scurvy. With this, our gums will remain as well as it helps us to avoid problems like cold, cracked lips and flu.

3. Beneficial for the eyes

Many types of nutrients and antioxidants are found in sweet lime which protect us. The antioxidant properties and anti-bacterial properties present in it help us in the treatment and prevention of various eye infections like cataract and other diseases.

4. Beneficial for hair

Mosambi has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties. Which are used for many beauty care and treatments. They are also very beneficial for hair and skin health. The abundance of vitamins in it make the hair strong and are also helpful in reducing dandruff.

5. Beneficial for the skin

Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon
Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon

Due to the nutritional and other properties present in sweet lime, it is used in many skincare products. If you have dry skin, then you should consume Musambi. The nutrients present in it are helpful in healing dry skin.

It improves skin tone and glow, Mosambi acts as a natural moisturiser. That’s why its use reduces facial acne and also increases the glow and beauty of the face .

6. For urinary diseases

Many people have urinary problems. In this case, sweet lime should be consumed. Potassium is found in abundance in it. Which reduces urinary problems and also protects us from problems like Urinary tract infections (UTIs).

7. Weight loss

Many of you will be troubled by obesity . If you want to reduce your obesity, then you should include sweet lime in your diet. It contains very little amount of fat, which is responsible for weight gain. By consuming it, you can control your weight.

8. Cancer Prevention

We all know that cancer is a very dangerous disease. People are scared even by its name. Anti-carcinogenic components are found in sweet lime, which prevents abnormal cells from growing and protects us from many types of cancer.

9. In reducing cholesterol

It has anti-hyperlipidemic properties. Which helps us to control our blood pressure and cholesterol.

Side effects of Sweet Lemon

Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon
Benefits and side effects of sweet lemon

By the way, Musambi is very beneficial for us. But sometimes it proves to be harmful for us. Its disadvantages are as follows:

1. Many people are allergic to many things. They may also be afraid of being allergic to sweet lime. In such a situation, you should first know whether you are allergic to it. If you are allergic, you may have problems like swelling, hives, and difficulty in breathing.

2. Some people may have acidity problem due to its consumption. It contains citric acid and vitamin C, which can cause acidity problems.

3. It is very acidic. Sometimes its excessive consumption can lead to the risk of cavity.

4. Due to its excessive consumption, you may have problems like stomach pain, vomiting, headache. That’s why consume it only in a certain quantity.


What happens if you eat orange everyday?

Orange strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases. Eating orange daily in winter gives many benefits to the body. It contains abundant fiber which strengthens digestion. Soluble fiber keeps the stomach full for a long time, so that you avoid frequent eating and your weight remains under control.

Which disease can be cured by orange?

Consuming oranges is also very beneficial in stomach gas, indigestion, joint pain, high blood pressure, arthritis, beri-beri disease .