Health Benefits and Side Effects of Olive Oil

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Health Benefits of Olive Oil ➲ Olive oil is called olive oil in Hindi, its botanical name – Olea europaea, species – Olea , caste – Thuropia, family – Oleaceae and it is a tree. Olive was first found in West Asia.

It is cultivated in Africa, China and New Zealand, which is a business for them. Its gardens are also planted in California, USA.

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Olive Oil

There are two types of olive trees, the wild with thorns and the other without thorns. Wild olives are small and bushy and have thorns on their branches. Oil is obtained from the fruit of the olive tree, which people trade. Depending on the dry matter present in this olive fruit, 50 to 55% oil is obtained. Pickle is also made from olive fruit.

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Nitrogen fertilizers are most useful for olive trees. The fame of the medicinal properties of the olive tree is far and wide, that is why it is found in all the provinces of the world. Olive oil is very easily available in the market but special attention needs to be paid to its quality because many adulterations are found in the market olive oil which can be harmful for us.

A special feature of olive oil is that it can be used both internally and externally, it is used for both beauty and health. Oil is also used in cooking. Olive oil is very useful against the development of any type of cancer.

Benefits of Olive Oil Benefits of Olive Oil

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Olive Oil

lowering cholesterol

Cholesterol can be reduced by the use of olive oil. With the help of olive oil, the heart can also be strengthened and the disease of seizures also decreases.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure can be reduced with olive oil, its regular use can also balance blood circulation in the body.

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in weight loss

If you want to reduce your obesity , then every day you have to consume one to two spoons of olive oil every morning.

useful for hair

Vitamin E and fatty acids are found in plenty along with many antioxidants in Liv oil, which is useful for our hair, due to which the problem of split ends can also be overcome.

useful in beauty

Olive oil keeps our skin moist, fatty acids and vitamin A and vitamin E are found in it, which prevent wrinkles in the skin and help in making the face healthy.

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to the brain

Olive oil has a very important contribution in curing mental illness like Alzheimer’s and dementia, along with it also helps in reducing depression .

reducing inflammation

Olive oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, it cures any kind of inflammation, apart from this it can also cure diabetes, arthritis, cancer, heart disease.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Olive Oil

useful in cancer

Polyphenol antioxidants are found in olive oil, for this you have to consume two spoons of pure olive oil. Breast cancer can also be cured with olive oil.

bone strength

Massaging with olive oil strengthens the bones, diseases like Arthritis Osteoporosis can also be reduced by its use.

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useful in diabetes

Diseases like diabetes can also be prevented by daily consumption of olive oil as it controls sugar and balances the secretion of insulin.

Side Effects of Olive Oil

What are the side effects of olive oil?

  • Consuming too much olive oil can cause acne problems.
  • Olive oil is not useful for dry skin.
  • Some people may also be allergic to olive oil.
  • Due to its excessive use, the problem of hypotension can also be seen.
  • Excessive use of olive oil can increase our body weight, we should avoid its excessive consumption.
  • Individuals whose skin is smooth and sticky are more prone to irritation, rashes.
  • Consuming too much olive oil can also cause diarrhea.
  • Due to the high fat in olive oil, it can spoil the digestive power.
  • Its excessive consumption can be harmful to our overall health like dizziness, kidney problems etc.
  • Excessive consumption of olive oil can reduce the blood pressure of our body.

2nd Post — Related to olive oil

There is a lot of popularity of olive oil, obviously the various properties of olive oil are responsible for this. It helps in solving many of our problems. Those who take olive oil from the market need to pay special attention to its quality. Because low quality olive oil is also sold in the market.

The best olive oil is considered to be cold pressed. It has the best taste and smell. The special thing about olive oil is that it can be used both internally and externally. Apart from this, it is used for health as well as for beauty. Let us know the benefits of olive oil massage through this article.
1. In weight loss
The healthy mono-saturated fats present in olive oil play an important role in reducing belly fat and weight. If it is used in the right quantity then you can reduce your weight easily. To avoid obesity, you have to consume one to two teaspoons of olive oil daily every morning.
2. For inflammation
Olive oil also has the properties of reducing inflammation. Especially it has an important role in reducing chronic inflammation. Apart from this, it can also cure diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis.
3. For hair
Along with fatty acids and many antioxidants, Vitamin E is also found in abundance in olive oil. All these elements present in it prove to be very useful in the treatment of dry and damaged hair. This also gives a proper solution to the problems of split ends.
Using olive oil to reduce cholesterol, there is a significant reduction in low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in your body. This can cause narrowing of the arteries. On the contrary, olive oil also increases the amount of good cholesterol in our body, which plays a protective role. With the help of olive oil, your heart becomes strong and the chances of having a stroke decrease.
5. In the treatment of cancer
Polyphenol antioxidants present in olive oil reduce inflammation in your body as well as reduce the risk of cancer. For this, you should use 1 to 2 teaspoons of pure olive oil daily.
6. Olive oil for the face is
considered a good moisturizer for skin moisture. Along with vitamin A and E, fatty acid are also found in it. Due to which the formation of wrinkles in the skin of your body stops, it also stops the lines on the face.
7. In high blood pressure,
with the help of olive oil, you can get relief in high blood pressure. Apart from this, using olive oil in food improves blood circulation in our body. This also removes the problem of blood pressure.
8. For the strength of bones
Massaging with olive oil strengthens the bones of your body. The use of olive oil also reduces the risk of osteoporosis. So use it keeping in mind the health of the bones.
Regular use of olive oil for the brain can reduce cognitive risk. Along with this, it also has a roles in remove problems in the brain such as Alzheimer’s dementia. Apart from this, it can reduce the risk of depression.
10. In the treatment of
diabetes, we can use pure olive oil in diabetes also. Because it promotes sensitivity to insulin by controlling sugar. Along with this, olive oil is also helpful in maintaining triglyceride levels.