Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English

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Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans : Rajma is a very tasty food item. It also contains many nutrients. 100 grams of Rajma contains 333 calories, Potassium 14 grams, Carbohydrate 60 grams, Dietary fiber 25 grams, Protein 24 grams, Calcium 14%, Vitamin C 7%, Vitamin B-6 20%, Magnesium 35%, Iron 45% it happens. In this way Rajma is very beneficial for health. Myanmar, India, Brazil, China and Mexico are the largest kidney beans producing countries.  

The scientific name of Rajma is “Fasiolus vulgaris”. It is also known as “French Bean”. Its pods are kidney shaped. That’s why it is also called kidney bean. Its demand is very high in the market, so its price is also high.

In India, it is eaten all over the country, but the people of Punjab like to eat it very much. Rajma is cultivated in the Rabi (winter) season . It requires 20 to 25 degree Celsius temperature.

Health Benefits of Red Kidney Beans

Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English
Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English

Benefits of eating Rajma   

Nutrients present in Rajma (100gm) –

protein24 g
Energy340 calories
carbohydrates56 gm
fat1 gm
magnesium184 mg
Iron –
phosphorus –
Vitamin B-9 –

gives lots of energy

There is a lot of iron protein inside Rajma, which gives us energy by eating it. By eating kidney beans, the flow of oxygen in the body becomes smooth.

People who cannot eat non-veg can also meet their protein requirements by eating Rajma. Rajma is a outstanding source of protein. Rajma tastes great when eaten with rice.

reduces weight

People who are worried about their weight can eat Rajma comfortably as it is low in calories. Rajma can also be consumed in the form of soup and salad.

beneficial for the brain

Vitamin K is found in Rajma which is very beneficial for the brain . It strengthens our memory. Helping in smooth function of the nervous system.

beneficial for diabetes

Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English
Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English

People who have the problem of diabetes can easily eat kidney beans because there is almost no sugar in it.

prevents heart diseases

Rajma is rich in fiber which lowers cholesterol. Eating this keeps the heart healthy. Magnesium is also found in Rajma which helps in running the cardiovascular system smoothly. It protects the body from stroke, cholesterol deposition of arteries and other heart diseases.

strengthens bone

Rajma contains nutrients like calcium magnesium biotin which are very useful for bones, nails and hair. By eating kidney beans, the bone becomes strong, nails are shiny, hair fall is reduced. The hair is long black and thick.

Rajma is helpful in preventing arthritis, osteoporosis, other bone diseases. Eating kidney beans also reduces the chances of bone fracture because the bones become strong.  

protects against cancer

Anti-oxidants are found inside Rajma which protects against cancer.

controls blood pressure

Elements like magnesium, potassium, fiber, protein are found in kidney beans which control blood pressure.

Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English
Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English

keeps aging away

Anti-oxidants are found in kidney beans which prevent wrinkles, acne, skin cells from getting old. People who consume Rajma appear young and beautiful for a long time.

Removes constipation and other digestive ailments

Sufficient amount of fiber is found inside Rajma which digests the food well. It softens the stool which makes it easier to pass stool.

People who are troubled by problems like constipation should eat kidney beans. Rajma is also beneficial for the intestines. It gives relief from constipation.

beneficial for children

Eating kidney beans is also very advantageous for children. It is rich in iron, fiber, protein. It is also tasty to eat. It is soft and easy to chew. Rajma can also be made for kids as lunch.

Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English
Health Benefits of (Rajma) Red Kidney Beans In English

Disadvantages of eating Rajma

Although there are many benefits of eating kidney beans, but eating more than required can also have some disadvantages.

digestive tract problems

Since fiber is found in a lot in kidney beans, it can cause problems in the digestive system .

gas problem

Eating kidney beans in excess can cause gas, abdominal pain, intestinal pain.

some other side effects

Iron (iron) is 45% in 1 cup of kidney beans. Our body requires 25 to 38 grams of iron. That’s why consuming more kidney beans can damage the body parts.


Q: Where is Rajma eaten the most?

Ans: Rajma is mostly eaten in North India.

Q: How many types of Rajma are there?

Ans: There are many types of Rajma like- Kashmiri Rajma, Chitra and Red Rajma etc.

Q: How can Rajma be eaten?

Ans: You can eat Rajma as a vegetable or as a salad.

Q: What are the qualities of Rajma?

Ans: Rajma is very beneficial for weight loss, diabetes, brain sharpening etc.

Q: In what other way can Rajma be eaten?

Ans: You can also eat Rajma in the form of Kebab.