Health Benefits of Lentils In English

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Health Benefits of Lentils. 👁️⃤ Do you know what are the benefits of eating lentils? 👁️⃤Do you know what types of diseases are cured by lentils?

⋮➻ To tell the truth, lentils are my favorite pulse and if I go to the market, I definitely buy lentils and bring them. Masoor dal Lentils is as tasty as it is in food, equally more lentil is beneficial for health.

⋮➻ The most amazing thing about this dal is that it has very few calories and only a lot of nutrition. Masoor dal can be prepared in any number of ways, such as mixing it with vegetables, adding it to salads, or even as a simple dal.

⋮➻ Masoor dal is very easy to cook and is available in every grocery store. Today we will know what are the benefits of lentils to our body and how it cures diseases in the form of a medicine.

Health Benefits of Lentils
Health Benefits of Lentils

types of lentils

There are 3 types of lentils.

  1. Whole Black Masoor – It is black in color and the largest in size.
  2. Peeled Lentils ( Malka Masoor ) – It is obtained by removing the skin of black lentils This pulse is pink or red in color.
  3. Crushed Masoor – By applying pressure on the grains of Malka Masoor, it is divided into two parts This dal takes less time to cook.

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Nutritional elements of Masoor Dal – Lentils Nutritional Value

Lentils are a storehouse of nutrients, so it is beneficial in terms of health. Here we are sharing the list of nutritional elements present in Raw Masoor Dal on per 100 grams basis. So come, let us know which nutrients are included in it .

Energy343 kcal
protein24.44 grams
carbohydrates64.44 grams
fiber11. 1 gram
calcium44 mg
Iron6 mg
potassium667 mg
vitamin C5.3 mg

Health Benefits of Lentils

Health Benefits of Lentils
Health Benefits of Lentils

📌 Lowers Cholesterol Decrease Cholesterol Levels

First of all, eating lentils has been seen to reduce cholesterol in the blood , which is very beneficial for the body. There is a lot of soluble fiber in these, due to which it helps in getting cholesterol out of the body.

📌 Keeps Heart Healthy

Some studies have shown that by eating high fiber food like lentils, you can stay away from heart related diseases. Lentils are rich in Folate and Magnesium which is available to the body which keeps the heart healthy. With the help of Folate, there is a drop in Homocysteine ​​Levels which keeps the heart healthy and Magnesium helps in good flow of blood.

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Along with this, with the help of Magnesium, the body also gets a good amount of Oxygen and Nutrients. Due to the lack of magnesium in the body, there is weakness in the heart, which can be fulfilled by lentils.

📌 Good Digestive Health keeps the digestive system correct

Constipation never happens by eating lentils due to being an insoluble dietary fiber. Along with this, food is digested well and you can stay away from all other stomach related problems.

Health Benefits of Lentils
Health Benefits of Lentils

📌 Stabilized Blood Sugar

Due to this, the patients associated with diabetes also benefit a lot. Too much fiber slows down the body’s selection of carbohydrates and digestion, due to which sugar in the blood does not spread quickly.

This is especially good for patients with the complaint of Insulin Resistance Diabetes.

📌 Good Protein Source

Lentils rank third among the best protein sources among all legumes and almonds. Lentil’s contains only about 26 percent protein.

People who do not eat meat and fish can get a good amount of protein from their body by eating lentils.

📌 Energy source for the body Increases Energy

As we have told earlier, due to the high amount of fiber in lentils, it burns energy slowly. Due to slow digestion, the body provides only more iron, due to which the body gets strength.

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Studies have said that Lentils can meet 87 percent of a day’s requirement of iron for men and 38 percent for women. Musar dal proves to be very useful for pregnant women because at such times the body needs a lot of iron.

📌 Helpful in weight loss Weight Loss

You can also reduce your weight by eating lentils . Lentils contain approximately all types of essential nutrients likes fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins etc. The amount of calories in these is very less and at the same time the amount of fat is negligible.

📌 Best for Teeth

If you burn lentils and grind them to ashes and rub them on your teeth every morning and evening, then the teeth are cleaned well. This makes your teeth and gums clean and strong.

Health Benefits of Lentils
Health Benefits of Lentils

📌 Best for Skin

Mixing ghee and milk in lentil pulses and applying it on the face for 7 days ends wrinkles. Grind soft leaves of banyan tree mixed with lentil pulses and apply it on the face to remove spots. Huh. Along with this, it is also said that by making ashes of lentils and mixing milk in it, wounds heal quickly if applied on wounds or injuries.

📌 Throat Pain useful in throat pain

Gargling after making a decoction of lentil leaves reduces swelling of the throat and also reduces pain. It is also said that by doing this, the problem related to intestines also goes away.

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FAQ:- Related to Health Benefits of Lentils

➊ Is it safe to eat raw masoor dal?

📍 No, it is not safe to consume raw pulses. Uncooked or undercooked lentils contain phytic acid, which can block the absorption of some important nutrients in the body. Therefore, always consume pulses after cooking them .

➋ Who should avoid consuming masoor dal?

📍 People who have high amount of phosphorus in their blood or who are suffering from kidney and weak bones problem, they should avoid the consumption of lentils. It contains high amounts of phosphorus, due to which it can further increase the amount of phosphorus in the blood.

➌ What happens if you eat too much masoor dal?

📍 Consuming more lentils can cause stomach upset due to the fiber present in it. This has been explained in detail above in article.

➍ Is masoor dal gluten free?

📍 Yes, masoor dal is gluten free, but some ingredients used while cooking it can create gluten content in it. Hence, if one is sensitive to gluten, please consume it only after consulting your doctor.

➎ What is the best alternative to pulses?

📍 Beans are the best alternative to pulses. These include kidney beans, cannellini beans, navy beans, fava beans, cranberry beans, black beans, pinto beans, soy beans, black-eyed peas, and chickpeas .

➏ How long can cooked masoor dal last?

📍 Cooked masoor dal can last up to five days if kept in the refrigerator, but for health reasons, we would always recommend eating freshly made dal.

➐ How is the effect of masoor dal?

📍 Masoor dal is hot or cold, if you are looking for the answer, then let us tell you that it is cold. Therefore, it is added to moong dal , to control the heating effect of moong.

➑ Is it safe to eat masoor dal daily?

📍 Yes, if you are completely healthy, you can eat lentils daily in a balanced quantity.