Health benefits of Kiwi fruit In English

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Health benefits of Kiwi fruit: Kiwi is a mountain fruit which is light brown in color. Many types of nutrients are found inside it. Antioxidants, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin E, carotenoids, protein, folate (folic acid), potassium, iron and minerals are found inside kiwi.

Italy, New Zealand, Chile, Greece and France are the major producing countries of Kiwi fruit. This fruit is very sweet, juicy and tasty to eat, everyone likes to eat Kiwi. Two Kiwis should be consumed in One day because it is very-very beneficial for health.

Health benefits of Kiwi fruit

Health benefits of Kiwi fruit
Health benefits of Kiwi fruit

Benefits of eating Kiwi fruit

Beneficial in joint pain and bone diseases

Kiwi contains potassium which provides relief in muscle, bone and joint pain. At the age of 40-50, most men and women become victims of bone-related diseases such as arthritis, osteoporosis. Eating kiwi provides relief in these types of diseases.

Beneficial in stomach ailments

The biggest advantage of eating kiwi is that it keeps our digestive system healthy. It contain fiber which help in digestion of foods. It provides relief in stomach related diseases like constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, piles. It is very beneficial for stomach diseases. I am must eating this fruit (KIWI) in Irritable bowel syndrome.

beneficial for diabetes

Diabetes patients can eat kiwi fruit. Eating this does not reduce the level of glucose and provides relief in diabetes.

Beneficial in heart diseases

Heart diseases can be avoided by eating kiwi . Cholesterol accumulates in the veins of the heart, due to which heart attack occurs. Eating kiwi lowers cholesterol levels. Along with this, it helps in reducing bad cholesterol. The fiber and potassium present inside kiwi keeps away from heart disease. Eating this reduces body fat.

beneficial for pregnancy

Pregnant women should consume kiwi. This helps in the developments of the children’s. Kiwi contains elements like folic acid, minerals, potassium, iron and protein, so doctors recommend pregnant women to eat kiwi.

disease resistance

Kiwi has disease resistance. Antioxidants and vitamin B are found inside it, which increases immunity. Apart from this, it removes weakness, fatigue of the body. Increases agility. In western countries, most of the people consume Kiwi fruit in the morning breakfast. People suffering from anemia also consume kiwi.

Beneficial in insomnia, sleep disorder diseases

Health benefits of Kiwi fruit
Health benefits of Kiwi fruit

Serotonin is found inside Kiwi fruit which provides relief in diseases like insomnia sleeping disorder. That’s why doctors recommend that 2 kiwis should be eaten before sleeping. This leads to good sleep.

controls blood pressure

312 mg of potassium is found in 100 grams of kiwi, which helps in controlling blood pressure.

Makes skin glow

If you also want to look beautiful and young, then you should consume Kiwi. It is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants which boost the immunity of the body. Along with this, it prevents the destruction of skin cells, due to which the skin of the body remains shiny and young. Eating Kiwi at the time of old age makes a person look young and beautiful.

Beneficial in common cold

Doctors recommend eating kiwi to people who have a cold, because it contains plenty of vitamin C and antioxidants.

beneficial for eyes

Health benefits of Kiwi fruit
Health benefits of Kiwi fruit

Eating kiwi can avoid eye diseases. Vitamin A and antioxidants are found inside it which protects against eye diseases. Eyes remain healthy for a long time. It also protects against diseases like age-related macular degeneration (AMD) on aging.  

Beneficial in dengue and chikungunya

In diseases like dengue and chikungunya , platelets start decreasing in the blood. In this case, eating kiwi fruit increases the number of platelets. In this diastase, doctors recommended eat two kiwi fruits every days. This fruit is very beneficial for dengue and chikungunya.

reduces inflammation

Eating kiwi fruit reduces inflammation inside the body. It is beneficial in arthritis and other bone diseases. Gives relief in swelling of joints.   

Beneficial in asthma disease

People who have asthma disease should eat kiwi fruit. It contains Vitamin C and antioxidants. It gives relief in asthma disease.

Beneficial in ulcers

People who have ulcer problem should eat Kiwi. Many digestive enzymes are present inside it, which gives relief in the problem of ulcer. reduce pain.

Beneficial in reducing obesity

People who have become obese and are troubled by increasing weight must eat kiwi fruit. There are very few calories in it. That’s why by consuming it, your hunger will also go away and the weight will also reduce. The fiber present inside kiwi helps in reducing weight. Weight remains balanced due to vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber.  

Disadvantages of eating Kiwi

Generally, there are many benefits of eating kiwi fruit which we have told you in the above article. But some people are allergic to it. Those people should not eat this fruit. Allergies can cause problems like itching, swelling, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, itching in the throat.

How to eat Kiwi fruit

  1. Kiwi can be eaten along with strawberries, mango, pineapple, banana and other fruits by cutting into small pieces to make fruit chaat, a cocktail which is very tasty to eat.
  2. Kiwi can also be eaten by cutting it into small pieces and mixing it with honey.
  3. Kiwi can be consumed in the form of salad.

Interesting facts about Kiwi Fruit:

Health benefits of Kiwi fruit
Health benefits of Kiwi fruit
  1. This is a very beneficial treatment for those who have stone problems.
  2. Kiwi is also used for diseases like dengue.
  3. Those people who suffer from constipation, they should use Kiwi daily, with the help of which their digest system gets cured and they get rid of constipation immediately.
  4. Do you know that by using Kiwi daily, the risk of heart attack is greatly reduced.
  5. Kiwi is found in melutin which keeps our skin and tissue healthy.
  6. By using Kiwi one can get rid of all kinds of diseases of the eyes, apart from this Kiwi is found in plenty of Vitamin “A” due to which the eyesight is better.
  7. If there is a deficiency of the internal cells of the body, then the doctor also advises to consume Kiwi because with its help the problem of cells goes away.
  8. Vitamin C is found in plenty in it, which is a special type of delicious fruit.
  9. Contains 60 calories per 100 g Total fat 0.5 g.
  10. Apart from Himachal in India, Kiwi is also produced in Jammu-Kashmir, Uttarakhand, hilly areas of Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala.
  11. It is low in sugar and fat and rich in vitamin C. That’s why it is right to eat kiwi during pregnancy, while it does not contain cholesterol.
  12. The elements present in Kiwi prevent blood clotting i.e. blood from freezing in the vein and serious diseases like cancer can also be avoided.
  13. Let us tell you that the amount of potassium is high in Kiwi, due to which the blood pressure also remains under control.
  14. Kiwi is high in potassium, so people with kidney problems may be harmed by it.
  15. Kiwi is also a good source of fiber, in this case excessive intake of it can cause flatulence, abdominal pain.
  16. It is also known as Chinese Gooseberry. Its scientific name is Actinidia deliciosa.
  17. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties which controls anti-hypertensive blood pressure.
  18. Kiwi fruit is beneficial for immunity According to NCBI study, vitamin-C, carotenoid, polyphenol and fiber are found in kiwi fruit.
  19. Along with the immune system, consumption of kiwi can also help in keeping many diseases away.

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