Health benefits of Blueberry fruit In English

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Health benefits of Blueberry fruit: Blueberries are most commonly eaten in America. It is round shaped and blue in colour. Its taste is sour sweet. It is very beneficial for health. Many types of antioxidants are found in it.

Its scientific name is “Vaccinium ribosome”. It is a fruit that is commonly found in countries with cold climates. USA, Canada, Poland, Germany, Netherlands are the major Blueberry producing countries.

Health benefits of Blueberry fruit

Health benefits of Blueberry fruit
Health benefits of Blueberry fruit

nutrients found in blueberries

Blueberry contains calories, potassium, carbohydrate, fiber, sugar, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, magnesium.

benefits of eating blueberries

beneficial for the heart

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Eating blueberries is very beneficial for your heart. Flavonoids are found in it which prevents the formation of blood clots in the body. This reduces the chances of getting a heart attack. Consumption of blueberries keeps the heart healthy and all the muscles inside it work well.

beneficial for digestion

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People whose digestion is not good and there is difficulty in digesting food, they must eat blueberry. Fiber and minerals are found in it which removes constipation and digestive problems.

protects against cancer  

Elegiac acid and Pterostilbene are found in blueberries which protect against colon cancer, small intestine cancer, breast cancer and other types of cancer. Apart from this, many types of antioxidants are found in it, which prevent cancer cells from growing. Blueberry destroys tumor cells and radical cells. That’s why it should be eaten regularly.

Beneficial for liver

Blueberry juice is very beneficial for the liver. Many types of antioxidants are found in it which reduce stress.

beneficial for eyes

Blueberry is also very beneficial for the eyes. Phytonutrients oxidant are found in it which protects the retina of the eyes from deterioration. Anthocyanosides are found in it which increases eyesight. Eating blueberry also cures problems like cataract and weak eyesight.  

Health benefits of Blueberry fruit
Health benefits of Blueberry fruit

beneficial for pregnancy

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Pregnant women should consume blueberries but avoid consuming too much.

enhances memory

People who have a weak memory and have a habit of forgetting, they must consume blueberries. This strengthens memory.

Increases immunity

Many types of anti-oxidants are found inside blueberries, which increase our immunity. The person does not get ill easily. Prevents from viral diseases like infection, chicken pox, fever and cold.

Relieves muscle pain

Consuming blueberries reduces the pain produced in the body after doing a lot of work.

Eliminates urine infection

Many times people get troubled by urine infection. This infection is caused by bacteria. Blueberries contain substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria.

reduces inflammation

Consuming blueberries reduces many types of inflammation in the body, provides relief in diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis.

helps in reducing weight

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People who are troubled by their increasing weight must consume blueberries. It also reduces belly fat. Blueberries contain a sufficient amount of fiber. It has very less calories. So it easily reduces obesity. Blueberry also lowers cholesterol from our body.

brain development

Blueberries contain phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins that help develop brain cells. Makes the nervous system healthy. Prevents brain related diseases like Alzheimer’s, Barris. Neurons repair tissue and brain cells that have been destroyed. People who have diseases related to the brain should consume blueberries.

Beneficial in diabetes

Nowadays many people are suffering from diabetes. They should eat blueberries. It has very low level of sugar. Blueberry makes the process of metabolism run smoothly. It works to transport glucose to all the parts of the body. Keeps the level of sugar in the blood balanced. Diabetes patients get relief by eating blueberries.

Health benefits of Blueberry fruit
Health benefits of Blueberry fruit

strengthens bone

Vitamin K, zinc, manganese, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium are found in blueberries. All these nutrients make the bone strong. In old age, they work to protect against many bone diseases.

beneficial for skin

By eating blueberries, people appear young and beautiful for a long time. It has many advantages. It prevents acne. Eliminates spots on the skin. Protects the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. Removes wrinkles and other types of problems on the face. Vitamin C is found in blueberries, due to which it is very beneficial for the skin.

beneficial for hair

Applying a mixture of blueberry juice and olive oil makes the hair thick and black. helps in hair growth

disadvantages of blueberries

Although there are many benefits of blueberry, which we have told you above, but it also has some disadvantages which are as follows-


Many people are allergic to blueberries, which can cause difficulty in breathing, swelling on the body, itching and other types of problems. Such people should not eat blueberries.

thins the blood

Blueberries contain vitamin K which thins the blood. People suffering from blood disorder diseases should not eat blueberry.

salicylate sensitivity

Salicylate is found in blueberries. Many people are allergic to it, due to which there may be problems of headache, gas and constipation.

Health benefits of Blueberry fruit
Health benefits of Blueberry fruit

Nutritional elements of Blueberry – Blueberry Nutritional Value

It is the nutrients found in blueberries that make them so beneficial for our overall health. Come, let us know which nutrients are found in it

Water 84.21 grams
calories57 kcal
energy240 kilojoules
protein0.74 grams
fat0.33 grams
carbohydrates14.49 grams
fiber2.4 grams
Sugar9.96 grams
calcium6 mg
Iron0.28 mg
magnesium6 mg
phosphorus12 mg
potassium77 mg
sodium1 mg
Zinc0.16 mg
 copper0.057 mg
magnesium0.336 mg
selenium0.1 µg
vitamin C9.7 mg
thiamine0.037 mg
riboflavin0.041 mg
niacin0.418 mg
Vitamin-B60.052 mg
folate6 µg
Collin6 mg
Vitamin-A, RAE3 µg
beta-carotene32 µg
Vitamin A, IU54 IU
Vitamin-E0.57 mg
Vitamin K19.3 µg
Fatty Acid Total Saturated0.028 grams
Fatty Acid Total Monounsaturated0.047 grams
Fatty Acid Total Polyunsaturated0.146 grams

Some other important information related to blueberries

  1. Blueberry has a cooling effect, so it is recommended to consume it in summer. It works to cool you down in the summer season. 
  2. Nilbadari i.e. blueberry is basically the fruit of America. But now this fruit is produced in Poland, Canada, Germany and Netherlands. 
  3. The largest production of blueberries is still done by North America. 
  4. Anti-inflammatory properties are found in abundance inside Blue Berry. That’s why it is used in many types of infections. 
  5. Blueberries are used to make many cosmetic products. 
  6. Many snacks and nutrition bars are also made from blueberries. 
  7. Nilbadari is also used after drying.