Flaxseed Benefits and Side Effects In English

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Flaxseed: In today’s modern times, man is so busy that he does not even have time to think about his health. Due to this, they get many diseases and their health also deteriorates. But if you include such things in your diet, from which you can get all kinds of nutrients.

Friends , flaxseed is one of those which you can make your health better by including it in your diet. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of flax seeds. After knowing which you will definitely include it in your diet.

What is linseed seed? (What is flax seed in English?)

Before telling anything about linseed, let us tell you what is linseed. By the way, linseed is known as Tisi in Hindi. It is also called flaxseed in English.

Flaxseeds are small and golden brown in colour. This is a very beneficial product from the point of view of health and safety. Its scientific name is Linum usitatissimum .

Nutrients found in flax seeds (Flax Seeds Nutritional Value)

We all know that nutrients are found in every plant, but some such nutrients are also found in linseed, which are very essential for us and very beneficial for our health. Some of the nutrients found in flaxseed are as follows:

Calcium 22%, Iron 72%, Magnesium 98%, Zinc 39%, Sodium 2%, Potassium 17%, Vitamin A 0%, Vitamin C 1%, Vitamin E 133%, Vitamin K 3.5%, Pyridoxine (Vitamin-B6) 36% etc.

It contains 534 calories of energy per 100 grams of seeds, that is, about 55 calories of energy is found in seeds per 10 grams of it. It contains 42% fat, 29% carbs and 18% protein.

One tablespoon (10 grams) of flaxseeds provides the following nutrients:

  1. Calories: 55
  2. Water: 7%
  3. Protein: 1.9 grams
  4. Carbs: 3 grams
  5. Sugar: 0.2 g
  6. Fiber: 2.8 grams
  7. Fat: 4.3 grams

Medicinal Properties of Flax Seeds

Along with this, lignans antioxidants, fiber and alpha linoleic acid are also present in it. Which helps in fighting many diseases occurring in our body like heart disease , stomach disease, diabetes. There are many benefits of eating flaxseed, which we have mentioned below.

Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flaxseed Benefits and Side Effects In English
Flaxseed Benefits and Side Effects

Linseed is very beneficial for us. We are going to tell you how useful it is for us:

1. For asthma or asthma

Many of you will have the problem of asthma or asthma, this problem is caused by allergies. That’s why people who are troubled by asthma should stay away from changing weather, pollution. In this disease, you can use linseed seeds. Linseed is very beneficial for asthma patients.

To use it, first of all, soak flaxseed powder in a glass of water till evening and filter it and consume it in the evening, it is beneficial for asthma. Because the omega-3 fatty acid present in it gives relief to asthma patients.

2. For fever

As soon as the weather changes, we all start facing problems like cold and fever. If you want that you do not get sick due to the change of weather, then you should use linseed for that. Because the antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties present in it are found. Which strengthens our immune system and protects us from problems like cold and fever.

3. For stomach related problems

Most of us are troubled by stomach problems, there are many reasons for this such as not eating food at the right time, eating fried food from outside, eating more spicy things. Sometimes, due to wrong eating and drinking, swelling or ulcer also occurs in the stomach.

To get rid of all these problems, you have to include flaxseed in your diet. You can also use linseed oil if you want. All stomach problems can be relieved by using linseed oil.

4. For blood sugar

It is very important to have balanced blood sugar in our body, because if it is not balanced, a person can become a patient of diabetes. If you want your blood sugar to be balanced, then for this you should include flaxseed in your diet. It also controls diabetes by keeping blood sugar balanced.

5. Cancer Prevention

We all know that cancer is such a disease that a person cannot be saved if it is not treated at the right time. But if you want, you can protect yourself from diseases like cancer by including linseed seeds in your diet.

Because of the omega-3 fatty acids and anti-inflammatory properties found in it, it can reduce the risk of cancer. Apart from this, the lignan found in it prevents cancer tumors from growing. A research suggests that flax seed helps fight prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer.

6. Relief in kidney problems

In today’s modern times, people have many diseases, kidney problem is also one of them. This problem is due to drinking less water, wrong eating, problems like diabetes or UTI, many times kidney problems arise.

7. For heart disease

We all know that the main part of our body is the heart and if we want to keep our body healthy, then the heart has to be healthy. There is a risk of heart attack and heart disease due to stress, wrong eating and many other reasons.

In such a situation, you should include flaxseed in your diet, because the omega-3 fatty acids and alpha linolenic acid (ALA) found in it reduce heart diseases to some extent.

8. Stop hair fall

Hair fall has become common these days. Hair loss is usually due to weather, lack of nutrients or as a side effect of something. If you want to stop your hair fall, then you should use flaxseed. Because it contains abundant vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins and other nutrients, which strengthens the hair from the root and prevents hair loss.

9. Beneficial for stretch marks

The problem of stretch marks can be caused not only during pregnancy but also due to weight gain and many other reasons. Stretch’s mark usually occur on the waist, abdomen, breasts and thigh. Once these stretch marks appear on the body, then it becomes difficult to remove them.

Many people use some home remedies to reduce stretch marks. Many people believe that by applying linseed on stretch marks, stretch marks are removed to some extent, but there is no proof of this.

10. For anti-aging

Due to the use of dust-soil, pollution, harmful rays of the sun and different types of things, the skin becomes dry, lifeless and wrinkles start appearing on our face before time. It is normal to have wrinkles in old age, but if wrinkles are coming on your face at a young age, then it is a matter of concern for you. 

11. For ear pain

There can be many reasons for ear pain such as – due to dust and soil, ear infection due to water getting into the ear while bathing or due to many other reasons. In this case, you should use linseed oil.

12. Beneficial in fungal infection

We all know that due to changing weather, dust-soil or pollution, skin related problems start happening. Sometimes fungal infection occurs in the upper surface of the skin. Due to which itching, burning, rashes, scabs and red marks are recovered.

In such a situation, you should consume linseed. If you wants, you can also applying its paste on your skin. It kills the fungal infection of the body as it has antifungal properties.

13. For the immune system

If you wants to stay healthy then your immune systems should be strongs. For this, you should include flaxseed in your daily diet. The omega-3 fatty acids and alpha linolenic acid (ALA) present in flaxseed boost our body’s immune system which helps our body fight diseases.

14. Lowers cholesterol

Linseed is very helpful in reducing the cholesterol of our body. The risk of heart diseases remains due to excess of cholesterol in the blood. That’s why we should use flaxseed in our daily diet. Due to which cholesterol in our body remains low and we avoid problems like heart attack.

15. To lose weight

When we do not do much physical work, then our weight starts increasing. Eating fried food outside, or eating fast food outside or eating too much sweets also leads to weight gain. If you want your weight not to increase. For this, you should also include flaxseed in your diet. Because flax seeds contain abundant fiber, which helps in keeping the weight balanced.

16. Helpful in Diabetes

In today’s time, the number of people suffering from diabetes has increased a lot. If you are also suffering from diabetes, then use flaxseed in your food. The mucilage present in it controls the sugar in the blood.

Flaxseed Benefits and Side Effects In English
Flaxseed Benefits and Side Effects In English

The right way to eat linseed (Best Way use of Flax Seeds)

We all know that flaxseed has many benefits. But the way of using it should also be correct. We are going to tell you how to consume it which is as follows:

  1. ≛ Linseed should be taken in breakfast in the morning. It is considered best to consume linseed in the morning.
  2. ≛ You can use flaxseed powder if you want. By using its powder, all the nutrients present in it are available.
  3. ≛ You can also consume flax seeds. To consume it, soak the flax seeds in hot water for 10 minutes, and then consume it. If you soak it in cold water, soak it for 2-3 hours.
  4. ≛ If you want, you can consume linseed laddus in your food.
  5. Many people consume flaxseed in the form of smoothies or salads in their breakfast.

Side Effects of Flax Seeds

  1. People who are pregnant or who are breastfeeding their babies should avoid using flaxseed or its oil. If you have to use it, then consult a doctor before that.
  2. There is a fear of stomach upset if linseed seeds are used more than necessary.
  3. People who are allergic to linseed should not use it. Due to allergies, you may have rashes, irritation or itching.
  4. Consumption of linseed makes your blood thinner. People who have hemophilia problem should not use it.
  5. Excessive consumption of flax seeds can cause blockage in your intestines.
  6. Those who have diabetes problem, they should keep checking their blood sugar with the consumption of linseed.

FAQ : Related To Flaxseed Benefits and Side Effects

1. Question: At what time is it good to eat flaxseed?

Answer: Health experts say that linseed can be eaten empty stomach in the morning, in lunch or even in dinner. If you are consuming it early in the morning, then take 1 teaspoon of linseed powder with luke warm water.

2. Question: Should linseed be eaten after grinding it?

Answer: You can also consume flaxseed raw. In fact, flaxseeds have a brown covering over them, which is difficult to digest, so it is recommended to eat them after grinding or lightly roasting them. Apart from this, it can be consumed by roasting it for 5 minutes.

3. Question: When should linseed not be consumed?

Answer: If there is loose motion, then the use of linseed is not correct in it. Excessive consumption of linseed also leads to the problem of blockage in the intestines. Apart from this, due to the excessive consumption of linseed, many people get allergic problems.

4. Question: Should a pregnant woman consume linseed?

Answer: If you are pregnant or planning for pregnancy, then take flaxseed only after consulting your doctor.

5. Question: Can heart patients and sugar patients also consume linseed?

Ans: If you are a heart patient and are taking blood thinners, then using flaxseed is not recommended for you. If you are a patient of sugar, then consume linseed regularly and in controlled quantity only. Even if you are on any kind of medication, you should consume flaxseed powder after consulting a doctor.