Latest Essay On Holi festival [2023]

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Essay On Holi festival : In our country India, any festival is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety, if our country India is also called the country of festivals, then no one will be surprised, these happy festivals and people of the society There is also a special festival of Holi (Latest Essay On Holi festival) to connect people with a sense of intimacy.

The festival of Holi is the festival of colours. It is one of the most important festivals of India, the festival of Holi burns the feelings of high and low among all people, and gives everyone a chance to fill new colors of happiness in their lives. Why do we celebrate Holi in this excellent article? They will know and will also write an excellent essay on the importance of Holi .

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Why is Holi celebrated in India ?

Latest Essay On Holi festival [2023]

While celebrating the festival of Holi, at some point of time this thought must have come in your mind that why is the festival of Holi celebrated in our country India and what is the reason behind it? Then let us tell you that in ancient times (Satyug) there was a demon named Hiran Kashyap. 

The one who obtained a boon by doing penance of Lord Brahma ji that no creature, man or deity in this whole creation could kill him.

After getting this boon, the demon Hiranyakashyap started showing his destruction on the whole earth, you must know that Hiranyakashyap had a son. Whose name was Prahlad, Prahlad was also a special worshiper of Lord Vishnu. 

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When his demonic father Hiranyakashyap came to know about this, he talked about killing Prahlad, a devotee of Vishnu, but Prahlad, a devotee of God, continued his devotion to God.

After this Hiranyakashyap made a plan according to which… his sister Holika, who had the boon of not burning with fire, tried unsuccessfully to burn Vishnu devotee Prahlad in her lap.

Which went on the devotee Prahlad by the grace of God and the speed of the wind, and after that Holika was burnt to ashes in the fire and devotee Prahlad did not get any heat, after which God took the incarnation of Narasimha and killed the demon Hiranyakashyap. 

Since then, every year on the full moon day of the month of Phalgun (March), the festival of Holi is celebrated with great pomp.

Importance of Holi

Latest Essay On Holi festival [2023]

The festival of Holi has special significance in our country India, because on the festival of Holi, all the people, forgetting their differences and differences, express their feelings of love to each other with colorful colors. The festival of Holi has special importance in Hindu religion. 

Because on the day of Holi only good had won over evil, on this day the demon Hiranyakashyap and his sister Holika were killed. 

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The festival of Holi is also considered a festival of love in our India. In which everyone applies colors to each other and washes away old conflicts by mixing colors, Holi festival in India also has some special significance which is as follows –

  • Victory of good over evil  There is always victory of good in the world, we celebrate the festival of Holi because on this day for a true devotee, the demon father of his devotee of God was killed. Even though Prahlad was the son of a demon, but he proved that if you are with truth, then your victory is sure.
  • The festival of mutual reconciliation – Holi is such a festival, when everyone forgets the old bitter things and starts a happy colorful life and relationship with new colors . On the day of Holi, everyone hugs each other and doubles the mutual love.
  • Social relationships are strengthened – All the festivals in our country are filled with feelings of happiness and love, but the festival of Holi, which happens, ends the distance between the minds of the people living in the society and all the people of the society . 
  • Provides an opportunity to mingle with each other and share happiness and sorrow. That’s why the importance of Holi becomes even more special in India .

How is the Festival of Holi Celebrated ?

Latest Essay On Holi festival [2023]

Since ancient times, the festival of Holi is celebrated with great pomp and happiness, a day before the Holi celebrations, preparations are made for burning Holika by children and elders with cow dung cakes and other ingredients. Is performed . 

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After that Holika is worshiped between 4 am to 5 am on the day of Holi and after that the material of Holika is burnt.

After that, early in the morning all the children and elders come to Holika and watch its burning and also worship it. Since then, the festival of colors begins, after which small children fill their pichkaris with blue-yellow and red colors and shower their selfless love and compassion with all those colors on each other. 

After this, almost the whole day, elders go to their loved ones and congratulate them on Holi by applying colors and wash their old thoughts with the colors of Holi.

  • Enthusiasm in children  The brightness of any festival can be detected only by the enthusiasm of children, you will also know that a few days before Holi, children are eager to play with colors and color each other and their For this, prepare a stock of pichkaris and colors of your choice. The enthusiasm of children is enough to add to the joy and fun of any festival and the festival of Holi is one of them.
  • Organization of colorful programs – On the day of Holi festival, programs are organized to play Holi collectively at all the nooks and corners. In which people from all sections of the society hug each other and congratulate each other on Holi, at many famous places programs are organized to play Holi in a very beautiful way.
  • Festival of Love and Compassion – For our society to develop well, it is very important for the people living in the society to have a sense of love and cooperation towards each other, that is where the role of festivals like Holi is most important . 
  • When on the festival of Holi, all the people of the society introduce their love and true compassion by applying color and gulal to each other, for this reason also the festival of Holi is most dear to the people of our country.

Social impact of Holi festival – Holi Festival Social Impact 

Latest Essay On Holi festival [2023]
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The festivals of any country have a direct effect on the people living in that country, the way there is such a festival, which teaches unity and integrity to the people living in the society. 

Then, due to the celebration of that festival, the citizens of that country will have a sense of unity towards the country and their society, and because of the lessons learned from this festival, everyone will take support of solidarity and integrity for their rights and truth.

In this way, any festival has a deep impact on the society and the mentality of the people living in the country, in these special festivals, the festival of Holi preserves its own specialty. 

Celebrating the festival of Holi awakens the feeling of love and compassion in people towards each other, which is also very important to keep the society connected and to maintain invaluable happiness in everyone’s life.

The second effect of Holi festival on our society is that good always wins over evil, if you are with truth then your victory is certain. Due to the festival of Holi, there remains a balanced anger towards evil in the society and there remains immense compassion and kindness towards the truth.

  • Equal love for all – Holi festival has definitely taught us that if we treat everyone in the society with love and kindness, then we expect the same kind of generosity from that person as well . behavior can be expected. The festival of Holi gives us the idea of ​​living together with everyone and respecting everyone’s feelings.
  • Bring happiness in the lives of others – The way we work for our own selfishness throughout our life, in the same way, the festival of Holi teaches us that we should forget our selfishness and fill the colors of happiness in the lives of others as well. 
  • The festival of Holi happens only because we fill the colors of happiness in someone else’s life with the colors of our love and forget all his sorrows for a moment.
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FAQ Related to Holi festival

what is Social impact of Holi festival?

Latest Essay On Holi festival [2023]

1. Equal love for all
2. Bring happiness in the lives of others
3. The festival of Holi happens only because we fill the colors of happiness in someone else’s life with the colors of our love and forget all his sorrows for a moment.


Just as negativity surrounds us completely at some point in our life, but it lasts only for a short time because positivity does not allow it to last. Similarly, even though evil can do its work for some time, evil is always defeated in front of good.

Holi festival is a festival of colors, so we should take inspiration from Holi and paint our lives with all kinds of colors of happiness like love, kindness, compassion and selfless service.   We not only hope but also have full confidence that you must have liked the effort made by us to write an essay on Holi festival.

Often in schools, children are given to write Essay on Holi and we also hope that you must have liked this article of Essay on Holi festival. Thank you for giving your valuable time, we will continue to bring useful articles for you.