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What happens after death (What happens after death) Friends, sometime or the other you must have thought that what is the truth after death, can a person see his whole life? Gives and does a person get freedom by going to Kasi and taking his last breath. Do you remember the deeds of all your previous births 40 days before your death. That is the question. Who must have troubled you at one time or the other. He has kept everything under his control. 

what happens after death
what happens after death

Friends, many people find these things useless. But some people believe these things. As it is said that time is very powerful. The punishment of your deeds remains with you. In the same way, living and dying is also a big ritual of life. If you are born then your end is absolutely certain. 

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what is the truth after death

Even there is nothing in the world that is infinite. In such a situation, it is very important to know some such things related to life, after listening to which your senses will fly away. 

Friends, Kaal Bhairav ​​means those who are black, this is the dimension of God. It has been viewed in many ways. This is a very fierce form of Shiva. Now you must know that Brahma Vishnu Mahesh runs the whole universe together. Brahma is the creator, Vishnu is the driver and Mahesh means the one who puts an end to things from where they came. If seen from once, then these three things are one.

 And there is nothing in the world. Except for the end, therefore Kaal Bhairav ​​has been given a very high status. When Kaal Bhairav ​​started destroying, here we are not talking about the destruction of anything, but at this place we are talking about the destruction of time. Now you also know this thing that everything has a time limit. This post of ours will also last for a limited time. 

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where does the soul go after leaving the body

After that you will start doing some other work and after that it will have a limited time limit. In such a situation, if you destroy your time, then everything will end. So Kaal Bhairav ​​also means that he destroys everything and most of the people do not decide to live life well. And on this they wish that at least they die in a glorious way and with this wish people go to Kasi so that people can attain God by taking their last breath in Kashi. Means that he reaches the ultimate liberation from death

what happens after death
what happens after death

And you will be surprised to know that this thing used to be guaranteed that if you come to Kashi, you will get salvation after killing here at your last moment. Then even if you have been a person doing very bad deeds in your whole life. Now in this affair all the useless people came here and started making their abode that when they take their last breath they will get liberation. 

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Now because of this thing the number of useless people started increasing in Kashi. After which Shiv ji said, this place is getting worse. Because the thinking and living of so many useless people spoiled that holy place and hence Shiva decided that it was necessary to control it.

Friends, what you call Bhairavi torture was started by Shiv ji only to teach a lesson to so many bad people coming to Kashi. Friends, if we go in the literal sense of the journey, then it means a huge crowd. 

Similar things you feel in hell, but people had chosen the path of Kashi to get rid of hell. That’s why Shavi ji used his mind and started Bhairavi torture.

what happens after death 

  When a person receives death. So after that no matter why he is dying for whatever reason. Due to age, due to illness or even an accidental death. Man suffers this Bhairavi torture before death, which makes him see not only all the religions of his life but all the deeds of all the lives he has taken in front of his eyes.

what happens after death
what happens after death

 Now you must have seen and heard this thing many times in the film Bagaira, before death, life goes on once in a flashback and exactly the same happens in real life when a person dies. He sees the deeds done in all his life in very fast speed.

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 All these things happen at such a high speed that even the moments of happiness are not felt properly by the human being. And the moments of sorrow are also not able to feel properly. Here he finds happiness for a moment. At the same moment, he sees that truth of life, due to which he is in the most pain and all these things happen at such a fast pace. That a person cannot stop him even if he wants to and after seeing all these things, the person inside him wakes up.

what happens after death
what happens after death

 And he wants to defy death to go back and correct his mistakes and relive the good times he had and he can’t do it even if he wants to and that’s his biggest pain you know. You said you made mistakes. You know what you can do better. You can’t do anything even if you want because now everything has come to an end and this feeling is very painful in itself where Shivji made it so that man knows when and how he did wrong and right of things and that after death he can speak the truth to himself very clearly and recognize his truth. 

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Now many people may find these words of ours useless, but friends, you cannot ignore the fact that all your good and bad deeds will come in front of you before you die. Then you will never be able to fix it even if you want to. 

So be a good person, try to bring happiness on the faces of others as much as possible. Even God is pleased with these things, what do you want to say on this, do tell us in the comments. 

conclusion :- 

So friends, this was all about what happens after death, I hope you liked this post. And we hope that we will not forget to share this article with people.