Best English life shayari {2023}

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English life shayari : Being single life is not a bad thing, but cursing yourself for being single is a bad thing. Single life is the best life, you can be very happy alone, you can live freely. You do not need any support to be happy. Enjoy your single life.

English life shayari

Best English life shayari {2023}

Don’t do evil to people but to yourself, you will shine everyday.

If you want to understand life, then seek your own experience, life will be understood.

Do you remain silent, is there any problem, or is there something sad in life?

It is not easy to smile in life, some moments go away after burying the smile.

Your imagination is true, you know it is false, you have to adopt it, you have to forget it, you have to think about it.

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Best English life shayari {2023}

Everyone here is confused as to how to think.

Crossing this world by swimming, it will give you a lot of peace.

They were looking strange even with the decorations, you were ordinary and were looking amazing.

Give a wing to the flight of courage, Give special skills to whoever is with me.

Don’t be sad, life is very special for me.

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If you ignore the evils, then it will give you peace.

Give comfort or hope, both not to others but to yourself.

Face the challenge of life firmly, it will definitely give you victory.

Life will be beautiful if your thinking is beautiful.

Style yourself so that people pay attention to you and not ignore you.

By the time you win, it will be night.

Life is the source of inspiration, live it to the fullest.

Are you reading them, did you understand them or are you just reading them?

Now I am scared of him, he is unnecessarily getting angry with me.

Keep your mind high, your body will be happy.

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Best English life shayari {2023}

Time had taken the decision, people were calling me guilty.

Your heart is very expensive, I have heard that only the rich live in it.

Are you street traders who are thinking of me without speaking?

The truth of life is being understood and lies are being told to oneself.

You have come a long way in your thinking, sitting alone at home.

You hate human beings, what will you do when the same person remains just a memory.

You have the courage to live this life, to die again and again, to live again and again.

You are wasting the nights unnecessarily, why are you not trying the efforts.

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Best English life shayari {2023}

There is no scope for trouble, there is no expectation from anyone, is there?

You are becoming what you think, can’t you think a little sweeter?

You may not be right but your memories should be there, in this city of yours, there should be some space for us poor people too.

Some are looking for a way to meet themselves. Looking for an excuse to walk away from this life.

The only condition with life is that there should be no conditions.

In today’s world, innocence is considered as stupidity.

I want to be successful in the examination of life, everyone is successful in school and college.

I am trying to understand by looking in the mirror, today I am trying to know myself, I ruined my life by breaking it like glass, today I am trying to mend the broken pieces.

Life tests everyone, the one who is careful shines.

In the past there was no deal, nowadays it is the time for deals.

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This is not a world but a business, and I will be its best businessman.

Spend your life by living it, not by cutting it.

I keep everything but silently, I have learned this thing from the words of books.

The moon hasn’t come out yet, let it be a little evening. I will return on my own, first let me have my name.

You search for me openly, I will meet myself first let me have a little identity.

I find a way to write every story, I find a way to change myself.

If you can learn something from our character then what is the point, if I can change someone’s life then what is the point.

Best English life shayari {2023}

Be like books, remain silent even after learning everything.

There is fear all the time, how do you live without me.

Everyone is unconscious in some or the other intoxication, we are silent thinking all this.

Not because of reason, it is customary to leave without reason.

I don’t have the courage to commit suicide, I am just waiting for the accident to happen.

I look for an excuse to meet, to convert friendship into a relationship.

You are in me in such a way that I could see my life in you only.

I have not lost my way, what is the hurry, I have just left the house.

Even for you to be cheated, you have to make people your own first.

Even the silences are met silently, she is so special.

People defame love, and get married openly.

There is darkness in the mind and we light the lamps in the houses.

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When I was alone, I used to ask for you, I got you and understood the value of being together.

The difference between me and you is that you live for yourself and I live for you.

If you are not enjoying living together, then try separating.

I am common, he is special. I know, that is my court.

There is satisfaction when a knowledgeable person turns his face away from us.

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Apart from you, the whole world seems alien.

The flood came out of his eyes, and my patience was broken.

Today the weather is also a bit cold, it is not just a matter of today, my pain is centuries old!

There is so much sorrow in this life, I have seen everything now, I was angry with the world, now I am angry with myself!

Why am I defeated by myself, why am I helpless by myself, why restlessness haunts me, this darkness scares me.

Tears have dried from the eyes, see the mind has become relaxed, the destination is still remaining and the mind is staring.

Become the wick of the burning lamp, light it up in me, and by merging in my mind, now you become mine.

Why is my loneliness going away from you, why are you missing me.

How many floods are visible on these deserted roads, why am I looking for dreams here in this darkness.

If the world doesn’t seem lovely without you then it is desolate, and without you this whole life is just plain water.

Best English life shayari {2023}

Look, the rain has also come now and has brought enthusiasm along with it, but nature seems deserted and the juice of life also seems incomplete.

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These clouds and stars have also become witnesses now, as if every moment is Diwali in the world, and your meeting with me also felt unique in this strong love!

You sprinkle salt on the wound and call it ointment.

It is okay to talk about wealth, but what about respect?

How much will you fall and if the pot of sin gets filled in you, then you will drown.

Do you want to be an open book or a closed one? It is up to you to choose whether you want to test yourself or let yourself be tested.

This eye has now forgotten you, now you have no place here.

What have you thought to live, whether to take loan or give loan.

Now if you have dreamed then fulfill it, now is the time to live life to the fullest.

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Death will always be wonderful if the relationship in life is unmatched.

It is a matter of relief that now I do not see dreams while awake.

This life is full of sadness, there is a strange movement in the heart, is it my fault or life is taking the test!

Why are you feeling tired, are you restless or have no color left in you.

Who says that one often remembers one’s own people, even strangers are remembered if the remembrance is related to them.

My actions were innocent, I used to try everything, now I have become smart, I have started thinking before stepping on my feet.

I have heard that you pray for me, do you have the intention to cheat again? And now you have tried everyone, is it my turn again?

You often write and erase my name, am I no longer in your memory or do you keep repeating my name.

I have heard that life takes tests, when will it be my turn? I am tired of standing in line, when will it be my turn?

life enjoy shayari in english

I was looking for peace in someone else’s arm, I found peace in my arm.

I can’t sleep now in the nights, have these nights become unfaithful or life.

I have started suffocating in this life, I have heard that every time there is a chance, give me a chance for a new life this time Maula.

Everyone said that you are senseless, the heart said that there is still time, every emotion will be evident, there will be justice in my story too.

Today’s day has passed, now let’s think about tomorrow.

Nowadays I have become yours, now I have become like you in my path.

It is the season of peace, but I am not at peace.

Today the cry of time has come, look, his letter has come.

Enough is enough, let’s write a book, write every account of our story.

There was a lot to live but life seems less, now you are mine, now the story seems less.

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Everyone used to call me crazy, I used to roam around pretending to be crazy, telling the story of my life myself and listening to it myself.

Where did this story suddenly come from today, where did this spiritual part of me come from.

It is obvious that life has become a bit difficult, but my part of the page is not over yet.

Staying in you, we have changed, we have become history by living in the present.

This path is strange, it doesn’t insult me, I was silent, now no one talks to me.

Best English life shayari
Best English life shayari

I stayed on the way all my life, people thought that he had no destination, the reality was that I had gone out to find myself, not a destination.

Life has become like the lights of Diwali, the light of the whole year is given in one day.

Today again the time had come to fulfill my wishes, then suddenly the responsibility came in the way.

To which side will you go with the flood of hatred, the storm of love will come and you will be erased.

Something is visible from the tall building, if you look up you can see the moon, if you look down you can see a flood.

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Somewhere far away a whirlwind of dreams is visible, are these my eyes or a well of illusion.

How long will this torment me day and night, now I am fed up, now when will my never ending dream come.

The solution is now in these winds, it seems that now my peace is going to go away.

Had left the house to get something, the beginning was not good but the end was wonderful.

Look, there is a crowd of mean people, she has spoken with a lot of experience.

Everyone swore to adopt me, I swore mine to become theirs.

I have heard that the world gets sad seeing me happy, let’s make the world more sad now.

He keeps quarreling with his own people, tell him to go and meet him once who yearns for his own people.

If the whole world considers me bad, then it doesn’t matter, just my own people don’t understand, otherwise I will break down.

I wrote some words with my heart, one day people fell in love with him.

If you want to give then give time to someone, and don’t keep this misconception everywhere, because some people are lovers of gifts.

You are wasting this moment unnecessarily, live it openly, who knows when the right time will pass.

Be proud of friendship with me because not everyone has this luck.

Whenever I remember you, I will only ask about your well-being.

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Best English life shayari

Life’s precious mantra, live yourself and let others live.

There is only one life, why are you wasting it, live it and you will be happy.

Just look at what this world calls success. This will become a big purpose of your life just by your seeing.

I had lost you long ago, now this life has also come to lose.

I had come to your city as a stranger, now it remains the same.

I am not experienced in this world, but people say that he talks very well.

Who knows how much life is left, but live it freely.

Every page of life is passing like this, who knows when the evening will be incomplete.

We are almost complete, we have become incomplete while living life.

Who knows when and which evening will bring this city and teach me a new lesson of life.

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Hide a million of your sorrows, one day it will come out, and tears will flow from the eyes of this world with you.

The priceless mantra of life is that you remain resolved.

There were many wishes which had to be fulfilled and then time stopped and we also stopped.

Measuring my personality from a distance, I am a deep river, if you come near, you will drown.

Who asks how long is life, how deep is it, everyone asks.

These Best English life shayari will make you strong from inside & will give you courage. If you want to do something in life, then these Life Status in English {Best English life shayari} will take you to your destination. You may also want to see our Motivational Quotes in English