What is Computer Programming? And its types – complete information

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Hello Friends! Do you know what is Computer Programming? A lot of people will have knowledge about computers, everyone knows computers, knows how computers are used, but there will be very few people who know what computer programming is and how many types are there.

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If you also have this question and you have come to our topic to answer your question, then today you have come to the right place, today I am going to give you complete information about computer programming in this article, so that after this you will have No programming related questions.

There is an old procedure that tells the computer what work it should do and what work it should not do. How does all this work. Now the work is called programming.

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But to understand programming, first of all we have to understand Programming Language, because what is most important, all the work is done with the help of language, by using these languages, the computer completes all the work, so today we are in this article. How much about programming he will do his best to get his information.

What is Computer Programming

man in grey sweater holding yellow sticky note, Computer Programming

Computer programming language is a kind of language on whose command all the work of the computer is completed, it is a language that allows users to give instructions to the computer, such a language is used which That the computer understands well, as we humans use different languages, in the same way, there are many types of languages ​​in the computer language, which communicate with the computer.

Do you know which part of the language that the computer understands is known as “Binary”. Whatever is converted to computer programming language in Bareilly is called “Compiling” and in all languages ​​whether it is C language or Be it Python, all have their own distinct features. Friends, by the way, many of these commonalities are also seen along with it.

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This entire language is the instructions given to the computer that it should be able to handle the biggest process and complex information very easily as soon as possible. That is why computer programming language is used so that with its help all the work can be done very easily and there is no problem in the computer in any way.

Information on Classification of Programming Languages

Friends, it is very important to understand the classification of programming language, because in these ways you will be able to understand programming more and more, so it is very important to know what is the classification of Basic Programming Language, then usually it is divided into three parts, which are some is as follows.

What is Machine Languages?

photo of golden cogwheel on black background, Machine Languages

The first classification is Machine Languages, this language is closest to Computer Hardware. Different unique machine languages ​​are fitted in each of its unique computers. So that he can easily understand him and work on his instructions.

And usually this machine language program is made up of Series of Binary Patterns, which represents Simple Operations on one’s computer, we can easily understand and accomplish it, if we understand it as an example, then two operations in one. Adding and Shifting of data to a memory location.

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Machine Languages ​​is a kind of Executable, which means that you can run it directly, if you want to make any changes in the machine language or write something on it, then you can do so, but for that you need a programmer. Will have to memorize a lot of Binary Codes . But it is not in the capacity of any one person, it can prove to be very difficult for him.

What is Assembly Languages?

people using a laptop computer to discuss product design, Assembly Languages

The only purpose of making Assembly Languages ​​was that how to make the computer’s programming language easier because people want to make it in such a way that anyone can use programming to change it, so Assembly Language was created because it has Machine language instructions have been completely changed and simplified by the use of simple pneumonic abbreviations such as ADD, MOV.

That’s why Assembly Language is called a very easy language and in this also you get to see many Unique Codes which are meant for specific computer machines. In this, the Oppsitise of Execution requires a lot of translation in an assembly language program, hence this translation is completed in Machine Language and it is called Assembler.

What is High Level Language?

black background with text overlay screengrab, C, C ++, Java

Now it is the turn of High Level Language, in this language, you get to see a lot of high language, what to learn, C, C ++, Java etc. are all written in English language, so this program and it becomes much easier for programming language. To think rationally and in high level language also you need translation.

Translation is accomplished in this, which is possible only through a Compiler or Interpreter. Friends Compilers translate before the entire Source Code Program Execution which is C, C++, JAVA etc. Compared to and ji are sometimes better.

Types of Programming Languages

Now let me tell you how many types of programming languages ​​are there, generally it is divided into two types which are something like this.

  1. Low Level
  2. High Level

What is Low Level?

Low Level is usually called that which only the machine can understand, it can be Minor, Easy and Fast Conversions because computers usually understand these languages ​​from 0 to 1. As I told you above that assembly language is a very easy language, we can also call it Low Level.

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It can be converted into machine language very easily from Muslims, that too only with the help of Assembler because this work is not in the power of any human being, you have to do this work only through programming language because it is done very well.

What is High Level?

In High Level Language it is just the opposite, I mean this level is understood by humans and in this language you are written in English language and the machine has to convert it into its own language. Like C Languages ​​is considered a kind of High Level Language and it needs a Compiler, obviously for Conversions, although the computer needs some Functions to convert High Level Language into Low Level such as Compiler , Interpreter etc.

Features of Computer Programming

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Many types of features have been seen in computer programming language and to make a better programming language, they should have some features, I will try to tell you about it one by one in very easy words.

  • A good programming language should be very easy to learn and use, as well as all the code written in it can be easily read.
  • The composition of programming language should be very well structured and properly documented so that it is very easy to create any software.
  • A Potable Programming Language is very easy and good for everyone.
  • Whenever a programming language is created, then Simple Syntax and Semantics must be used in it.
  • Programming languages ​​should always provide Single Environment or IDE Services.
  • There should be some important tools inside the programming language such as Debugging, Testing Tools etc.
  • Programming language should always work well and fast so that it can get quick results.

How to learn Programming Languages?

If you want to learn programming language, then you will follow some steps mentioned by me, I will tell you one by one about it.

Learn from Small Level

You always have to learn the language from a small level, whatever the language may be, first of all you have to learn its Basic Concept very well, only then you can become a good programmer and after that you have a very strong hold on programming.

Area of Interest

Friends, before learning any one programming language, you have to understand well that in which part you are enjoying more, I mean that if you are enjoying learning programming language, then you can also make your career in it. Can make

Start with Hello Program

If you want to learn programming, then first of all you have to start with “Hello Program” because in this you will be taught from a very small level and you will learn it very quickly.

Can learn programming online?

To learn programming language, you also get a way to learn online, with the help of which you can learn some programming language through online methods and can also practice it by running it on your computer.

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In the world of technology, we get to read and hear words like programming or coding many times. Nowadays computer programming is becoming very popular. If you want to make a good career in the field of information technology, then you have to learn programming. Let us know about this today, what is programming and how many types are there.

What is programming language? Will also talk about some popular programming languages ​​in this article.

What is computer program? (What is Computer Program in English?)

photo of turned on laptop computer

Before understanding what is computer programming, you must understand what is a computer program . The computer can’t do anything on its own unless it is given an instruction.

It is the computer program or software that tells the computer what to do and how to work. That is, your computer cannot do any work without any program or software. Computer programs are also called software or computer applications.

In fact, a computer program is a set of instructions that tells the computer how to do a task. Microsoft word, browser, movie player etc. are all examples of computer programs. Similarly, operating system is also a type of software that operates your entire computer.

What is programming?

Mammogram ING is the process by which a computer program is designed. There are many instructions inside a program to solve a problem or perform a task, and these instructions are written by the programmer.

In this process code is written using programming language. According to the requirement, programming can be easy as well as can be very complex.

Sometimes programming is also called coding. However coding is just one part of programming.

Steps of Programming

There are many steps of programming, out of which 5 main steps are given below:

  1. Understanding the Problem: The programmers first has to understand the problem which is to be solved by the computer.
  2. Finding a solution : After this a solution to the problem is found and a plan is made.
  3. Coding of the program: To do that work by the computer, instruction has to be written and for this coding has to be done by choosing the appropriate programming language.
  4. Testing of the program: The created program is tested in different ways and the result is analyzed.
  5. Preparation of Documentation: Separate documents are prepared to explain that program. Like end user documentation, programmer documentation, operator documentation etc.

What is programming language? What is Programming Language in Hindi?

Programming language is a type of computer language that is used by programmers to write code and create computer programs, software, applications, etc.

As you know that our computer only understands the language of binary i.e. 1, 0 and in the beginning computer programming was done in this language of 1 and 0. But understanding this binary language is a very difficult task for us humans. This is the reason why programming language was invented.

Actually programming language acts as a bridge between us and the computer. The thing to note here is that the computer does not directly understand the instruction written in the programming language, for this such software is required which converts this language into binary language.

Types of Programming Language :– 03 Types of Programming Language

There are mainly 3 types of programming languages:

  1. Machine Language
  2. Assembly Language
  3. High Level Language

Let us understand them in detail:

Machine Language

Machine language is such a language in which binary digits (0, 1) are used and all commands are in the format of 0 and 1 which the computer can easily understand. This language is directly understood by the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of the computer. It is the first generation language of computer, it is difficult for us humans to understand it.

Assembly Language

It is the second generation language of computer. It is considered a low level language. In this keyword is used instead of binary digits. Assembler is used to convert assembly language into machine code. It is a bit easier than machine language.

High Level Language

High level programming language is very easy to understand because English keywords and symbols are used in it. A compiler is required for this type of language. The job of the compiler is to translate the high level language into machine code. C, C++, PHP , JavaScript etc. are examples of high level languages.

Most Popular Programming Languages

Although there are many programming languages ​​in the computer world, different languages ​​are used for different tasks. Everyone has their own advantage’s and disadvantage.

Today we are going to tell you about the most used and famous programming language in the world:

1. Python

Python language is very popular programming language. Its special thing is that its syntax is very simple and user friendly, so it is very easy to learn. This is the reason why it is very popular among beginners.

It is an open source language. It’s absolutely free and anyone can learn it. It is simple as well as powerful. It is also used in fields like video games, data science, artificial intelligence.

According to the data of programming language ranking site PYPL till October 2020, Python language is number one in the whole world. This ranking has been done on the basis of Google search data.

2. JavaScript

Javascript is very popular frontend programming language. It is used to create an interactive website. It can works on both server side and client side. With the help of Node.js, web applications and games running on the browser can be created.

It is a very widely used language, so when it comes to popularity, it is one of the top ranked programming languages.

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According to StackOverflow’s developer survey 2020, JavaScript is number one in the list of top 10 programming languages ​​and technologies.

3. Java Programming

Java is being used in the field of computer programming for the last several years and it is very popular among large organizations. Programs written in Java run on all devices that support Java.

As you know, Android platform is very popular in itself and Java is used to create Android apps. For this, Google has created Android Studios, which is a Java based Android development platforms.

According to Tiobe Index, Java has been No. It was on 1st position but now it is on 2nd position.

4. C# Language

close up of text on black background
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

C# (C Sharp) is a popular programming language created by Microsoft. It is very powerful language for .NET framework. Its syntax is like C and C++ so if you know C programming then you can learn it easily.

It is used in creating backend programming, Windows applications, games etc. If we talk about popularity, then it is at number five in the list of TIOBE index.

5. C / C++ Programming

C language is very old in the field of programming and almost every programmer starts learning programming from this. It is the base of languages ​​like C++, Java, JavaScript. If you learn this computer language, then learning any other programming language becomes much easier.

It is at number one in TIOBE index 2020. Apart from this, in the survey conducted by StackOverflow, C / C ++ is at number seven-eighth.

6. PHP Language

blur business close up code

PHP is a popular scrip tings language used in web development . It is an open source language that works on the server side. Millions of website on the internet are used PHP directly or indirectly. You must know about Word-pressing , it is the most used Content Management System (CMS) and PHP language is used in its back-end.

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Octobers has placed it at number 4 according to the GitHub repository contribution


What is programming language?

Programming language is a kind of computer language by which all the tasks of the computer are completed. That’s why it is very easy to learn it, you can learn from anyone online.

How many types of programming languages ​​are there?

There are two types of programming languages, the first is the Low Level Language and the second is the High Level Language.

How to learn programming language?

To learn programming language, you can start from a small level, for this you can use Hello Program software.


In which article I have given you all the information about what programming is and its types , I sincerely hope that you have got some help from the article, I hope that you have liked my article, this way of information get. Thank you for visiting our website!