Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea In English

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea :►Tea is loved all over the world. In our country too, people like to wake up early in the morning and drink tea. In India, people drink tea in every season , be it winter, summer or monsoon . Here 70 to 80% people like to wake up in the morning and drink tea. Teas like black, ginger, basil, green tea are considered healthy.

There are many benefits of drinking tea. Along with this there are disadvantages as well. In this article, we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea
Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

Benefits of drinking tea Benefits of Drinking Tea

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Nutritious elements of tea –

You have already come to know the benefits of tea rich in nutrients. Below we are telling about all the nutrients found in black tea.

water99.7 g
energy1 kcal
carbohydrates0.3 g
Iron0.02 mg
magnesium3 mg
Zinc0.02 mg
copper0.01 mg
riboflavin0.014 mg
folate total5 µg
folate food5 µg
folate dfe5 µg
Colleen0.4 mg
Fatty Acid Total Saturated0.002 g
Fatty Acid Total Monounsaturated0.001 g
Fatty Acid Total Polyunsaturated0.004 g
caffeine20 mg
Theobromine2 mg

takes away sleep

There is caffeine element inside tea which activates the brain. Drinking tea drives away sleep and makes a person feel fit.

What element present in tea helps in increasing our brain power, reduces stress, and does not allow us to sleep for some time?

The caffeine present in tea reduces our stress level, it also helps our brain to function smoothly. By consuming tea, our sleep disappears for some time, our body starts functioning smoothly. But you have to consume tea only in sufficient quantity, due to excessive consumption of tea, the memory power starts getting weak, our brain also starts getting weak gradually because due to excessive consumption of caffeine in the body, the brain cells start getting weak during the day. Do not consume tea more than once or twice.

slows down aging

Antioxidants are found in tea which prevent aging. Increases the beauty of a person. Age also seems less.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea
Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

drinking tea gives energy

Drinking tea gives energy to our body. Tea reduces the amount of cholesterol in the blood. The caffeine content stimulates the nervous system, which removes tiredness. After drinking tea there is a feeling of freshness and vigor. Laziness goes away.

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lose weight

Drinking green tea lowers cholesterol levels, which helps in reducing weight.

How does tea help in losing weight?

Tea can reduce weight, it has been proved in many studies. Come, let’s know how tea reduces weight –

  • ☛ Tea contains a flavonoid called catechin. It   boosts  metabolism , which  can help the body burn fat . When metabolism is boosted, calories and fat are burned faster. This can reduce weight.  
  • ☛ Some types of tea  also contain caffeine  . By drinking caffeine, the body uses more energy. When working with more energy, the body can burn more calories.

On this basis, it can be said that substances called catechins and caffeine present in tea can be helpful in weight loss by burning calories and fat. 

improves memory

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea
Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

Caffeine is found inside tea which is a natural amino acid. This increases the memory of a person. The power of remembering increases. After drinking tea, a person is able to do his work with more attention. People’s are able to focus more and concentrate more after drink tea.

relieve allergies

The problem of allergy goes away by drinking tea. Mixing honey in Chase and drinking it proves to be even more beneficial because honey removes the problem of allergy.

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Help with heart disease and stroke

Drinking tea removes fat and minerals stored in the muscles of the heart. Drinking three cups of black or green tea per day reduces the risk of heart attack by 21%.

low calorie drink

Tea is such a drink that does not contain any calories if sugar and milk are not added inside it. That’s why many people prefer to drink black tea or green tea. Adding milk adds calories to tea. Tea is a better beverage option for people who want to reduce their weight and consume minimum calories.

hydrates the body

Tea is a liquid. By drinking this, the amount of water inside the body remains. It hydrates the body.

helps fight infection

Infectious diseases like cold and flu are cured by drinking tea. Drinking tea containing ginger, black pepper, celery, cardamom cures cold and flu.

Side-effect and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea
Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea

tea addiction

Caffeine is found inside the tea, consuming which leads to its addiction and there is an urge to drink tea again and again. Many people drink 10 to 15 cups of tea a day. Drinking too much tea proves to be injurious to health. If tea lover don’t get to drinking tea, then they start feel confused and restyles.

Increases sugar content

Everyone knows this thing that most of the people consume tea only with sugar. Drinking tea repeatedly increases the amount of sugar in a person’s body and he is at risk of diabetes. If tea is drunk without sugar, it is healthier, but most people prefer to drink tea with sugar.

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makes teeth yellow

Frequent consumption of tea causes the teeth to become yellow, red, spotty, red wine colored. If brushing is done immediately after drinking tea, then the problem of yellowing of teeth can be avoided.

have a stomach ulcer

Drinking more strong tea causes stomach ulcers. The problem of acidity (gas) also arises. Therefore it is advised not to drink very strong tea.

prostate cancer risk

Drinking too much tea can increase the risk of prostate cancer. People who consume more than 7 cups of tea every day are at risk of prostate cancer.

gas problem

Drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause gas problems.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea
Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Tea


People who consume 5 to 10 cups of tea every day find it very difficult to sleep . A cup of tea contains 14 to 60 mg of caffeine.

frequent urination

People who consume more tea, uric acid increases in their body and there is frequent urination.

loss of appetite

People who consume more tea daily, their appetite decreases.

weakening of bones

People who consume tea in excess, a problem called skeleton fluoroscopic arises. This causes disorders and weakness in the bones. Bone pain also starts. Drinking too much tea increases the fluoride content in the body, which causes a disease called arthritis (osteoporosis).

risk of miscarriage

Tea can be harmful for pregnant women . The element called caffeine in it is harmful for the fetus in the uterus. If possible, women should not consume tea during pregnancy .

abdominal swelling

Many people get the problem of swelling in the stomach after drinking tea. There is also the problem of flatulence and burning sensation in the stomach.


Is tea bad for kidney?

No, consuming tea in moderation may prove beneficial in maintaining kidney health. At the same time, excessive consumption of tea can also have a bad effect on the kidney.

Is tea beneficial for the skin?

Yes, The antioxidants present in it can prevent the symptoms of aging. Apart from this, due to the anti-bacterial properties present in tea, applying it on the skin can also provide relief from skin related infections to some extent