09 Advantages of Cow Farming In English

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Today the cow farming business (Advantages of Cow Farming in English) is growing very fast. Many small businesses are involved in this, from getting milk from cow to making boils from cow dung. This is a short article in which we have given information about this business and its benefits.

Cow farming business information (Information About Cow Farming in English)

Although the list of such businesses is very long, from which big money can be easily earned. But when it comes to business like dairy industry, it is not less profitable in any way. Cow rearing business is especially important for the farmer brothers and sisters.

People earn income in various ways by rearing cows and run their livelihood very easily. Usually people do business by rearing cows and buffaloes and selling the milk obtained from them. 

Not only this, but cow dung and cow urine are also used as fertilizers in the fields. Cow farming is one of the simplest businesses that anyone can take up as a career. 

It is not only a means of employment but also a weapon to overcome poverty and hunger along with employment for crores of people.

Talking about the business of cow farming in India , it plays a major role in the employment of farmers. It is not only linked to the culture of India, but since very ancient times, the process of cow rearing continues even today. 

India has the potential to satisfy world hunger because of its strong dairy industry. Cow rearing business is like a foundation stone or backbone behind Indian dairy industries like Amul, Sumul etc.

This is an advanced and profitable business, which can be started on both a small and a large scale. The contribution of the dairy industry is also seen in the  Indian economy .

Advantages of Cow Farming In English
Advantages of Cow Farming In English

Significantly, organic farming is inseparable from cow rearing. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that animal husbandry is the main means of self-employment for about 16% of small farmers. 

Animal husbandry contributes 4.11% to the country’s GDP. Along with this, it also provides about 8.8% employment.

Innovative techniques are being developed regarding the business of cow rearing , which has proved that it is a business in which labor is less and profit is more. People in every corner of the world need milk for food. 

Apart from this, the food items made from it are also in great demand in the market. Dung manure, cow dung gas plant and all organic fertilizers are also obtained from cow urine and cow dung, which is an important part of farming . So by now you must have understood that cow rearing is beneficial from so many different points of view.

09 Advantages of Cow Farming

  1. Cow rearing farmers get a lot of help in doing organic farming, due to which the yield of crops is excellent.
  2. A natural fertilizer is prepared through cow dung and cow urine , which is completely chemical free. Apart from this, it increases the fertility of the land.
  3. Along with business, the amount of milk obtained through cow rearing is made into various types of things, which are very beneficial for health.
  4. The most important reason to do cow farming business is that it is a business whose need will never end.
  5. Cow farming business is going to be in great demand in future for the increasing needs of the growing population in the world. That’s why this is a golden opportunity for cow rearers.
  6. In order to promote the business of cow rearing, apart from organizations like NABARD, many organizations and the Indian government are providing all possible facilities to the people, which will make cow rearing easier.
  7. Starting this business does not require huge investment amount like other big business, it can also be started from a small scale.
  8. Those farmer brothers and sisters who do the business of cow rearing, they also get exemption in purchase in many ways through the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India.
  9. Like other institutions, NABARD allocates a fixed amount of money to Scheduled Tribes and backward class people in the form of subsidy to the farmers doing the business of cow rearing. Along with this, many schemes and funds are also provided for ordinary citizens.

Kamdhenu Cow (A Story on Cow)

Many other kings including Vishvamitra and Guru Vashishtha fought many times for Kamdhenu, but did not give Kamdhenu cow to anyone. 100 sons of Guru Vashishtha were killed in this fight over the cow.

According to the scriptures and scholars, the cow’s vagina is the last stage of the soul’s journey of development, after that the soul has to come into the human’s vagina. All the cows we see.

She is resting at the last stage after coming in the sequence of 84 births. Being in the vagina of a cow means rest, peace and prayer. According to Hindu religion, 33 crore deities reside in the house.

This is the reason why on the occasion of Govardhan Puja, on the second day of Diwali, cows are specially worshiped and decorated with peacock feathers etc.

In every religious work of Hindus, first of all, worshiped Ganesha and his mother Parvati are kept in the place of worship made of cow dung.

Importance of Cow in Agriculture

As we know India is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the main source of income of India. The Indian farmer was paramount in the field of agriculture in the whole world, the main reason for this was the cow.

Indians used to consider manure made from cow dung as the main means for agriculture. India’s land was spewing gold for many years because of cow dung manure, but in the name of Green Revolution, Indian agriculture was destroyed by chemical farming from 1960 to 1985 and the fields are no longer that fertile.

Now chemical fertilizers started being used in the fields, due to which the grains started producing poisonous, due to which many serious diseases also started to arise. Farms can be saved from any insects by the insecticide made by mixing cow urine, dhatura, neem etc. leaves in cow dung.

Now-a-days the demand of dairy products like milk, curd, butter, paneer etc. is increasing in the market. The demand for dairy products is more than that of vegetables for our food.

In today’s time, there will be no person who does not wake up in the morning and drink tea, or does not consume anything made of milk throughout the day.

Along with this, there is a belief in our country that eating curd and sugar while leaving the house to do any auspicious work makes the work successful.

Cow urine is also considered holy for the worship of God, not only this, many diseases of our body are cured by cow urine, so many times cow urine is also used in medicines.

In view of the increasing demand for dairy products , doing the business of cow rearing and milk, curd, ghee etc obtained from it will prove to be beneficial. You can start this business according to your investment. If you have shortage of money then you can start your business even by rearing 2 or 3 cows.

Before starting the business of cow rearing, arrangements have to be made for their habitable place, as well as nutritious food and water will also have to be arranged for them. The place where the cow is kept should be cleaned daily and taken care of properly.