100+ Cricket Interesting Facts

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100+ Cricket Facts – 100+ Cricket Interesting Facts : Hello friends, you are welcome on this blog of ours, where today we will tell you “100+ Cricket Facts – 100+ Cricket Interesting Facts ”. Cricket is a game that is very much liked by the people, although cricket lovers know a lot about cricket. But today we will tell such interesting facts and records about cricket – 100+ Cricket Facts – 100+ Cricket Interesting Facts which you have hardly ever heard.

100+ Cricket Facts– 100+ Cricket Interesting Facts

Cricket is very popular game in the world. This game is liked cricket all over the world. Everyone must have played cricket in their childhood because it is everyone’s favorite game. Cricket is not just a game. People have emotions attached to this game. Cricket is a very respectable game among all the games in the world.

That’s why it is called Gentleman’s game. Cricket is the second most played game in the world after football. Today everyone is fond of cricket, some like to play and some like to watch. England is the country that gave birth to cricket, today we will tell you some important information related to cricket in 100+ Cricket Facts, which you may have never heard before. So let’s know – 100+ Cricket Facts – 100+ Cricket Interesting Facts .

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100+ Cricket Facts (01 – 10)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

1. Virender Sehwag holds the record for scoring 3 centuries twice in Test cricket.
2. Prabir Sen is the only Indian player to stump out Don Bradman.
3. Anil Kumble holds the record for taking 10 wickets at low runs in a Test against Pakistan in 1999.
4. Abdul Hafeez Kardar is the only player from Pakistan who has played for India before.
5. Rohit Sharma scored 264 runs in the ODI series against Sri Lanka in 2014, which is a great record.
6. Chris Gayle is the most stormy batsman in ODI, Test and T20 format and specializes in hitting sixes and Chris Gayle is the only batsman in the world who has hit a six in the first ball of a Test match.
7. Sourav Ganguly is the only player who was adjudged ‘Man of the Match’ for 4 consecutive matches.
8. The highest earning cricketer is Virat Kohli of India. The New Delhi native is currently the captain of the national team. Cheeku earns $4 million a year but earns an estimated $24 million in endorsements. He received sponsorship deals from Audi, Google, Flipkart and Puma. He is also the only cricketer to feature in Forbes list of highest-paid athletes in 2020.
9. Virender Sehwag holds the record for highest score in 119 T20 matches, 219 in ODIs, 319 runs in Tests.
10. England is the first country to play 1,000 Test matches. He reached this milestone against India in August 2018 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. England won the series 4–1.

100+ Cricket Facts (11 – 20)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

11. Ravi Shastri and ML Jaisimha have the record of playing Test for 5 consecutive days.
12. Still on the topic of cricket superstitions, the player who performs the most rituals during a match is arguably Neil McKenzie of South Africa. Before a game, for example, he would tape his cricket bat to the ceiling. When it came time for him to bat, he would check all the changing room lights to make sure they were off and the toilet seats were down.
13. Rahul Dravid holds the record for most number of balls played, he has played 164 matches so far, out of which 31,258 have faced the ball.
14. Among Australian players and fans, 87 is considered unlucky. They call it the Devil’s number because 87 subtracted from 100 is 13.

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15. Considered to be the most successful captain of cricket, Dhoni has won all the three ICC trophies under his captaincy i.e. T20 in 2007, World Cup in 2011, Champions Trophy in 2013.
16. Muttiah Muralitharan holds the record for most wickets (534) and most Test wickets (800) in ODI cricket. Murali is the only cricketer to have taken more than 100 Test wickets on three occasions. He has also been awarded the Man of the Series award for the most number of times in Test cricket.
17. Sachin who is called the God of cricket and who has a record of 100 centuries in international cricket and breaking this record is extremely difficult.
18. A freak accident ended the life of a promising young batsman from India in 2015. Ankit Keshari was the captain of the Bengal Under-19 team. As they both ran to catch the ball, Keshari collided with teammate Sourav Mandal with full force. Although he was admitted to the hospital after the incident, he later died of a heart attack during treatment.
19. In the 2003 World Cup, 14 teams played 54 matches over 43 days.
20. Bails, the horizontal pegs that sit on top of the stumps, are not attached to the top surface. Instead, they rest on shallow grooves at the free ends of the stumps. The bails are important in determining whether the wicket has fallen or broken. This in turn will help identify the position of the batsman, if he has been run out, bowled or stumped.

100+ Cricket Facts (21 – 30)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

21. Ricky Ponting has played the most i.e. 46 World Cup matches.
22. The original cricket wickets used only two stumps to which a bail was attached. This design was changed in 1775, when an English cricketer, Lumpy Stevens, was able to bowl three consecutive balls which came off between the stumps. This is the reason why modern wickets have three stumps instead of two.
23. The 1987 World Cup was earlier to be held in England but it was again held in India.
24. The small gates through which cricket balls have to pass are called “wickets”. The term is used because of the similarity between stumps and wicket gates, which are small pedestrian gates or doors.
25. Due to rain in 2007, the final match of the World Cup was of 38 overs.
26. The weight of a cricket ball is 163 grams. It’s core is made of cork which is wrapped with several layer s of yarn. The outer cover is made of leather, which is then coated with lacquer.
27. Sachin Tendulkar has won the “Man of the Match” in the World Cup the maximum number of times i.e. 8 times.

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28. The condition of the cricket pitch can change the strategy of the team. If the ground is dry, the best bowler will be spin, meaning that the team’s top spin bowlers should be chosen for the job as their skills will give their team a significant advantage.
29. Herschelle Gibbs hit 6 sixes in 1 over against Holland in a World Cup ODI match.
30. The most losing country in international cricket is England, who have played 691 unsuccessful matches. He has also played the most games (1,885).

100+ Cricket Facts (31 – 40)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

31. India lost a World Cup match in 1987 and 1999 by 1 run.
32. The first Cricket World Cup was held in 1975, in which men’s teams participated. The title was won by the West Indies, with Australia finishing second.
33. Two players named Robin Singh played the first test and never got a chance after that.
34. The oldest cricket world championship is the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup. The first tournaments, which was hosted by the England, was held in 1973. The English team was the champion of the first edition.
35. West Indies player Leslie Hilton was hanged for murder.
36. The biggest cricket event is the World Cup, which is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). It was founded in 1909 as the Imperial Cricket Conference. The three founding countries are England, South Africa and Australia.
37. Indian player Mohinder Amarnath was a successful bowler as well as a successful fielder.
38. Although there are 31 nations that play cricket at international level, only 12 have qualified for Test status. The first countries to achieve this status are England and Australia (1877) and the latest one is Afghanistan (2018).
39. Peter Siddle is the only bowler to take a hat-trick wicket on his birthday.
40. Cricket is played in many formats but there are three main forms: Twenty20, One Day International (ODI) and Test match. Of these, the Test match is the traditional form, which has been in use since 1877. It is also consider the highest level.

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100+ Cricket Facts (41 – 50)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

41. In 1877, Australia beat England by 45 runs in a Test.
42. The 1st Test cricket captains for the English team were James Lillywhite and David Gregory. Of the twos, Lillywhite was the first to play. He died in 1929, becoming the last player in the first Test match to die.
43. The Maharaja of Vizianagaram has got the title of Indian Test Cricketer Knight.
44. The person considered to be the father of cricket is William Gilbert (WG) Grace. He played amateur cricket in England and is credited with helping develop the game into the modern obsession.
45. Australian player Allan Border has played 153 consecutive Tests.
46. ​​Cricket was originally a children’s game played in England during the 16th century, especially in the South-Eastern countries. When the British expanded overs easing, they brought the game with them.
47. Wilfred Rhodes of England played his first Test at the age of 52.
48. Cricket is a popular sport – so popular that it is considered to be the second most loved sport in the world. It is enjoyed by over 2.5 billion fans in 180 countries. The game is most popular in England, Australia and subcontinent Asia (particularly India and Pakistan).
49. Asif Karim has played international cricket and Davis Cup for Kenya.
50. MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina have never scored an ODI century outside Asia.

100+ Cricket Facts (51 – 60)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

51. Lala Amarnath is the first player to take the wicket of Don Bradman in Tests.
52. Lance Klusener, Abdur Razzaq, Shoaib Malik and Hasan Tillakaratne are the only players to have batted in 10 different batting positions in ODIs.
53. Do you know – Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, grandfather of film actor Saif Ali Khan, is a player who has played Test matches for India and England.
54. In 1989, along with Sachin Tendulkar, 23 other cricketers made their international debuts. The last person to retire before Sachin was New Zealand’s Chris Cairns, who retired in 2004.
55. Rohit Sharma also holds the record for scoring the most centuries in 1 World Cup. He has scored 5 centuries in 2019, earlier this record was in the name of Sachin Tendulkar.
56. Shahid Afridi used a bat borrowed from Waqar Younis to score the fastest century in ODIs.
57. In the year 2015, Ajinkya Rahane took 8 catches in the Test against Sri Lanka. This is a world record.
58. Dirk Nannes has represented both Australia and the Netherlands in international cricket.
59. The record of scoring the most runs in international cricket is in the name of Sachin Tendulkar.
60. The player with the most not out in Test cricket is not Rahul Dravid, but Courtney Walsh.

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100+ Cricket Facts (61 – 70)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

61. The record for the fastest half-century is held by Yuvraj Singh, who completed his half-century in 12 balls, hitting 6 sixes in 6 consecutive balls, a memorable moment for all.
62. Mahela Jayawardene is the only batsman to have scored centuries in both semi-finals and finals of the World Cup.
63. In the year 1984, Mohammad Azharuddin scored 3 centuries in 3 Tests.
64. Pakistani player Sohaib Malik is the only batsman who was given out LBW by the third umpire.
65. Abdul Hafeez Kardar is the only player from Pakistan who has played for India before.
66. Since Virat Kohli’s debut, India has chased 300+ five times.
67. Chris Gayle is the most stormy batsman in ODI, Test and T20 format and specializes in hitting sixes and Chris Gayle is the only batsman in the world who has hit a six in the very first ball of a Test match.
68. Sourav Ganguly is the only Indian player to score a century in the knock out stages of the World Cup.
69. Do you know that whenever Sachin was at the crease, his wife Anjali used to fast.
70. Jim Laker once took 19 wickets in a Test match.

100+ Cricket Facts (71 – 80)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

71. Prabir Sen is the only Indian player to have stumped Don Bradman.
72. The longest cricket match took place in 1939 between South Africa and England. The game lasted 14 days and ended in a draw.
73. After scoring 277 runs in the Sydney Test, Brian Lara named his girl Sydney.
74. The name of the game is believed to have originated from “cricket”, the Old French word for stick, goal or post. It may also come from “krik”, a Middle Dutch word for stick or staff.
75. New Zealand holds the record for the least number of runs scored in Tests, 26 runs were scored in the year 1955.
76. Donald Bradman (The Don) of Australia is regarded as the greatest batsman of all time. He has a Test batting average of 99.94 – the best among all other players across all sports. Many fans believe that there will never be another player like him.
77. Sachin Tendulkar is the only sportsperson to have been awarded the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award, Padma Vibhushan and Bharat Ratna.
78. Kumar Sangakkara, a Sri Lankan player is the only batsman in ODI history to score 4 consecutive centuries.
79. Sachin had to wait 79 matches for his first ODI century.
80. The length ing of a cricket pitch is 22 yards i.e. 61.31 m 2.

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100+ Cricket Facts (81 – 90)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

81. Sachin was the youngest player to play county cricket at the age of 19.
82. India is the only country to win three different World Cups.
83. In the match played between India and Sri Lanka in Kolkata, spectators started throwing bottles on the ground after seeing India lose as the 1996 World Cup remained unfinished.
84. Ellyse Perry played in the Football World Cup and Women’s Cricket.
85. Wasim Akram is the only Pakistani player to have scored a hat-trick in Tests and ODIs.
86. Eoin Morgan- An Irish born cricketer who does not sing the national anthem before starting the game.
87. Michael Holding is the West Indies player who has taken 900 overs i.e. 5473 balls in ODIs, none of which was a wide.
88. Viv Richards played in both Cricket and Football World Cups.
89. India is the only team to have won 20 overs, 60 overs and 50 overs World Cup, 60 overs in 1983, 50 overs in 2011, 20 overs T20 World Cup in 2007.
90. Kate Cross is the first woman in the world to play in the men’s Lancashire League.

100+ Cricket Facts (91 – 100)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

91. ‘Inzamam-ul-Haq’ is the first Pakistani player to take a wicket on the first ball.
92. On September 1844, the first cricket match between the United States of America and Canada was played at the St. George’s Club Ground.
93. Alec Stewart, England batsman, was born on 8-4-63 And he has score 8463 runs in Test match career.
94. John Trikos is known as the Tri-Nations man because he was born in Egypt and played for Zimbabwe and South Africa.
95. Allan Border holds the record for playing most consecutive Test matches, he has played 153 consecutive Tests.
96. In the 1997 Women’s World Cup, Belinda Clarke scored a double century and 229 not out against Denmark.
97. Adam Gilchrist holds the record for most Test stays after debut. He has played 96 matches from year 1999 to 2008.
98. Dean Elgar became the latest batsman to experience an anti-climatic feeling when he was dismissed for 199 during the first innings of the opening Test match against Bangladesh.
99. The biggest and unique victory of Test cricket is recorded in the name of England. In 1930 they beat Australia by 579 runs.
100. Sunil Gavaskar named his son Rohan after West Indies cricketer Rohan Kanhai.

100+ Cricket Facts (101 – 103)

Cricket Facts–  Cricket Interesting Facts

101. Pakistani player Hanif Mohammad holds the record for playing the longest innings in a Test cricket match.
102. Wilfred Rhodes took 4000+ wickets in first class cricket.
103. On 12 -01- 1964, Indian spinner Bapu Nadkarni bowled 21 consecutive maiden overs against England at Chennai.

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