Sugarcane Juice Health benefits and Side-effects

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Sugarcane Juice Health benefits

Friends, as soon as the summer season starts, we miss sugarcane juice. Well said friends? As soon as the summer season comes, juice carts start being installed on the roadside, and even if we leave the house after drinking a lot of water. But we feel thirsty after seeing the juice, and we consume it. But we consume it only as a simple beverage. Many of us are not aware of the health benefits of it.

Everyone likes to drink sugarcane juice in summer. The cool and sweet juice of sugarcane refreshes the body completely by inducing a feeling of coolness in the throat. Today we are going to talk. If we know about the benefits of sugarcane juice, and its benefits one by one, then let’s start-

Nutrients found in sugarcane Nutrition values

Sugarcane Juice Health benefits and Side-effects

Sugarcane juice is actually a natural drink. It is full of natural sugar. Being already sweet, there would have been a need to add sugar to it. The sugar obtained from it contains only 15 calories, it is a mixture of sucrose, fructose and many other glucose, a glass of sugarcane juice contains a total of 13 grams of fiber, which is essential for the body.

Apart from being rich in nutrients, it is also very beneficial. Elements like cobalt, chromium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and zinc are found in it. Apart from this, it contains high amounts of vitamin A, C iron, vitamin B-complex, fiber and protein.

According to the study, the sugarcane plant can grow up to 30 feet. Depending on the climate, it can take 9-24 months for a sugarcane plant to mature. More than 36 varieties of sugarcane are found.

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Health benefits of Sugarcane

Sugarcane Juice Health benefits and Side-effects

There are many benefits of consuming sugarcane juice, we will know them one by one- 

1. For Energy

If you are tired and want instant energy, then consuming sugarcane juice can prove to be very beneficial for you. Sugarcane contains sucrose, which is easily absorbed by your body, and rejuvenates you by giving you instant energy.

2. Help in jaundice disease

Jaundice occurs when the liver does not function properly in our body, due to which the bile ducts are closed, while the elements found in sugarcane juice balance the sugar level in the body and prevent jaundice. protects the body. With its use, the liver starts functioning properly and we get rid of this disease. Also, it can help prevent side effects of medicines .

3. In protecting from kidney stone

Sugarcane juice prevents kidney stones, it reduces urinary infections, due to which the kidney starts functioning well. Due to whose work the problem of stone becomes chumantar, so whoever is suffering from the problem of stone, he should consume it.

4. For Sore Throat

Sugarcane juice is beneficial in curing sore throat due to the presence of adequate amounts of Vitamin C, it is a rich source of antioxidants, which protect the throat from viral or bacterial infections. For this, mixing lemon and black salt with a glass of sugarcane juice and drinking it will be beneficial.

5. Quickly heals wounds

Those whose wounds heal late. They should consume sugarcane juice. Because sucrose is found in it, it does not take time to heal wounds and is able to heal any type of wound in a short time. You can also apply some sugarcane juice on the wound for better results. Apart from this, regular consumption of sugarcane juice helps in strengthening our vital organs, so that they can function well.

6. For the strength of bones and teeth

With age, many types of weakness in the body surround us, in which the weakness of teeth and bones is the main, consumption of sugarcane juice provides calcium in abundance, because it is its main source, calcium only strengthens bones. Provides, which makes our teeth and bones strong.

7. Diabetes under control

If you are also struggling with the problem of diabetes, then consuming sugarcane juice can prove to be a panacea for you. Because it contains sucrose, which helps keep your blood sugar levels under control. Because it has a low glycaemic index, which helps in controlling diabetes. But diabetic patients should use it as little as possible.

8. To get rid of constipation

If you also have any kind of constipation related problem, then consuming sugarcane juice can prove to be very beneficial for you. If Ayurveda is to be believed, it has a high laxative property, which helps in bowel movement, and relieves us from constipation, as well as it also relieves acidity and burning sensation in the stomach.

9. In reducing weight

As we all know, bad cholesterol is the reason for weight gain, but cholesterol can be reduced by sugarcane juice. Due to which the weight does not increase and it also helps in reducing the extra weight. Due to the presence of fibre in it, it does not allow the weight to increase.

10. For pregnant woman

Consuming sugarcane juice is very good for pregnant women, because folic acid and vitamin B9 are found in it, which is very beneficial for women. By consuming this, the child growing in the womb gets all the nutrients. In addition, research has found that sugarcane juice reduces ovulation problems in women, thereby increasing the chances of conception.

11. In removing the digestive problem

If you have any type of digestion related problem, then consuming sugarcane juice can prove to be very beneficial for you. The potassium present in it helps to balance the pH level of your stomach and increase the secretion of digestive juices. Due to which the digestive problem arising in the body can be removed.

12. Skin lightening

Along with health benefits, it is also used to improve the skin, due to the presence of antioxidants, flavonoids and phenolic compounds in sugarcane juice, it removes skin related problems, and reduces wrinkles in it. Kasav comes with it. Also, it is a good option to make the skin shiny, soft and moisturised.

13. For relief in acne

Using sugarcane juice as a face mask along with multani mitti helps in getting rid of pimples, apply this mixture on your face and neck for 20 minutes and wipe off with a wet towel. Make sure to use this remedy at least once a week. This will remove the pimples from your face .

Sugarcane Juice Side Effects

Sugarcane Juice Health benefits and Side-effects

Friends, we all know that excess is bad for everyone, the same applies for sugarcane juice, but in the changing season, the consumption of sugarcane juice also works to harm. It has some disadvantages, which are as follows-

2. Policosnal is found in sugarcane, whose function is to thin the blood, it takes time for blood to clot. People who are already taking blood thinners should avoid consuming sugarcane.

3. Do not consume sugarcane juice kept for a long time, always consume fresh juice, because it gets spoiled very quickly due to oxidizing within 15 minutes.

4. If you are consuming sugarcane juice outside in the market, then keep in mind, because sugarcane is often extracted without washing it in the market, due to which bacteria and pesticides remain present in it and it enters the body. They also create a danger of getting infectious diseases by reaching.

5. Excess oil present on the sugarcane machine can also harm our body. That’s why before consuming sugarcane juice outside, check if there is too much oil on the machine.

6. Consuming sugarcane juice can be harmful for you if you already have the problem of phlegm or cough, so please avoid it.

7. Do not consume more than two glasses of sugarcane juice daily, it can harm your body.

So, friends, these were the advantages and disadvantages of sugarcane juice, consuming it can relieve us from many types of problems, so consume it with utmost care and avoid the disadvantages and get the benefits. Share on FB