How to come out of depression : Update 2023

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Present day routine, work pressure , cut throat competition and loneliness and the result of all these is depression . About 35% of people in India must have been a victim of depression or any other type of mental disorder at least once. But this can be avoided. By making your life spiritual. But if you are currently surrounded by depression, then how to get out of it is the subject of our discussion.

How to come out of depression
How to come out of depression

1. Consistency –

If you are suffering from depression, and are not able to get out of it, then you have to improve your company . Because Kabir says – ” True company of saints “

This means that we have to associate with people who are humble and full of positivity. Because depression is always due to despair and when you talk to such persons, they remove your negativity with their positivity. And even if you can’t remove it completely, you will definitely reduce it.

In the Lanka Kand of Ramcharitmanas, when Ram ji does not reach Lanka, Sita ji starts getting frustrated. Then a demon named Trishala, who was very positive and intelligent, used to remove Sita ji’s despair with her positive words. ,

So if you are suffering from depression, first of all you should find the company of a person who is positive .

2. Literature –

If you are suffering from depression, then you must spend some time reading a good and positive book. Because even after trying many times, we are not able to find someone who can motivate us.

Then books become our support, and lift us out of depression just as a positive person pulls us out.

“ Once Anna Hazare was sitting at the railway station and was about to commit suicide. Because they could not find any reason to live that why should I be alive at all. Life was full of despair. Then his eyes fell on a book at the book stall of the station and he took that book and read it. Which saved him from suicide and changed his whole life. This book was a book written by Swami Vivekananda ” .

So the literature will always guide you. Gita, Bhagavat, Upanishad are all meant to guide us. Studying them will definitely reduce your frustration.

How to come out of depression
How to come out of depression

3. Close to nature

If you are suffering from depression, then you must go closer to nature. Seeing the trees, seeing the plants, seeing the squirrels and birds playing on them, they are all happy and are not happy because tomorrow she is going to be the Prime Minister. They are happy in whatever God has given them. And we are suffering because we could not get what we wanted.

That’s why when you go closer to nature, there will be a change in your thinking. And you can be positive.

“ Once upon a time Swami Vivekananda got frustrated with the practice. And went and started walking in the forest and went and sat in a corner. Then a tiger appeared there. Swamiji started thinking that I have not been able to see God so far, so this body is only a form of weight, if this tiger eats it, then at least its hunger will disappear. But this tiger did not eat Swamiji. After this incident, he had a very deep meditation there .  So if you go close to nature, you will come back only after being positive.

4. Do not remain empty –

If you are suffering from depression, then you should not remain empty even for a minute. Because an empty mind fills you with various kinds of negativity . Mahatma Gandhi said – “ Of course all your work may be unimportant, but still you work, it is more important ” .

If you do not have any work, and you do not even understand what to do. This not only saves you from negativity but also fills you with the purity of the Lord’s name.

5. Make sure to make your friends-

Most of the people who are more prone to despair do not have any friends with whom they can share their point of view. That’s why his words remain filled in him.

You must have a friend so that you can share everything and he understands him and does not ridicule him.

And if you do not find such a person in your life even after searching a lot, then you start sharing your whole thing with God. They are friends of all. You will surely find peace.

6. Music –

If you are suffering from depression, then music can prove to be a boon for you. But that music should be positive and with divine ingredients. It can be classical music, it can be kirtan, it can be hymns of God and it can be any meditative sound . You can choose any one as per your interest.

How to come out of depression
How to come out of depression

7. Closer to God-

And now the most important thing, a person who is really close to God never gets discouraged. You go closer to God, all your despair will run away. Your mind will be happy. You chant the name of the Lord, chant His name, meditate on the feet of the Lord and surrender yourself to the feet of the Lord.

“ When Ramakrishna Paramahansa did not see the Lord, then he took the sword in his hand to commit suicide, at the same time the sword fell from his hand and he had A vision of Kaali ” .

When Sanatana Goswami went to Puri to meet Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, he developed a skin disease on the way, but in spite of this, Mahaprabhu used to hug him regularly. For this reason, out of guilt, he vowed to sacrifice his life under the chariot of Jagannath Rath Yatra. But Mahaprabhu told him that nothing will happen by committing suicide. Do Hari Naam, Hari Naam. And we all know that Sanatana Goswami has a prominent place among the Gaudiya Vaishnava writers .

It is not necessary that any big tension or accident happened to a person is responsible for depression. Rather, the stress found in daily routine life can also push someone towards stress and depression. Learn here how you can avoid depression without spending a fortune just by recognizing the early symptoms.

Whatever be the reason for our depression, but it is in our hands to control the growing effect of depression. If you are constantly surrounded by stress and frustration, are not able to produce according to your abilities, do not feel like talking to family and friends, or react very aggressively on small matters, then these are some early signs Which can indicate your deteriorating mental health.

Make yourself strong like this

How to come out of depression
How to come out of depression

To fight depression, it is important that you make yourself mentally strong. Meditation and exercise can help you a lot in this. Now you must be feeling that exercise makes the body strong, how will the brain become strong?

effect of exercise on brain

When we are physically active. If we do yoga, exercise or dance, it increases blood circulation in our body. It increases the oxygen level in our brain, it keeps the mind calm and happy hormones are produced. These hormones give us the strength to be happy and deal with stress.

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Do not take such diet in depression

People suffering from depression or stress should not eat fast food and processed food. Because the body does not get complete nutrition from them. Due to stress, the body is already feeling weak and if the diet is also not right, then we start moving towards depression. That’s why take healthy and plant based diet.

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way to avoid stress

If for any reason your stress level has started increasing, then go to an open space, try it to be a garden or a place full of greenery. Take a deep breath and focus on the breath. Deep breathing increases the oxygen level in the brain and focusing on the breath diverts our brain from the stressful issue. This makes us feel calm.

love yourself

The best way to come out of depression quickly is to give time to yourself. Make yourself feel special. Doing things that make you happy. For example, listening to music, playing games, spending time with friends or family. All these works increase positive energy in us.

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How to come out of depression
How to come out of depression

go shopping with friends

In the era of online shopping, we have started buying most of the things sitting at home. While going to the market or mall, meeting friends, enjoying a different environment… it is possible only when we take time for ourselves and for shopping. So when there is stress or tension, sometimes go out for shopping, sometimes outing, sometimes for a movie and sometimes for fun.

Nature’s side

Nature gives us positivity. Whenever it seems that there is no desire to talk to anyone, neither to watch movies nor to write or read anything. So you go to a garden or park and sit alone. Think about your life journey so far, focus on your achievements and be proud of your struggles. Make future plans on this basis.

enjoy me-time

To live a life full of happiness and peace, it is necessary that you live a managed life. In the midst of the busyness of the day, take out some moments especially for yourself. In this me-time, you can do warm-up or stretching while listening to music. You can focus on your makeover. You can focus on your skin care. Or you can lie down or sit peacefully by playing slow music.

trying to change addiction

If you are addicted to anything like drinking, smoking or tobacco, then try to quit. You can take help of rehabilitation centers in this. When you feel that you are not in control, try to write down your discomfort and discomfort. It is also an effective way to calm yourself.

Therefore, the more we surrender to God, the more positive we become. And despondency and depression will not come to us either. Friends, the following measures will definitely help you to get rid of depression. But if it has grown too much, then you need a proper counselor and doctor .

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