Krishna Kamal (black lotus) Fruit – advantages and disadvantages

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today’s article we are going to talk about Passion, krishna kamal (black lotus) Fruit in Englsih – about Krishnakamal fruit such as information about Krishnakamal fruit, advantages and disadvantages of eating Krishnakamal fruit, uses of Krishnakamal fruit, so this article is going to be very special for you. If so, hope you like this article. So let’s see further…

Krishna Kamal Fruit

Krishna Kamal (black lotus) Fruit
Krishna Kamal (black lotus) Fruit

Information about Krishna Kamal fruit

✅ The scientific name of this fruit (Passiflora Edulis Sims) is called Passiflora edulis Sims, it is a Brazilian fruit, which belongs to the Passifloraceae family, apart from Brazil, it is also grown in South America, Caribbean, South Florida, South Africa and Asia. Among its different species, yellow or purple colored fruit is mainly found, this fruit is yellow, purple, red or black in color.

✅ this fruit is round oval in shape, which is hard and smooth from outside , Its peel is yellow, hard or thick, its seeds are brown in color and the pulp is acidic and aromatic, this purple colored black lotus fruit is small in size, its peel is purple in color and the seeds are black in color. This yellow or purple colored fruit is also called the king of fruits, maracuja love fruit and fruit lover. 

✅ Krishnakamal fruit is sweet and tasty to eat, this fruit is purple or yellow in color according to its species, the pulp that comes out inside this fruit is edible, both the pulp and seed of Krishnakamal fruit are edible and It is very beneficial for health, its seeds are black in color, the pulp of Krishnakamal fruit is fibrous, this fruit is also called Krishnakamal fruit in Hindi.

✅ many nutrients and vitamins are found in this fruit, so it Antioxidants are found in plenty, many nutrients and vitamins are found in it, which are phosphorus, magnesium, copper, sodium, calcium, iron, riboflavin, vitamin E, vitamin C, niacin, iron, copper, vitamin B, vitamin A, etc. nutrients are found.

Benefits of black lotus fruit 

Krishna Kamal (black lotus) Fruit
Krishna Kamal (black lotus) Fruit

1. For the heart

Riboflavin vitamin B6 and niacin vitamin B3 are found in black lotus fruit, it improves the activity of thyroid in our body, it helps in smooth functioning of your heart, phenolic compounds and alkaloids also reduce stress. also removes

2. For Diabetes

Krishnakamal fruit has a low glycemic index GI and high fiber content of 10.4%, which is a good fruit for diabetic patients to maintain insulin levels, this fruit is rich in fiber, which is like pectin. Which can make you feel full without increasing the calorie intake.

3. For immunity

Black lotus fruit contains vitamin C, beta cryptoxanthin and alpha carotene, which boosts your immunity, it also contains iron, which increases hemoglobin in red blood cells, if you are suffering from anemia, then make black lotus fruit a regular part of your diet. Include in diet.

4. For osteoporosis

Krishnakamal fruit is known to be a storehouse of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, potassium and sodium, these minerals maintain bone density, as well as prevent osteoporosis.

5. For the eyes

If our body does not get enough vitamins and nutrients, due to which our eyes become weak and the light also decreases. Black lotus fruit is very beneficial in improving the eyesight. It is less that’s why we should eat this fruit because the light of our eyes remains sharp.

6. For weight

Krishnakamal fruit reduces our weight and protects us from the dangers of other diseases, if you feel hungry at any time of the day, you can eat Krishnakamal fruit, eating Krishnakamal fruit fills your stomach quickly, so that you can reduce your growing weight. , Krishnakamal provides our body with a lot of nutrients.

7. For cancer

Antioxidants are found in black lotus fruit, it helps in fighting free radicals, and also reduces the increasing effect of cancer cells in the body, black lotus fruit contains vitamin A, flavonoids as well as phenolic nutrients, Which has the properties of preventing cancer.

8. For digestion

By eating Krishnakamal fruit, our stomach related problem is removed, this fruit is found in more fiber, which is very good for our digestive system, and does not allow our digestive system to weaken, but strengthens it, Krishnakamal Fruit helps us in digesting the food of our stomach, due to which we do not have problems like constipation.   

disadvantages of black lotus fruit

✅ 1. When there is a wound or surgery in our body, then we should not consume this fruit. 

✅ 2. There is a lot of sugar in this fruit, people who are suffering from diabetes, those people must consult their nearest doctor before consuming it.

✅ 3. Pregnant women should not consume Krishna Kamal fruit. If you want to consume Krishna Kamal, then first consult a doctor.

✅ 4. Lactating women should also not consume Krishna Kamal fruit.

uses of black lotus fruit

✅ 1. Krishnakamal fruit can be mixed with curd and used as raita.

✅ 2. You can use this fruit to drink juice.

✅ 3. Krishnakamal fruit can be used by squeezing it like lemon in water.

✅ 4. This fruit can also be used in fruit salad.