Wonders of Science Essay 200 words in English pdf

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“Wonders of Science” ⬤ In this article, Essay on Wonders of Science Essay and PDF in English has been written and download. It discusses the 10 best wonders and inventions of science, the wonders of science in various fields and how it has proved to be a boon for humans.

wonder of science Introduction (Wonders of Science Essay 200 words in English)

Wonders of Science Essay 200 words in English pdf

Science has played a major role in whatever achievements we humans have achieved in our journey from the primitive age to the present . 

The work which no one could even imagine before, has become possible today in the blink of an eye and all this success has been possible only because of the miracle caused by science.

Today man has the ability to touch the heights of the sky from the depths of the sea. We humans, who rule a big planet like Earth , have achieved such success that the whole earth can be destroyed in one go. 

It is nothing less than a boon of science that we have discovered such weapons and other things, by which a whole new world can be settled. 

The incomparable contribution of science in the field of technology and information communication , medicine , entertainment transport and education etc. can be clearly seen.

10 Amazing Wonders And Inventions Of Science

You will learn about some of the best inventions in history that have transformed development. 

Perhaps it is because of these inventions that we have been able to make so much progress, but without it perhaps we would not have been able to achieve so much success in the field of science.

1. Computer & Internet

According to the information, for the first time in the year 1622, William Outred invented a computer called Abacus . But it was actually Charles Babbage who is remembered for inventing the principles of the mechanical computer. 

Charles Babbage designed the analytical engine of the computer between 1833 and 1871, due to which he is also called the father of the computer today. 

The foundation of the Internet communication protocol was laid by world-renowned computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn. Both computer and internet are connected to each other. 

2. Invention of Electricity

Usually electricity or electricity is generated naturally. The electricity that we use in our everyday life is basically. 

The credit for its invention is given to Benjamin Franklin . He discovered electricity while doing an experiment with a kite. 

After this, different researchers provided the theory of electricity according to their own. Among them was Michael Faraday, who invented the electric dynamo in the 1931s, which could generate electricity continuously.

3. Invention of Bulb

The light bulb was invented by Sir Thomas Alva Edison in 1879 . This historic discovery at the end of the 19th century illuminated the whole world. 27 January 1880 Alva Edison patented his bulb discovery. 

4. Invention of Telephone

The telephone was first discovered by Alexander Graham Bell on June 2, 1875 . Graham Bell was a citizen of Scotland, who made many wonderful discoveries other than the telephone. He got his invention patented on 7 March 1876. 

Wonders of Science Essay 200 words in English pdf

5. Television (Television A Wonder of Science)

Television was invented (assumed) in 1924 by John Logie Baird . Doordarshan is the most preferred thing for entertainment. Television came into vogue in India for the first time on 15 September 1959 , after which it has become a common practice to have television in almost all homes at present.

6. Invention of X-Ray

This invention revolutionized the field of medicine. X-rays were discovered during the year 1995 by Wilhelm Röntgen after his many experiments with cathode radiation. Every year on 8 November, World Radiology Day is celebrated all over the world.

7. Invention of Printing Press

Inventions that have saved us both time and energy include the printing press. The printing press was assumed (invented) by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany. If seen, it is counted as one of the few important inventions in human history.

8. Invention of Camera

Generally, change is the rule of time. It is impossible to stop the time, but the events that happen in a certain time can definitely be made memorable. 

Camera is a historical invention. The first camera was designed by John Zahn in 1685 . Joseph Nicephore Niepce then took photographs with the first camera during 1814. 

Wonders of Science Essay 200 words in English pdf

9. Invention of Dynamite

At present, advanced to advanced weapons are being manufactured. But years ago, when dangerous weapons were not so popular, Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. 

Dynamite was also used during the First World War , which caused great destruction. This was a historical invention, after which distribution of Nobel Prize started in the name of Alfred Nobel to maintain peace in the world.

10. Airplane

The first successful flight was  on December 17, 1903, by the Wright brothers Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright in North Carolina, at an altitude of some 120 feet for 12 seconds.

After which the airplane was successfully invented. The invention of the airplane has been recorded among the most unique inventions in human history.

Science Became Blessing For Humans

Wonders of Science Essay 200 words in English pdf

✅ The speed with which we are scaling new heights in different fields today is really commendable. Science has taught man to live, it is no less than a boon for us. 

✅ Actions or things which seemed imaginary till now, have now become a part of common life. It is science that is leading us on the path of progress every moment. Now there is no work which cannot be done with the help of scientific techniques. 

✅ It is simple that we have a lot of achievements left to be achieved. With the miracle of science, the seemingly impossible things have now turned into possible. 

✅ There is no doubt that the way science is governing our lives, it is nothing less than a boon. If this boon is used like this in the right direction, then perhaps the upcoming changes can be converted into a glorious tomorrow. 

✅ Science has proved to be a boon for us in many ways like education, medicine, entertainment, transport, business , information and technology.

Wonders of Science According To Various Fields

Wonders of Science Essay 200 words in English pdf

In Health Field

Talking about a few decades ago, in those days, such complex diseases were found, which were not treated by any person. Then if anyone fell prey to these diseases, he was left with no other option but to die. 

But today the world has changed. The treatment of TB, cancer and many other diseases is now easily possible. Even by transplanting the body parts of another person, a new life is being given to other people and all this has happened only because of the revolution in the field of medicine.

In The Living Field

To make life more convenient, research is being done on all those things and it is being made an integral part of people’s life. It can be said that every day man is moving towards a comfortable life. 

Now we can easily face any change in the natural environment . All the machines running with the help of electricity are seen in every house today, which makes life easier in one way or the other. In this way science has gifted us a lot in the field of living also.

In Transportation Field

We have also made a lot of progress in the field of transport. The distance that people used to cover earlier seemed almost impossible, it has been reduced to a few hours. There is a lot of demand these days for vehicles running on petrol, diesel etc. 

Science has shown its wonders in giving a new direction to the traffic. Due to this, it has become possible that people can travel according to their convenience even while living in any corner of the world.

In The Field of Information And Technology

A few decades ago, people used to use telegraph to exchange their ideas and information, which took a very long time. But now this task has become easy in the blink of an eye. 

It really took several decades to advance and strengthen information and technology so much. Due to today’s incredible technologies, we are not progressing in the field of science day by day. 

Science occupies a very important place in the progress of any nation in every field including its economy to information and technology.

In Space Research Fields

With the help of advanced information and technology, we have also achieved unique achievements in space science. Due to the inquisitive nature of human beings, we have achieved many great successes in the field of space as well. 

Space science has helped a lot in everyone, be it launching artificial satellites or carrying out research looking for life on another planet. 

Even many countries of the world have formed their own international space organization , which go into space and do the latest research. Like India’s ISRO and USA’s NASA, other countries of the world have also maintained their own space organization research.

In Computer Field

There would hardly be any area left where work would be done without the help of computers. Computer It is one of the most unique discoveries of science. 

Nowadays, whether it is to get a ticket for traffic or to pay the expenses while sitting at home, the help of computer is being taken for every work. Science has made a splash in all the fields of education, medicine, entertainment etc.

In The Field of Entertainment

When it comes to entertainment, how can science be kept aside. Mostly people like to watch a video game or movie for entertainment, which is animated with scientific techniques. 

Apart from this, computers, mobiles , TV, laptops etc. are such examples, which have become a part of human life in present times. Science is very important for us in entertainment like other important works.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) – Wonder of Science

Question: What is meant by science?

Answer: Science refers to such knowledge that is obtained from thought, observation and experiments. Continuously developing knowledge is called science.

Question: How did the human race develop?

Answer: The development of mankind happened through the curiosity and consciousness of human beings which inspired human beings to invent continuously.

Question: In which space shuttle did Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Amazon company, travel to space?

Answer: Jeff Bezos traveled to space aboard the New Shepard spacecraft.

Question: What is the name of Alan Musk’s company, which space shuttle has he built?

Answer: The name of Alan Musk’s company is Space X and he has built the world’s largest space shuttle Starship.

Question: Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in the field of medicine in the year 2021?

Answer: The 2021 Nobel Prize has been awarded to American scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian.