What is RAM, its types and what are its uses?

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What is RAM:» Hello friends! Do you know that nowadays a question is being asked quite often on the internet and that question is what is RAM, its types and its uses . All of us must have used a computer in our childhood or in our school days, you must have also used it. We all know that many parts are installed in the computer only then the computer runs. ©®

Ram is a part of all those parts, if you recognize it, then it is a very good thing, if you do not know, then let me tell you that Ram is an Access Memory and its full form is Random Access Memory, its work is that of computer. Save all the data stored in your computer.

What is RAM, its types and what are its uses?

Ram is not only in computer but now it has started coming in mobile also, you must have seen Ram inside your smartphone. In today’s era, no matter how many people go to buy a new smartphone, whether they see anything or not, first of all they definitely see the RAM so that they feel that having more RAM makes our phone work faster.

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Friends, this thing is true to some extent, but this thing is not completely true, I will tell you more about it in the future, I have seen many times that there are many people who only buy phones or computers with more RAM. They live in fear that having more Ram will make our computer or phone run very fast but it does not happen and they all waste their money, I am going to give you complete information about Ram today.

Ram what’s up [What is RAM]

Ram is a type of memory, we all have a memory in our smartphone, in the same way, Ram is also a memory of a computer, which is usually of two types, first Primary Memory, second Secondary Memory and one of these types of Ram. Now you must have understood what is Ram.

This is a very important thing for Ram computer and for smartphone, if you do not have Ram in your computer, then it becomes very difficult to run your computer, so this device is very important if you run the application in your mobile phone. If you use it, all that is possible because of Ram.

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You must have ever noticed that your smartphone sometimes starts working slowly, then people say that clean the Ram or get a new Ram installed because this happens if your computer or smartphone slows down or shuts down. Ram has a big hand behind it, if RAM works well then all your devices also work very well.

Ram is also commonly known as Volatile Memory and data is usually stored in this type of device. Ram is installed in the motherboard of the computer and it is similar to a chip. Friends, do you know how much money is spent in making a Ram because it is the most expensive device and without it all your devices are of no use.

What is the full form of RAM?

What is RAM, its types and what are its uses?

Ram ka full form hota hai Random Access Memory

RAM types

Come, now let me tell you how many types of Ram are there, friends, there are actually two types of Ram, which are something like this.

  1. Static Ram
  2. Dynamic Ram

1. What is called Static Ram

First of all, let me tell you what is the meaning of the word chatting, this word means to be stable, it means that whatever data is stored in it, it remains as long as there is power in it, it is called SRAM. also know as. This is also called a type of Volatile Memory, it is used as a Cache Memory in the computer, no matter how much data is stored in it, there is no need to refresh all of them, it is more expensive than DRAM Ram. #≈»»»√What is CPU? And how it works – complete information ✅️

Characteristic of SRAM

  • In this war, you get to see the advantage that it lasts for a long time, in which you do not have to spend again and again.
  • It does not need to be refreshed again and again, even once it does everything.
  • It is much faster and more expensive than DRAM.
  • This Ram is used for Cache Memory.
  • You get to see a lot of size in this Ram and it is also more expensive than others and it also requires more power to run.

2. What is Dynamic Ram

This Ram is also known as DRAM, this Ram is completely opposite to SRAM, in this Ram you need to refresh again and again because if you do not do this then all the data is already there in this Ram. They can end, so it has to be refreshed again and again and this is possible only when this memory can be connected with a Refresh Circuit. DRAM is usually made up of a capacitor and a transistor.

Characteristic of DRAM

  • The problem with this Ram is that it lasts for very few days, which has to be bought again and again and costs a lot of money.
  • In this Ram, you need to refresh it again and again.
  • This Ram runs very slow.
  • This Ram is used for Cache Memory.
  • The size of this Ram is very less and it is also cheaper than other Ram and it requires very less power to run.

What are the uses of RAM

I told you about what is Ram, but do you know what are the uses of Ram, we all know that if there is no Ram in the computer, then that computer will shut down, it needs Ram to run. But Ram’s work is done in many other ways, I am going to tell you about it one by one.

  • The main function of Ram is in the form of memory in the computer, if you want to run the computer, then you will need Ram in it, this is the main function of Ram.
  • Ram has other functions such as the work of Ram to give data and instructions to the CPU.
  • The work of Ram is used to make the computer work well and very fast.
  • The main function of Ram is also that all the Data, Program and Instruction in the computer should be allowed to work well and there should not be any hindrance in the computer in any way.
  • The most important functions of Ram are that if your computer has RAM then only your computer can run well because Ram is also required for the computer to open.

How RAM works in computer

What is RAM, its types and what are its uses?

So I told you about what are the uses of Ram, now I tell you how Ram works, we all know that Ram is required to run the computer, but after all, how does Ram work, then friends Smartphones In the computer, Ram is given in all these so that your system can work very fast.

When we download photos, videos or any type of files in our smartphone or computer, then it gets downloaded by going to the external or internal storage of our phone, but when all these documents are used then That Sita gets loaded by going to Ram. Usually the speed of Ram is very high due to which all the applications work fast.

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Ram is sent to the CPU in the form of data sets, after which all the functions go into the process and it works well, but in the same way, if you buy a low-capacity RAM mobile or buy a computer and have more applications than it’s capacity. After going through the documents, the mobile starts working slowly and sometimes even the mobile computer hangs.

For this reason, people say that if you want to make your computer or mobile work well and make it work faster, then Ram with High Capacity should be taken and it is also true to a large extent if you have Ram in your mobile or computer. If the quantity is good then your phone will never work due to which your phone will also not hang. Capacity of RAM is measured in MB, GB and Speed ​​is measured in MHz, GHz.

Features of RAM – Features of RAM

There are also many such features of Ram, about which it is very important for you to know, so let me tell you about all those features one by one as you will get more information about Ram.

  • Ram has a much higher speed than any other storage device.
  • Ram is also called as Volatile Memory in a way because it is exactly like permanent memory.
  • RAM is commonly used as Primary Memory or Secondary Memory in a computer.
  • It costs a lot of money to make Ram and hard work also takes a lot, that is why RAM is much more expensive than memory.
  • What goes inside the CPU is the use of RAM, so there is direct access from Ram CPU.
  • It is absolutely impossible to run a computer or a smartphone without RAM, because if there is no RAM in your phone or computer, then your device will not even start, then RAM is very important to run the device.


What is RAM and write its uses?

Ram is like a kind of memory and it works like a memory, it is installed in our smartphone and computer, due to which our device is used very well.

How many types of RAM are there?

There are two types of RAM SRAM and DRAM

What is the full form of Ram?

Ram ka full form hota hai Random Access Memory

How is Ram used?

Ram is usually used inside the city, RAM has a very high speed, due to which our computers work with TV.


What is Ram, its types and what are its uses. I have full hope that I have answered this question of yours well in this article of ours, if you also had this question, then you can get the answer to this question by reading this article completely Ram of computer and mobile phone It is the most important part without which it is not possible to run any device.