What is CPU? And how it works – complete information

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Hello Friends! Today I am going to give you information about what is CPU and how it works in this article. You must have heard about CPU at some point or the other, computers are available in every home and everyone knows what a computer is and How it works If there is no CPU then it will be very difficult to run the computer because CPU is a very important part of the computer. (Central processing unit)

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We know CPU in many ways, such as some people know it by the name of processor, some people know it by the name of microprocessor or in common language it is also called CPU, CPU is all the hardware connected to the computer and which There is software inside the computer that works to handle the data received from all those devices.

what is cpu

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If there is no CPU in the computer, then it is impossible to run the computer, whatever work is done in the computer, whether it is hardware work, whether it is software work, all these things are handled only by CPU, we can also call it a brain of computer. But do you have complete information about it that you know what CPU is.

And why it is usually called the brain of the computer, there are many questions that often come to people’s mind and still they do not have the right answer, so I thought to write this article for all of you so that today I In this article, let me answer all these questions one by one in front of you, today we will know what is CPU and how it works.

What is CPU?

CPU is a processor of a computer, which we also know as a micro processor, it is an electronic chip that has many functions and it usually works to process all the data and instructions of the computer into information. . CPO is called the brain of the computer because like the brain does all the work in our body, without the brain our body is nothing.

In the same way, a computer is nothing without a CPU, all the tasks that are done in the computer are based on the CPU, that is why CPU is the biggest and most important part of the computer, it provides all the software and hardware connected to the computer to the users and Keeps all its data safe.

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Usually CPU is a hardware device, which means that a lot of data is kept in the CPU, inside which there are many important tasks, such as input output operation, arithmetic, logical, etc. CPU controls all these things. And processes all the instructions very well in the computer.

Many parts are used to increase the CPU and usually an electronic chip is installed in the CPU, in which more than a crore of data can be handled and there are many Microscopic Transistors in it, which are usually used during calculation. The computer helps a lot, we do many tasks in the computer, the CPU works to handle all of them and the CPU is also used by them to run the program.

What is the full form of CPU?

industry technology computer display, What is CPU
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We know CPU by the name of City because in childhood we are told many things about Sikhi and at that time we were also told the full form of CP but people do not know it by its full name that’s why full form of CPU Very few people know, but it is very important to know the full form of CPU, such small questions are asked from you in big exams, so let me tell you what is the full form of this.

CPU ka full form Central Processing Unit hota hai ji naam shayad aapne kabhi suna hoga lekin c ka full form nahi hota hai and in hindi language we log CP ke full form ko Kendriya Prakraman Ekk kehte hai cpu ka full form different in both languages- gets separated.

CPU type

Friends, now let me tell you how many types of computers are there, as I told you that CPU is a very important part of the computer, CPU stores a lot of such data and memory and also controls the CPU completely. does. If you go to buy computer Javed laptop, then you should take necessary care of one time, according to your work, you should make computer in which the camp is very good, you should not face any problem in any way while working.

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CPU is the only two processor company in the world that makes Intel and AMDI, there is no third company in the whole world by these two companies that make the processor of CPU, these two companies have different names as well as different You also get different parts, you get to see a lot of difference between the processors of these two companies, but both the companies are the best. Let me now give you information about the type of CPU.

What is Single Core CPU?

Single Core processor is very old and it has been used for a long time and in the beginning this processor was used in all the CPUs of the computer and at that time only Single Core was made available to you in the CPU when for the first time this processor was used. When it was made, at that time it was made only as an operation.

As people wanted to see how it works, so this processor is not at all right for Multi Tasking, if you want to do many things at once, then for that you will have to buy a CPU with another processor. Will not do well.

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You can see a problem with this type of CPU processor, which is that if you are doing one task at a time, then it can only be fine for you, but if you are doing three to four tasks at a time. If you are running then at that time your computer will completely hang and it will not run well, its speed will decrease completely.

That’s why in this type of whistle first you have to complete your operation completely only then you have to open another operation and whenever you start operation every time your computer will start completely and its speed will be very slow that’s why today This processor is not considered correct for the era of .

What is Dual Core CPU?

Vertically integrated photon imaging chip, What is CPU
Vertically integrated photon imaging chip by U.S. Department of Energy is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Dual Core was created after Single Core because when it was seen that the CPU with single core is not able to function much or it is hanging more, then it was changed to a new CPU processor and that Dual Core There was a CPU, but let me tell you that there was not much difference between these two CPUs, but there was a difference, so only two cores were installed in this one so that the computer works fast and never hangs.

You can do multitasking in Dual-core CPU, this means that in this computer you can run one operation as well as another operation, in this you will not get to see slow speed. For this reason, this process is going on a lot and you will also hear a lot about Dual Core Pushkar, when someone goes to buy a laptop or a computer, all these things have to be taken care of a lot.

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Many different types of special codes have been added to this CPU and after that this processor has been made so that it can have maximum functions and the computer does not slow down due to opening more files as special coding in it. SMT (Simultaneous Multi Threading Technology) code has been used so that your computer can work very fast.

What is Quad Core CPU?

The performance of Quad Core CPU is very fast and good and in all the computers and laptops made today, you will find this processor used because this process is very fast. Can run and it never hangs, with the help of which all your work is done simultaneously, but it also comes a bit expensive.

A Quad Core processor works equal to 4 CPUs, so friends, you can understand how good this processor will be and how much capacity it will have, it can handle many files at once, due to which you can work as much as you want with the help of this processor. You can do as much work as you want and this is one of the reasons why this processor is being used a lot today because its capacity is very high.

At the time of making the Quad Core processor, 4 Single Cores were used, that is why it is so much better and better and that is why there is not much load in this CPU and it works very well and works very fast. And if you are playing any one file in it then it will work very fast even if you are playing 4 files in it then it will work fast.

How does CPU work?

You can see this question of how cpu works millions of times on the internet because many people want to know about how secure works if you run computer if you have a lot of knowledge about computer then you also know that It is very important to know how the secure works after all because it is impossible to run the computer without it.

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Do you know that whatever input is entered by us in the computer, the CPU first tries that data properly, only then gives us the output in the form of information and we see the result on the screen of our computer, but have you ever Would not have thought that how the computer’s mind-accelerating CPU works, which within 1 second shows us the information we have calculated on the computer.

When the computer was not invented, there used to be many such tasks which used to take us hours to complete, but as time changed, technology took a new turn and made new good inventions, with the help of which many such There are all the difficult tasks that we can now complete in a few seconds and the biggest living example of that is the computer.

The work which used to take us hours to complete, the CPU completes the same work in just a few seconds, this is not a miracle, it is a miracle of science and science, with the help of which this happens and the CPU usually Fetch, Decode and Execute Works with the help of these three CPU works and CPU gives you the information you want.

You will find answers to questions like CPU Full Form in Hindi, CPU Ka Full Form, Full Form of CPU in Hindi, CPU Full Form in English, What is CPU in English, CPU Kya Hai, How CPU works etc. in this article. What is CPU.

Computer parts close up, What is CPU

Have you come here for the full form of CPU or information related to CPU, if you have come here for any kind of information related to CPU, then you have come to the right place, today in this article we are going to discuss about it. Information is going to be given, just read this article of ours completely.

I promise that reading this article of ours, you will get answers to all the questions related to CPU in your mind, let’s start and get information about it in details-

CPU: Full Form of CPU:-

The full form of CPU is ” Central Processing Unit “, we know it by the name of Central Processing Unit in our language .


CPU Full Form:-

By reading the information given above, you must have come to know that the full form of CPU is ” Central  Processing Unit ”  . Central Processing Unit is known as ‘Central Processing Unit’ in Hindi . 

CPUCentral processing unit

What is CPU? (What is CPU) :-

As told above, the full name of CPU is Central Processing Unit, we also call CPU as processor or microprocessor, we also call CPU as the brain of the computer because whatever work is done in the computer, all those tasks are processed. This is done by the CPU itself, the CPU is like a small chip that is mounted inside the motherboard. 

First of all, when a user wants to get any work done from the computer, then he inputs the instructions of his work through any software or hardware of the user computer .

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The computer stores the instruction inputted by the user in its memory, after which the memory directs the CU, where the CU decodes its instruction and gives it to the CPU, after which the CPU processes it. Received after processing The CPU stores the result again in the memory from where the result is presented to the user through output. 

Input Device :-

An input device is a device by which instructions are given to the computer. There are many types of input devices in the computer by which the user gives instructions to the computer, let’s look at some of the major input devices.

जैसे:- keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick, light pen, microphone etc.

Output Device :-

After processing the instructions received by the input device, the result received is delivered to the user by the output device itself, that is, the function of the output device is to show the results after processing the instructions received by the input device, let us see some major output devices. lets see. 

जैसे :- Monitor, Printer, Plotter, Projecter etc. 

CPU Components in English :-

There are three main components of CPU which have their own different functions, let us know about these three in details-

dell motherboard and central processing unit, What is CPU
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1. Memory :-

Memory is a storage of device where data is stored or data is stored. When a user gives an instruction through the input device of the computer, it is first stored in the memory and after processing the given instruction. After that, it is stored again in the memory itself.

There are two types of memory in a computer, one is primary memory which we call RAM (random access memory) and the other memory is called secondary memory which we also know as ROM (read only memory). Both these memories are used to store data.

2. ALU :-

The full name of ALU is Arithmetic Logical Unit, ALU has only two functions, the first is processing mathematical operations and the second is to give results.

Processing of mathematical operations refers to all types of mathematical processing such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and matching etc.

3. CU :-

The full name of CU is Control Unit, as it is understood by its name, its task is to control the entire computer, Control unit is the manager of the computer, which manages the entire computer.

When we give an instruction to the computer through input, it is stored in the memory, after that the memory gives an instruction to the control unit, from where the memory first gives an instruction to the control unit, which is decoded by the control unit and sent to the CPU. Gives, after this the CPU does its processing.

How CPU works :-

We all know that the CPU works very important, but does anyone know how the CPU works.

Free CPU Processors image, What is CPU

It does not happen that when we give any instruction to the computer, it directly processes it and gives us the result, there are many steps in doing this process, today we will tell you about someone, how the CPU works. lets see-

1. Fetch :-

First of all, when the user gives us an instruction, then we fetch the instruction given by the user, fetch means to receive, as its name suggests, after fetching, the instruction is stored. .

2. Decode :-

When we store any country, then the memory sends an instruction to the control unit, then the control unit decodes that instruction and sends it to the CPU.

3. Execute :-

This is the last step, when the control unit passes a message to the CPU, then the CPU starts processing that instruction and after processing stores the results obtained in the memory from where it gives the output.

FAQ :- What is CPU

Who is the full form of CPU?

The full form of CPU is ” Central Processing Unit “. 

What is CPU and what are its properties?

We also call CPU as processor or microprocessor, we also call CPU as the brain of the computer.

What are the functions of CPU?

Whatever work is done in the computer , all those tasks are processed by the CPU only.

what have you learned :-

In this article, we have told you about CPU, what is the full form of CPU, how does CPU work, what is CPU and what are the components of CPU and discussed about it.

I hope friends, you must have liked this article of ours CPU Full Form in Hindi, What is CPU  and you must have got to learn something by reading this article, friends, if you have any question, then do tell us by commenting below.


I have tried to give you a lot of information in this article about what is CPU and how it works, I have full hope that you will tell me that Karate will be of some help from tomorrow, CPU becomes very important if you learn it. If it were, the computer could hardly be run, so the most important part of the computer, if any, is the CPU. Friends, you can visit our website to know more such information.