What is Mouse? And how many types are there? complete information

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Hello friends! What is mouse and how many types are there, this article of ours is going to be on this topic, friends, we all know what a mouse is, we all have used the mouse at one time or the other. Mouse is a part of computer and computer. A mouse is required to use it.

But do you know how many types of mouse are there, if there is no mouse in the computer, then it becomes very difficult to run the computer, so the mouse plays a very important role. So today I am going to tell you what is mouse and its types in this article.

Computer Mouse

Many things are used to run the computer, such as Monitor, Keyword, Speaker and Mouse, all things have their own separate status, all things have their own separate work, if any one of these things is removed. Operating a computer can be difficult.

And we are talking about it, the mouse is used to control the screen, all the tasks that are done in the screen, such as opening files, moving files from here to there, all the screen work is handled by the mouse. Moving around In the coming time, technology is going to increase a lot, due to which more changes can be seen in the mouse.

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What is Mouse? – What is Mouse in English

Mouse is a part of the computer, this means that the mouse is usually used for pointing, it is a type of point device, you can also call it an input device, it is a point device that is used for computer. Used to interact with.

Mouse is usually used to do all the work that is done on the screen of the computer, such as selecting one file, changing the next file, opening another folder, closing them, all this work is done by the mouse. If there is no mouse then perhaps the computer cannot be run.

By using the mouse, the user can reach anywhere on the computer screen, because the work of the mouse is to do all the work of the user, open the things that he wants to open, now close those things, usually there are different models of mouse in which All models have very different features and connectivity options, but most of the mouse has two buttons and a scroll wheel.

How many types of mouse are there?

What is mouse (Computer Mouse)
What is mouse (Computer Mouse)

We have come to know what is a mouse, now let me tell you how many types of mouse are there, friends, if seen, there are 5 types of mouse, out of which Mechanical Mouse, Optical Mouse, Trackball Mouse, Wired Mouse and Wireless Mouse.

These are all types of mouse, I will try to explain you about each type in very easy language, all of these mouse are used with computer and if you want any of these mouse You can use any of these to get your work done but I will tell you which can be the best name out of these.

What is Mechanical Mouse?

The first mouse was invented by Bill English in the year 1972, it was the mechanical mouse that first came in the market, the mechanical mouse is also commonly known as Ball Mouse because the ball has been made in this mouse so that Using that you can do Moscow Left Right.

When you move the mouse, the spoke attached to it also moves and after that you used that mouse to move the cursor in the computer and along with it, it was used for other instructions as well. Mechanical Mouse, which we call Ball Mouse, was used long ago, but in today’s time, many such new best mouse have come in the market, which is used more now.

What is Optical Mouse?

Now comes the optical mouse friends, if a mouse came after the mechanical mouse, then it was an optical mouse. As I told you that in mechanical mouse a ball was given using which we bring our mouse and do our work but in optical mouse LED is used in place of ball.

And the optical mouse is not very old, it is only a few years old, we have used this mouse mostly, you must have noticed that when you use the mouse, a red LED light appears from the bottom of the mouse, burning the same mouse. We call it optical mouse.

And this mouse is used everywhere. Optical Electronics is used more in Optical Mouse, with the help of this the Movement and Position of the mouse is tracked. If you look carefully, you will get to see optical mouse everywhere because it is the best sense of technical mouse and in today’s time this mouse is used in a large amount.

What is Trackball Mouse?

What is mouse (Computer Mouse)
What is mouse (Computer Mouse)

Friends, now it is the turn of Trackball Mouse, as the technology increases in our country, there are changes in everything, like mechanical mouse was used long ago, but due to the increase in technology, there was a change in the mouse and Along with this, the mouse also came to be known as very advanced.

Rajpal mouse is very similar to a common mouse in appearance, but in this mouse you will see some new changes, due to which it becomes a bit difficult to use this mouse as if you will not see a common mouse. So, a word is given in it, by mouthing which you use that mouse.

But a slight change has been made in the Trackball Mouse, due to which it becomes a bit difficult to operate, to operate this type of mouse, we have to take the help of the thumb and then it operates using any common mouse. It takes but it becomes a bit difficult to operate this mouse, due to which you will not see this mouse in the markets and this mouse is used for some special work which is used only by professional people.

What is Wired Mouse?

Now it is the turn of Wired Mouse, so let me tell you, by the name of this mouse, you can understand that to use this type of mouse, we need a wire, they are also known as Corded Mouse. With the help of USB cables, it is connected to the computer and it takes power from the wire in that way, which does not require batteries and anything else.

Because this type of mouse is directly connected to Wired, so it is mostly considered very accurate. If the wire is completely correct in this, then there is no problem in it and it lasts for a long time, we can also call mechanical mouse and optical mouse as Wired Mouse.

What is Wireless Mouse?

Wireless Mouse is known from its name itself that it is completely wireless in the sense that it does not require any wire at all, no wire is used in any way. This type of mouse takes a lot of effort because Sensor is used in this type of mouse.

With the help of which it connects with the computer and it works very well, as time progresses, technology is also increasing, so wireless mouse is the mouse of today’s era and which type of mouse has any There is no problem with the method, you can easily use the mouse by keeping it anywhere and there is no need to charge it again and again.

What is the full form of Mouse?

Friends, we have been using the mouse for a long time, but do you know what is the full form of the mouse, many people will not know about it, so let me tell you that the mouse we use everywhere After all, what do we call this mouse?

Manually Operated Utility For Selecting Equipments

What is the use of the mouse?

What is mouse (Computer Mouse)
What is mouse (Computer Mouse)

What are the tasks that we use in the computer through the mouse, let me tell you some of its functions.

  • The first thing is that with the help of the mouse, we can move the cursor anywhere on the computer screen.
  • After this, we can also do the file we want to select on the computer screen and we can select multiple files at once.
  • We can take any file from one place to another.
  • We can open it very easily by double clicking the file which is visible on the computer screen.
  • We can easily close any file on the computer screen with the mouse.
  • With the help of Scroll Button in the mouse, we can scroll the computer screen very easily.
  • With the help of mouse, we can also do very good Graphic Editing in computer.

What is Computer Mouse? Its introduction, types, parts, functions and uses

What do you understand by Computer Mouse? If you do not know about Computer Mouse. You do not know what is a computer mouse and how many parts are there in the mouse. Then definitely read this article till the end. Because in this article we have told the complete information about Computer Mouse. In which it is told what is Computer Mouse, Full Form of Mouse, Introduction of Mouse, Parts of Mouse, Types of Computer Mouse, Functions of Mouse and History of Mouse. If you are a computer user. Then you must know Computer Mouse and understand it very well.

Because mouse is an essential tool to use today’s computer. It is one of the most important input device used in computer. Without this, there may be some problem in using the computer. Basically a computer mouse is used to move or control the cursor of the display. like; Click or select by moving the cursor on the items of Computer Display. Computer mouse or any similar device was not used in early computers.

Because in the beginning the computer only worked on text, not graphics. But now it is based on Computer Graphics. Which requires Computer Mouse to use easily. That’s why every computer user or those people who want to make their career as a computer user. They should have knowledge about Computer Mouse. By reading this article, you will know all the information about Computer Mouse in detail. So let’s first know what is Computer Mouse?

What is Computer Mouse? (What is Mouse in English)

For your information, let us tell you that the computer consists of two parts. The first part is called Hardware and the second part is called Software . All the hardware parts of the computer are divided into Input and Output devices according to their functions. Mouse is also a major part of computer. Which comes under the hardware part of the computer. Its function is to give instructions to the computer. That is, instructions have to be input in the computer. That’s why mouse is called Input Device.

The work of the mouse in the computer is to control the pointer or cursor of the computer screen. For this reason, Mouse is also called Pointer or Pointing Device. Through the Pointer or Cursor of the Computer Screen, Files, Folders and all other options of the Computer are used to open, close and move from one place to another. Mouse is used to do all these functions of Pointer or Cursor. Because the mouse works to control the cursor of the computer.

Generally, there are mainly three buttons in the mouse. By which all these works are done. That is, Cursor is controlled. The first button is called Left Button and the second button is called Right Button. Which is often called Left Click and Right Click. A scroll wheel is located between these two buttons. Which is used to move up and down on Documents or Webpage. Means for Scrolling. Using a computer becomes easier through a mouse. Because it does not require any command nor does it require writing anything.

(Mouse Full Form in English)

What is mouse (Computer Mouse)
What is mouse (Computer Mouse)

You must have used Computer Mouse. But do you know what is the full form of Mouse? Means what is the full name of Computer Mouse.

The full name of the mouse is Manually Operated Utility Selecting Equipment.

  • M – Manually
  • O – Operated
  • U – Utility
  • S – Selecting
  • E – Equipment

Introduction to Mouse

Above you have come to know what is a Computer Mouse and what is its full form. But due to this, many people would not have understood what a computer mouse actually is or looks like and which component of the computer is called a mouse. That’s why here we will introduce you to Computer Mouse. Above we have given a picture of Computer Mouse to make you familiar with Mouse. 

You must have seen this component of computer. This is called Mouse. While running the computer, one hand often rests on it. Through this, any Items, Folders or Options of the Computer can be opened, closed or anywhere on the Computer Screen. Through this, even an illiterate person can run the computer very easily.

Mouse Parts

There are many types of computer mouse available today. Whose design and parts may be different. That’s why here we have given information about those parts of Computer Mouse. Which is mostly used in Computer Mouse. like;

1. Buttons

The computer mouse that is used nowadays. There are at least two types of buttons in those computer mouse. With the help of these two buttons, all the work of the computer can be done. That is, the Cursor is completely controlled through these Buttons only. The names of these two buttons are Left Button and Right Button. Apart from this, some mouse also has more than two buttons. Whose work is different.

2. Mouse Wheel

There is a mouse wheel above the mouse and between the Left Button and the Right Button. With its help, any scrolling page of the computer (eg; webpage etc.) can be scrolled up and down.

3. Ball, LED or Laser

Ball, LED or Laser in Mouse is generally used to control or move the Cursor. Ball or Roller is used in Mechanical Mouse. Whereas Laser or LED is used in Optical Mouse.

4. Circuit Board

There is also a circuit board inside the mouse. Which inputs the activities or information done by the mouse into the computer. It is made of Integrated Circuit.

5. Cable or Wireless Receiver

Cable or Wireless Receiver is used in the mouse to connect the mouse to the computer. Wireless receiver is used to connect wireless mouse to computer. Whereas the Wired Mouse is connected to the computer via cable.

Types of Computer Mouse

Initially the mouse was made of wood. But there would have been improvements in this. Today it has developed a lot. Let us see here some types of mouse.

  1. Mechanical Mouse
  2. Optical Mouse
  3. Wireless Mouse
  4. Trackball Mouse
  5. Stylus Mouse

1. What is Mechanical Mouse?

Mechanical Mouse was invented in 1972 by Bill English. This mouse used a ball to give instructions. That’s why this mouse is also called ball mouse.

2. What is Optical Mouse?

In Optical Mouse, a small bulb is attached instead of the ball. Which works on LED and DSP technology. Due to which the pointer of the computer screen moves when the optical mouse is moved. This mouse is connected to the computer through a cable. Some buttons are also present in this type of mouse. By which instructions are given to the computer. It is also easy to use this type of mouse. Nowadays this type of mouse is used the most.

3. What is Wireless Mouse?

Mouse without cable is called Wireless Mouse. There is no wire in it. That’s why it is also called Cordless Mouse. It is connected to the computer via USB port. Which is based on Radio frequency (RF). A separate battery is required to run this mouse. The texture of this mouse is like an optical mouse.

4. What is Trackball Mouse?

Trackball is used in Trackball Mouse. To give instructions to the computer with this mouse, the ball has to be rotated with the finger or thumb. This mouse is also similar to the optical mouse. But it takes more time to instruct the computer. And can’t control more than that.

5. What is Stylus Mouse?

Stylus Mouse is like a pen. This mouse was invented by Gordon Stewart. That’s why their names are also called gStick Mouse from Gordon.

History of Mouse

Mouse started in 1960. When Douglas Engelbart invented the Computer Mouse in the year 1960. At that time the mouse was made of wood. Which was fitted with two wheels to run.

Since then till now Computer Mouse has crossed many milestones. Now even wireless mouse means wireless mouse has also come. Digital Mouse came for the first time in the year 1972. Metal was also used for the first time in this mouse.

Till this time the name of Computer Mouse was not Mouse. At that time it was known as bug. But the shape of the mouse made at the Stanford Research Institute was similar to that of a rat. That’s why it came to be called Mouse. In the year 1981, Computer Mouse had come in the market. After which Microsoft also started selling Mouse from the year 1983.

Since then, the mouse has crossed many stages and different types of computer mouse have come. Like in the year 1991, the world’s first wireless mouse came.

Functions of Computer Mouse

To use the computer, it is necessary to use the mouse. It would be difficult to run a computer without a computer mouse. It is a major tool for computer. But do you know what is the function of mouse?

If you guys must have used Computer Mouse. Then you must know why Computer Mouse is used. What is its function? Computer Mouse mainly has three buttons. Out of which one button is called Wheel Button and the other two buttons are Clicking Button.

Instructions are given to the computer with the help of these three buttons. Therefore, we will know in detail about these three buttons, what is the function of which button and what is the function of mouse in total. The functions of Computer Mouse are as follows-

1. Pointing

The main function of Computer Mouse is Navigation. There is a pointer on the computer screen. Which is often known as Cursor. It is connected to Cursor Mouse. By moving the mouse, the cursor also moves according to the mouse.

To click somewhere in the computer, with the help of the mouse, the cursor is moved to that place. When the cursor is moved to an item on the computer. Then that item is Hover. This process is called Pointing or Hovering.

2. Clicking

A normal computer mouse has two clicking buttons. Releasing these buttons by pressing them is called Click. It is used for clicking. That is, to open an item of the computer, the Clicking Button has to be used by moving the Cursor on that item.

1. Left Click

Computer Mouse has two Clicking Buttons. Click done by Left Side Button is called Left Click. Left Click is mainly used as Single Click and Double Click.

1. Single Click

Leaving the Left Click once is called Single Click. Single Click mainly works like OK. By using Single Click on an Icon in the computer, that Icon becomes selected. like; Single click on the icon of My Computer selects My Computer. Similarly, single click on the link of a webpage opens the link. Single Click is used the most.

2. Double Click

Pressing Left Click twice quickly is called Double Click. It is used to open any File, Program or Documents of the computer. like; To open “My Computer” in the computer, you have to double click. Double Click is also used to select text in a document.

2. Right Click

Pressing the Clicking Button located on the Right Side of the Mouse once is called Right Click. When Pointing to an Item (File, Program or Documents) and using Right Click, a list appears to do different types of work with that item.

3. Selecting

Selecting is also a major function of Computer Mouse. When after Pointing on an item of the computer, that item gets selected after a single click. Which is called Selecting. Double clicking on the text of a document or webpage also makes that text selected. When an item is selected. Then that item gets a blue layer. Which shows that it is ItemSelected.

5. Dragging And Dropping

Dragging and Dropping is used to move an item from one place to another in the computer. To perform the Dragging And Dropping action, after Pointing on an item, Left Click is taken to another place with the help of the mouse pressed on that item.

5. Scrolling

The third button of Computer Mouse is called Scroll Wheel. It is used to move a Webpage or Documents up and down. Scroll Wheel is also used to move up or down a long menu. The act of going up and down is called scrolling.

Computer Mouse related questions and answers (FAQ)

1. What is mouse?

Pointing Device of Computer is called Mouse.

2. What is the full name of Mouse?

The full name of the mouse is Manually Operated Utility Selecting Equipment.

3. What is the other name of mouse?

Another name for mouse is Pointer or Pointing Device.

4. What is the computer mouse called in Hindi?

The texture of the mouse is exactly like a mouse. It also looks like a rat. That is why the name Mouse is named after its English name. But a computer mouse is not called a mouse. Rather, mouse is also called mouse in Hindi.

5. When was the mouse discovered?

Computer mouse was first invented in 1960.

6. Who is the inventor of Computer Mouse?

Douglas Engelbart is the inventor of Computer Mouse.

7. Who is the father of Mouse?

First of all, Douglas Engelbart made the mouse. That’s why Douglas Engelbart is called the father of the mouse. The mouse made by Douglas Engelbart was wooden.

8. Which device is mouse input or output?

Mouse is an Input Device.

9. What is called Keyboard and Mouse?

Keyboard and Mouse are both major Input Devices.

10. Which button of a mouse is called the primary button?

Left Button of Mouse is called Primary Button.

11. What is the name of the middle button of the mouse?

The middle button of the mouse is called the Scroll Wheel.

12. Write the action of mouse?

The information about the action of the mouse has been explained in detail above. Usually the action of the mouse is to click, select, hover, scroll and turn on and off anywhere on the computer.

13. What is the use of mouse?

Mouse plays an important role in computer. If you want to know why Mouse is used. Then you read the work of the mouse mentioned above. Because the mouse is used for all the functions of the mouse mentioned above.

More… FAQs

What is mouse?

Mouse is generally used to run the computer, it is not possible to run the computer without the mouse.

Who is the father of mouse?

Douglas Engelbart is the father of Boss.

What is another name for death?

We also know the mouse by the name of Pointer.

What is the full name of mouse?

The full name of the mouse is Manually Operated Utility For Selecting Equipments.


I have tried my best to give you a lot of information in this article about what is a mouse and how many types are there, I sincerely hope that you would have got help from my mentioned article Can come thanks!